Words from our Souls to Yours

Softening into the Virgo Full Moon – February 2021

Take a moment to return to your breath, return to presence, and feel into the calming support from…

Opening to Infinite Opportunity: New Moon in Aquarius February 2021

Let’s blow the top off what we previously thought was possible. Let’s create this New paradigm of infinite…

Big Beautiful Bold Full Moon in Leo January 2021

Our first Full Moon of 2021. Energetically potent and mirroring the beauty, immersion, and messiness of what it…

New Moon in Capricorn January 2021

Our first New Moon of 2021! We’re starting off with a bang.

Cancer Full Moon December 2020: Our Last Full Moon of 2020

Our last beautiful, intuitive, emotional, and illuminating Full moon of 2020!

Cancer Full Moon December 2020: Guidance from the Tarot!

What does the last Full Moon of 2020 mean for your Zodiac sign? Watch inside!

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