Welcome, Sacred You.

Girl and Her Moon is a collective. A community. A sacred space. A container of becoming. A company. A mirror. A brand. A team. A journey. A teacher. A revealer. A playground. A healer. An invitation into more of yourself, and more of life.

It is many things.

Yes most importantly; it is a space for you to step into and be recognised for all that you are.

And in turn, recognise yourself for all that you are.

With deep love and reverence for this human experience, Girl and Her Moon holds the space for safe and nourishing inward connection, and a deepening understanding of the spiritual and esoteric.

Founded in 2019, Girl and Her Moon has been featured in the likes of Marie Claire, Elle, Woman’s Day, Mind Body Green, and more with their knowledge, insight, and wisdom across astrology, tarot, energetics and more.

Alongside tarot readings, astrology readings, and energy work, the growing brands wide-reaching Flow with the Moon Membership offers astrology classes, ritual, spiritual workshops, live gatherings, and a living library of sacred teachings that is home to a community spanning over 60 countries.

“Girl and Her Moon is a safe space to live, flow, and connect with the divine.

This space has guided me to enlightenment, taking me on the most beautiful journey inward.”

Meet us.

Girl and Her Moon was founded by an energy worker, intuitive, and astrologer inspired by life, nature, and the cosmos.

With gifted, inspiring, and deeply intuitive tarot readers, energy workers, and astrologers by her side, Girl and Her Moon has become a team spanning across the globe.

Varied in offerings, experience, and areas of expertise – yet shared in their deep-rooted connection to energetics, a devotion to life, and a desire to support and serve.


Founder / Astrology


Tarot / Energy


Tarot / Energy



With the deep knowing that within you is where your magic resides, we are here to simply witness that in you.

To hold you while you discover yourself. To love you while you are still learning to do so.

And to welcome you into your greatest initiations.

- Jordane, founder