Hi, I’m Noush!
I’m an intuitive astrologer who believes in the healing power of focused energy.
My goal is to provide insightful readings that come with practical tools and guidance methods to help you navigate your own challenges in a way that is useful and easy to digest.

From a young age, spirituality has always played an important role in my life. My family roots date back to the ancient Persian civilization that believed in the power of our thoughts creating our reality and so I am constantly curious to learn more about the science of spirituality, through topics like the physical and quantum properties of nature, human psychology, energy healing and self-development.

Gaining knowledge in these areas of research, along with my understanding of personal and collective astrology helps me unlock greater compassion and clarity to move in the downstream current of life and my vision is to bring the same meaningful guidance, compassion or assurance for you in times of confusion, frustration or uncertainty, through the healing art of Astrology.

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Both live and recorded astrology readings are available with Noush.

Our Astrology Readings are here to hold you while you rediscover yourself and your unique flow with life.

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Learn Astrology with Noush

Noush teaches astrology classes inside of our Flow with the Moon Membership.

Join us for upcoming classes, or watch the replays of past!

2024 Astrology Workshop Girl and Her Moon

2024 Astrology Workshop

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Asteroid Magic Astrology Class Girl and Her Moon

Asteroid Magic Astrology Class

Watch Replay
Moon Phases Astrology Class Girl and Her Moon

Lunar Wisdom: The Phases of the Moon Astrology Class

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Girl and Her Moon Getting to Know the Planets Astrology Class

Getting to Know the Planets Astrology Class

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Girl and Her Moon Exploring the Houses Astrology Class

Exploring the Houses Astrology Class

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An Evolutionary Exploration through the Zodiac Girl and Her Moon

A Journey through the Zodiac

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