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Delivery: This is a pre-order sale. All Astrology Readings will be delivered throughout June, 2024.

Readings done by Girl and Her Moon Astrologer, Noush.



During your reading Noush will use a combination of Astrology training and intuitive skills to delve deeper into your Souls guidance.


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  1. Thank you for a wonderful, informative reading Noush! So exciting to see where my energy can work best with my plans for the year ahead.

  2. The reading was so deep and full I felt truth deep in the words shared and it truly was magical listening and experiencing this! Highly highly recommended!

  3. I truly loved everything about my reading with Noush. She addressed all of my questions head on and really gave me an outlook on how the year will go, as well as some great advice on how to tackle my year ahead. This reading truly gave me the hope and confidence I’ve been needing to go into 2023. Thank you so much Noush for your beautiful reading and all the care, love and support you gave through it. Wishing you nothing but positivity and love for 2023!

  4. Absolutely wonderful 2023 reading by Noush! It was in-depth, positive and fit perfectly with my plans and hopes for the coming year. Many thanks!

  5. Blown away by this soul steering reading by Issa! Only few times in life we encounter pivotal moments when a simple truth changes the way we view our life.. that is what happened when Issa explained what my soul came here for and everything, every event, every life situation since childhood to adulthood made perfect sense. Thank you for the awesome insightful in-depth and truth revealing reading. I enjoyed listening to it and will go back to it again as every word of wisdom was a divine guidance from above. Heartfelt thank you for the reading and revelations. I will definitely go for more sessions to stay tuned with the cosmic messages. Lots of love and gratitude.

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This is a pre-order sale. All Astrology Readings will be delivered throughout June, 2024.

The rhythm and flow of our cosmos is no coincidence. Life is always guiding us through ebbs and flows in the most divinely orchestrated and articulate ways.

Each planetary movement makes a relationship with your natal chart in a way that is highly unique and individualised to you, and to your Souls evolution and growth in this lifetime.
With major transits, we find new chapters of our lives emerging, old aspects transforming, and specific invitations presenting themselves.

Throughout this reading we will explore the major transits in your next 12 months, highlighting the invitations, potentials, unique guidance, healing, and transformation that awaits.

It requires great trust and devotion to surrender into and align oneself with Life, but that is why you are here. Because you are here for that.