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Duration: 1 hour

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Duration: 45 minutes

Delivery: This is a pre-order sale. All Astrology Readings will be delivered throughout June, 2024.

Readings done by Girl and Her Moon Astrologer, Noush.



During your reading Noush will use a combination of Astrology training and intuitive skills to delve deeper into your Souls guidance.


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This is a pre-order sale. All Astrology Readings will be delivered throughout June, 2024.

This reading is the combining of two unique birth charts to witness how two people come together in harmony, growth, purpose, and connection.

An intention of this reading is to open a deeper awareness of joint relationship dynamics with one another, whether the partnership is romantic, business, family, friendship, or one that cannot fall into a defined category.

This kind of awareness holds the space to bring deepened intimacy, vulnerability, patience, and understanding of the magic and complexity occurring when two come together in partnership. Throughout this reading we will explore each individual energetics/patterns brought into your partnership, as well as how your two souls blend together.

You will have space to include a brief overview of the current energy of your relationship, your intentions/desires for this relationship and any question you may have.

Our relationships can be our greatest mirrors, our greatest joys, our greatest activations, and our deepest emotion. This reading is a beautiful opportunity to peel away layers of fear, confusion, or misunderstanding, and bring us back to love.

Please ensure permission of both parties is obtained.