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If we knew just how guided we were, just how held we were, just how supported we were, there would be no need for fear, doubt, or worry.

The intention of this reading is to open you to the constant guidance, support and love coming from the spiritual realms specifically and uniquely for you.

The intention of this reading is to connect you with your nonphysical guides, in whatever form or non-form they take. To connect you, to guide you into establishing a deeper daily connection with, and to translate any messages that your guides are communicating to you in this moment.

When we open ourselves to a realm beyond what is physically in front of us, life flows with much greater ease with a constant underlying feeling of safety. Because when our hearts feel so safe, we almost can’t help but bloom.

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Method: Pre-recorded video

Duration: Up to 40-60 minutes

Delivery: 5 – 10 days

*** Please note live (FaceTime/Skype/Phone) readings are not available at this time. No booking is necessary***

Readings done by Girl and Her Moon’s beautiful energy healer, intuitive, astrologist and numerologist DilosH.

DilosH has been working professionally in the spiritual world for over 25 years, whether that be Tarot, Energy Healing, Numerology, Astrology or more! Her passion and path in this life is to enlighten and heal souls from all walks of life, making their own journey smoother and filled with joy, magic and growth.

During your Tarot reading DilosH will use a combination of her training and intuitive skills, such as numerology and clairvoyance to delve even deeper into the meaning behind your cards.



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