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Welcome to your 2024 Bundle Offering.

An energetic preparation and attunement into the you that is ready to emerge in your year ahead.

An opening and claiming of the invitations and opportunities that are desiring to present themselves to you in the year ahead.

This bundle is a space to pour your desires into the ethers and hear the whispers of guidance in response.

Select a minimum of 2 offerings to be bundled:

Yearly Flow with the Moon Membership

A Year of Soul, healing, workshops, ritual & classes. With monthly ritual and energy practices, astrology classes, tarot and astrology readings, expert guest healers, spiritual workshops, community gatherings, and a living library of sacred teachings.

*A yearly subscription. Cancel at any time.


2024 Tarot Reading

A 60+ minute reading exploring your 2024 in soul, love, career, finances and more, as well as any specific questions you might have for your year ahead.

*Delivered via email within 10 days.


2024 Astrology Reading

Each planetary movement makes a relationship with our natal chart in a way that is unique and individualised to you and to our Souls evolution in this lifetime. Together we will reveal your invitations of 2024 through the lens of the cosmos.

*Pre-order for June delivery.