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Girl and Her Moon

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We’re here for Soul. We’re here for truth. We’re here for evolution.
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Flow with the Moon Membership

A collective. A community. A sacred space. A container of becoming.

A Soul & Moon Membership of monthly Soul Work and Cosmic Guidance alongside the phases of the Moon.

Astrology, Tarot, Live Moon Circles, Soul Journeys, Energy Activations & more.

Flow with The Moon Membership

Tarot Readings

Translate your souls knowing into clear and tangible guidance

Our readings go beyond holding up cards and recycling their meanings to you. They are a mirror of your current energetic state with an opening to movement, change, and new beginnings.

They are a reading, a healing, unearthing, witnessing, nurturing, and activating. They are a safe, potent, and magic container to be held in to witness self.

Explore topics such as your Souls Purpose, Love & Relationships, Career and more.

Astrology Readings

Astrology is an ancient language used to decode the flow of Life and Self

Explore your complexities, layers, mysteries, magic, divinity, humanness.

Unravel the layers upon layers of who you are. Bring all of yourself into your awareness. Unearth your natural movement and flow. Learn to understand and work with your unique essence.

Explore topics such as your Souls Purpose, Love & Relationships, Career and more.

Welcome, beautiful.

With the deep knowing that within you is where your magic resides, we are here to simply witness that in you.
To hold you while you discover yourself. To love you while you are still learning to do so.
And to welcome you into your greatest initiations.

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If you questioning whether you should do it – DO IT! its been amazing and just what I needed to hear and listen to with what information came through.

– Soul Purpose Tarot Reading

The monthly moon subscription is what I needed in my life! So much care and love is put into each packet … and the content!! Swoon! I look forward to manifesting like never before with this tribe. Thank you so much have for creating such an awesome community for us all ❤️

– Flow with the Moon Membership

I would be lost without my Flow with the Moon membership! My monthly ritual starts with diving into my journal while reading through all the amazing prompts. It helps me work through each lunar phase which has allowed be to truly connect to my soul. You absolutely MUST become a member!

– Flow with the Moon Membership

I love how descriptive this reading was! The elements of the reading relating to myself were extremely accurate on how I am as a person and how I would act.
It has given me hope and also some things to focus/work on with my mindset. Feeling very blessed <3

– Twin Flame/Soulmate Tarot Reading

Fully recommend Girl and Her Moon to anyone trying to find the next step I couldn’t be anymore happier I loved everything about my reading. I feel truly blessed and free xx

– Twin Flame/Soulmate Tarot Reading

I can’t believe how insightful this was! Really spoke to my soul and helped me understand a lot about things that are happening in my life and what to focus on. Loved it! Going to get another reading soon!

– One Question Tarot Reading

Had this reading done with another reading and LOVED IT! It just felt so right and everything was spot on to how I was feeling and where I’m wanting to go in my career. Will be getting others done in the future for sure!

– Career/Business Tarot Reading

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