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Astrology Readings

Flow with the Moon Membership

Flow with the Moon Membership

We’ve taken your membership to a whole nother level.

Monthly moon rituals, energy practices, live gatherings, astrology and tarot readings.

With guest healer workshops, and astrology classes.

All access to classes, live gatherings, workshops, readings, rituals and more.

Learn Astrology for the Soul

Learn (remember) the language of the cosmos with monthly astrology classes.

Alongside monthly moon rituals and energy practices, guest workshops, and a whole lot of Soul.

Join us in the membership for monthly astrology classes.

2023 Astrology Masterclass Girl and Her Moon Flow with the Moon Memebrship

Member Experiences

The Flow with the Moon membership has literally changed my life.

I am discovering a connection with my intuition and heart space that I didn’t know I could have.

I love this membership and recommend it to anyone who wants a deeper ritualistic practice that connects you with nature’s rhythms and yourself.

Thank you Gahm team for this incredibly beautiful offering!
- Marcella
The monthly membership has helped me channel what my Soul has to say on countless occasions.

Each month holds the exact message that I need to hear to remind me that I am on the right path always, helping me tune into my soul and what feels good for me.

I recommend Girl and Her Moon for every spiritual person out there to help tune into who they are.
- Carla
My Flow With the Moon membership has been transformational and life changing to say the least.

The intuitive space has helped me ask and answer questions for myself I never would have thought of, diving in and releasing.

Shadow work, celebration, all contained within each months pages.

I am deeply grateful for this membership and look forward to it each month.
- Jenny
My membership means so much to me. It has truly changed my life for the better.

It has brought me enlightenment and taken me on the most beautiful journey inward.

I always feel supported by all the amazing material from GAHM. Thank you Jordane, Kapualani, Dilosh, Zofiia, Noush & Issa for this beautiful community.

I’m a member for LIFE!!
- Maddy
My Flow with the Moon membership is truly like no other membership I’ve ever joined before.

As a nurse and a woman with endometriosis, I’ve lost my path to spirituality.

I’ve been mentally and emotionally down and this membership has helped me align in more ways than I can even explain.

I feel like I am more towards the path of healing.
- Kim
I have elevated myself and my intuitive practices daily after having this membership.

I am absolutely blown away with the different meditations/upgrades, and it is truly a gift to myself, every single month. The messages are divinely beautiful.

I couldn’t recommend this membership enough to those who want to implement a spiritual practice into their lives.

Since joining I am now opening my own Energy Healing business, card readings, and Reiki practice!
- Shelby
The teachings every month are a cosmic download of important, intuitive information and a connection to my soul.

I started this process of rebirth in search of myself and a community that would support my divine feminine connection.

Somehow, the Universe brought me here and I have been grateful for this world ever since.

'Thank you' will never be enough for their wisdom and guidance, but it's a good place to start!
- Allison
My Flow with the Moon membership has been a godsend.

I get so excited every month because I know I will be getting so much insight and inspiration.

I’ve especially enjoyed the new moon and full moon rituals as they help me understand and move through my transitions with ease and understanding.

I am so thankful to have listened to my intuition because this membership has been life changing, having such a huge impact on my life. Thank you!!!!💕
- Isabel
My membership has helped me change the pace in which I was living life.

I went from worrying about what would happen 6 months from now, to living day by day focused on intentions and soul searching through the moon cycles.

This membership has provided the tools to effectively reach this point in my life where I now live in awareness and mindfulness connected with my true purpose.

It has a been a catalyst for change in my life and I am forever grateful to this space.
- Claudia
My Flow with the Moon membership has guided me to communicate with and open to my soul in ways I didn’t know possible.

I was finding it overwhelming trying to learn what to focus on during the Moon’s cycle, I felt an urge to connect with her on a deeper, more spiritual level but I wasn’t sure how.

I have found the most perfect balance of education, understanding, joy and soul exploration that have helped me to become to most happiest and grateful I have ever been.
- Courtney
This membership has changed so many things about myself.

The community is amazing, I love being part of something with so many other like minded people.

I’ve learned so much about astrology, learned to connect with the divine, and gotten to know myself on such a deeper level.

The monthly readings are amazing and I find watching them so soothing and deeply relevant/personal. I could not have found this at a more perfect time in my life.
- Kelly
My experience with my Flow with the Moon Membership has been amazing.

I no longer desire to control things out of my control, and I no longer worry about my future, past relationships and worries.

My membership has guided me to trust the universe and have peace that brought to me is for the good.

Thank you Girl and Her Moon, you are truly amazing at everything you do.
- Vanessa
My Flow with The Moon membership because has allowed me to be my most spiritually connected and aligned.

The prompts and rituals are so, so, beautiful and I have connected with my soul in ways I never knew was possible.

I now hear from my guides constantly, and I feel the gentle push of the universe toward my path.

My spiritual awakening is from a combination of many different things, but this membership feels like it started it all 🧡✨ thank you 🧡
- Ashleigh
I absolutely LOVE my Flow with the Moon membership.

The insight provides in the guides is insightful and the soul work has helped me grow and manifest in ways I could have never imagined.

I feel incredibly grateful to be a part of the Girl and Her Moon family.

It’s a safe space to live, flow and be connected with the divine.
- Britoni
Since being here my life has progressed magically, and opened a whole new channel of an abundance.

With the help of my membership, I can understand myself and my energy in so much depth and I am now noticing the wonderful blessings that I am manifesting.

My mental and emotional well-being is well nurtured, and I finally ask ‘why not me?’

So glad that I have decided to take on this journey thank you the Girl and her moon team, you are so special xx
- Kate
I’m learning more about myself, giving myself grace, and seeing the beauty in everything.

It has been wonderful to see my growth with the moon and with each month that passes.

It’s a breath of fresh air to receive the monthly content, and to get extra bonuses is exciting as well! I trust this space, and it has done wonders with my ability to surrender.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
- Kelly

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