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“Girl and Her Moon has been a catalyst for change in my life and I am forever grateful to this space.”

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My Flow with the Moon membership has guided me to communicate with and open to my soul in ways I didn’t know possible.

I have found the most perfect balance of education, understanding, joy, and soul exploration that have helped me to become the happiest and most grateful I have ever been.

Courtney, Flow with the Moon Member

1:1 Soul Readings

Whether through the cards or the stars, our readings are here to create the space for more of you, your medicine, gifts, presence, authenticity, and more of your true relationship and dance with Life.

Whether you seek clarity and direction, or a safe space to tap back into your true nature…

Our readings explore a range of topics from purpose to love, career to past lives, and are tailored to meet you wherever you are.

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“My reading calmed every single doubt in my mind about my connection to Spirit as my Higher Self was channeled before it even started.

I feel so special and seen, and am awe struck by the beautiful energy and love of all that was shared. I want to hear the words again and again to embed them into my soul for the healing it offered.”

Ayesha, Soul Purpose Tarot Reading

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Unlimited access to all workshops, meditations, soul journeys, healings, live workshops, trainings, and a lot more – for less than $1 a day.

Included in your Flow with the Moon Membership.


Astrology is a mirror to unveil the mysteries of life, self, and soul.

Learn, or remember, the language of the stars with our library of in-depth astrology classes, with more added each month.

Included in your Flow with the Moon Membership.

Monthly Astrology Classes

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There is something beautiful about you. Beautiful in a way that is no one else.

Your astrological chart, which is singular in nature, never again seen in all of existence – shows us this. The way in which the cosmos ebbs and flows, moving the body, psyche, and evolution of the collective, yet also so specifically interacting with your astrology chart…

There is a divine science to this art. A purpose to each movement. A clear invitation within it all.

Together with monthly astrology classes, we will learn to read energy, soul, and the cycles of your life through the lens of this system.

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