Astrology Readings

journey into the depth of who you are

You are the stars expressing themselves

Our powerful Astrology Readings are infused with the intention of bringing conscious awareness to the unique flow of your energy, and how to work in harmony with that energy to open the doors to your deepest fulfilment and highest expression.

The experience of astrology is not to box you in or limit you in any way. You as a divine being are infinite and limitless.

Astrology brings structure to the limitless self, allowing for a unique expression that is ultimately you. By working with and understanding the structure that holds you together, we learn to flow with our energy, we learn to harness our gifts, and we open the doors to creating our deepest inner fulfilment and expression.

All readings infuse both your birth chart (the essence that is you) and the current cosmic transits (how the movement of the cosmos is working with your energy).

All readings are done by Girl and Her Moon’s Astrologer and Intuitive, Noush.

Noush Girl and Her Moon
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