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Delivery: This is a pre-order sale. All Astrology Readings will be delivered throughout June, 2024.

Readings done by Girl and Her Moon Astrologer, Noush.



During your reading Noush will use a combination of Astrology training and intuitive skills to delve deeper into your Souls guidance.


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  1. I just listened to my review by Noush and it was beautiful! Firstly I cannot believe how connected I felt to Noush even though it was an audio recording. Secondly, the reading was so accurate with what Noush described about me as a person – it’s as though she’s known me forever! The way in which she takes you through your chart is magical and simple at the same time – everything is explained so clearly. The reading has also given me the confidence that I am on the right path and what I need to work on going forward. It has given me a sense of peace and was exactly what I was looking for! I also received it a day before my birthday which made it extra special. Thank you so much Noush – I didn’t want the recording to end! Xxx

  2. Thank you for this wonderful reading! It is truly inspirIng and helping me move through my challenges.♥️ Exactly what i needed!

  3. my love and relationships reading with Noush was absolutely beautiful – Everything she talked about was so accurate and gave me a tremendous amount of clarity not only with who i am as a person but how to navigate current difficult situations that have left me feeling confused and helpless. She described crucial parts of myself and personality that i seem to have forgotten or been ignoring without even realizing it. I truly feel i am that much closer to being on my rightful path and Noush gave me hope that all will be ok. THank you tremendously Noush!!!

  4. Just finished listening to my reading. Noush did and amazing job with connecting the dots for me. Im somewhat new to astrology stuff so having someone read my chart for me, telling me how it work was so great. I really felt seen and cared for during the reading. The information she gave was spot on for what was currently happening for me. The advise and direction I got through the reading HELPed me feel grounded and more sure of the choices I’m currently making. I learned new things about myself which I love and was reminded of things I already knew but forgot. Overall it was a fantastic reading I would highly recommend everyone do THIS even if you’re not looking for a soul mate it’s helpful to know how love can/will show up for you in your life.
    Thank you so much Noush, I really appreciate all the work you did!

  5. Noush did a wonderful job explaining the correlations of Astrology, your natal chart and the energy that your soul brings about when it comes to love and relationships and even included some potential current events. I resonated with everything communicatEd to me, this is a must for anyone wanting to confirm what they truly desire from others and also themselves! So Enlightening and reaffirming, thank you Noush!

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This is a pre-order sale. All Astrology Readings will be delivered throughout June, 2024.

This reading is infused with the intention of bringing conscious awareness to the unique flow of your Souls energy, and how to work in harmony with that energy to open the doors to your deepest fulfilment and highest expression.

Specifically, we will explore your natal chart through the lens of romantic love and relationships.

We will bring focus to your unique expression of love, and what dynamics and energy allows you to thrive. Through your chart, we will bring clarity to how you naturally operate within relationships, identifying key needs and energetic patterns, and provide support for the safe opening into vulnerability and intimacy.

Please note, this is not a synastry reading and will not look at the collaboration of two charts – you can find that here.