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For deep unconditional support, love, acknowledgment, and honesty. For guidance and clarity, self-honouring and devotion. For the untangling of energy and grounded answers.

This reading is here to hold you in support as it explores your life in love. Our relationships can be our greatest mirrors, our greatest joys, our greatest activations, and our deepest emotion. This reading is a beautiful opportunity to peel away layers of fear, confusion, or misunderstanding, and bring us back to love.

Whether you are desiring to explore current relationship dynamics, looking for guidance in a shift, or are ready to open to a new chapter of your life filled with love and intimacy with another.

Within a committed relationship, we will explore your joint purpose, how you are activating one another in growth, and insights into strengthening your bond.

Exploring potential love relationships, we will look at where your energy is in allowing in love, or where it is asking you to heal/open.

When purchasing, please leave a brief message describing your current relationship status, and what you are seeking from this reading.