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This in depth reading is based on the perspective that we are each divine, infinite Souls that live across many lifetimes. Expanding, experiencing, and awakening, across lifetime after lifetime. Holding onto many ancient gifts, memories, and tendencies learned lifetimes ago that are still alive and present in our Souls energy.

During this reading we will tap into the energy of your infinite self, your Soul, to translate its experiences and memories around one lifetime – which ever one is most aligned for you to remember right now.

This reading will uncover practical details such as your personality, location, occupation, relationships and more, and will also look at any higher lessons learned throughout that lifetime, how it is connected to this lifetimes purpose, any advice from your past life self, and more.

The intention of this reading is to bring awareness to your infinite nature, to unlock any wisdom from this lifetime that is waiting to be witnessed, and to heal any pain that has been passed over into this lifetime.

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Method: Recorded video

Duration: 60-80 minutes

Delivery: 5 – 10 days

*** Please note live (FaceTime/Skype/Phone) readings are not available at this time. No booking is necessary***

Readings done by Girl and Her Moon’s intuitives, healers and tarot readers, DilosH and Kapualani.


Dilosh Girl and Her MoonKapualani Girl and Her Moon


To select your reader please find the ‘Select Reader’ drop down menu in the Purchase Form.

During your reading your reader will use a combination of Tarot training and intuitive skills, such as numerology, astrology, clairvoyance, and mediumship, to delve deeper into your Souls guidance.


  1. Claire (verified owner)

    This was such an incredibly beautiful and detailed reading. I resonated with every word and was blown away by some of the specifics that came up. Thank you so much Kapualani. Very grateful.

  2. Jessica P (verified owner)

    I received a Past life tarot reading this week and was so fascinated with what I received. To hear messages from my soul about a life lived already and the interconnectivity that our souls bring forwaRd from one EXISTENCE to the next. To connect with a former self and find the common threads that tie us was so beaUtiful.

    I felt lIke tHe reading validated much of what my intuition knew but so much detail was added that I couldn’t imagine.

    10/10 would recommend this reading!

  3. Jennifer Puentes (verified owner)

    I just listened to my past life reading from Kapualani and I feel like this was the reminder and validation that my soul has been screaming at me to recognize. I believe that I needed Kapualani to tap into that in order to make me feel not so insane for talking about time travel, past lives, and reincarnation at every hour of the day! It all makes so much sense. It was a beautiful reading and I feel a total sense of peace. It was so much information to take in, and I’m sure I’ll be processing it for days! I wish I could spend 5 min face to face with these beautiful readers to just dive into all of the amazing insight they provide. If you have the opportunity…schedule a reading. You will thank yourself for it!

  4. Jasmin (verified owner)

    Thank You KaPualani <3
    THe reading resonated with me a lot and it was really accurate. You also explained it well so that i could understand ever you talked about.
    The reading gave me much insights and power. It will support me on my journey. Much love..

  5. Danielle (verified owner)

    I am blown away. I finished my reading with Kapualani, and it provided so much clarity. I was energetically feeling everything that she was feeling and I am so happy to have this knowledge 🙂 this is my third with Kapualani and I definitely recommend it!

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