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This in depth reading is based on the perspective that we are each divine, infinite Souls that live across many lifetimes. Expanding, experiencing, and awakening, across lifetime after lifetime. Holding onto many ancient gifts, memories, and tendencies learned lifetimes ago that are still alive and present in our Souls energy.

During this reading we will tap into the energy of your infinite self, your Soul, to translate its experiences and memories around one lifetime – which ever one is most aligned for you to remember right now.

This reading will uncover practical details such as your personality, location, occupation, relationships and more, and will also look at any higher lessons learned throughout that lifetime, how it is connected to this lifetimes purpose, any advice from your past life self, and more.

The intention of this reading is to bring awareness to your infinite nature, to unlock any wisdom from this lifetime that is waiting to be witnessed, and to heal any pain that has been passed over into this lifetime.