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Delivery: This is a pre-order sale. All Astrology Readings will be delivered throughout June, 2024.

Readings done by Girl and Her Moon Astrologer, Noush.



During your reading Noush will use a combination of Astrology training and intuitive skills to delve deeper into your Souls guidance.


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  1. Noush did an amazing job with my reading. She was detailed and very clear in her explanation of the different natal and current transits impacting my financial flow. She really delved into the questions I asked and identified specific things for my to investigate on my own. I loved hearing her talk about the future transits that will impact my long term plans. I will definitely book with her again!

  2. Thank you so much for this insightful reading! Noush, you did such a great job at explaining to me what you were reading and why, and helping me interpret what’s going on and what to nurture/be on the watch for coming up.

  3. Noush, thank you for the lovely, thorough and thoughtful reading. Your reading was so detailed I was so impressed with the compassion and detail in how you communicated the reading. I look forward to connecting more with you in the future ❤️

  4. Thank You Noush!! It’s always so good to connect with you. Even just through these readings. Thank you So Much for your words and guidance. The inspiration I needed. Thank you again ♥️

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This is a pre-order sale. All Astrology Readings will be delivered throughout June, 2024.

This reading is infused with the intention of bringing conscious awareness to the unique flow of your Souls energy, and how to work in harmony with that energy to open the doors to your deepest fulfilment and highest expression.

Specifically, this reading will be conducted through the lens of your highest and most ease filled financial flow.

It is designed and intended to bring awareness to your unique relationship with financial abundance. To see how your energy aligns with wealth, and how to work with yourself in this area to open up to higher, ease filled, deeply aligned and fulfilling abundance in your life.

Both your natal chart, and relevant current transits, will be included.