Getting to Know the Planets Astrology Class

With Girl and Her Moon Astrologer, Noush.

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Girl and Her Moon Getting to Know the Planets Astrology Class

About this Event

“The placements of your planets by sign and house indicate the most authentic way to fulfil your intrinsic potentialities, the most natural way to grow into what you are meant to become.” – Howard Sasportas

Looking at the Natal Chart in a foundational way (AKA your Soul map, your cosmic and human blueprint);

The Planets show us what is happening.

The Signs show us how it is happening.

And the Houses show us where it is happening.

We’ve already held classes for two of these trio of foundational understanding:

~ A Journey through the Zodiac Class
~ Exploring the Houses Class

(Amongst other classes, like the Elements and Modes, and Foundational Astrology in Hermetics).

These classes are sitting patiently in our Flow with the Moon Member Portal, waiting to be soaked in, soaked up, realised, felt in your body, and lived in your life.

And now, we’re covering the third of this foundational trio.

We’re Getting to Know the Planets.

Recorded live with the Gemini New Moon on 17 June, join us in the replay to get to know the Planets in Astrology with a 2hr Masterclass.

Each planet exists as a celestial being in our cosmos, guiding us with its movements, inviting us into deeper communion with ourselves in alignment with its unique role.

Each planet lives within us creating the dynamic, complex, multi-faceted living piece of art that is you.

Understanding our natal chart and the planets within it can help us understand:

~ The invitations of our Soul

~ The inner workings of our consciousness

~ The unseen factors within that are always at play, moving and influencing our lives in each moment.

Whether it’s Venus guiding you into your body, inviting you into a relationship with yourself that is rooted deep in self-value, self-love, receptivity, and sensuality.

Or Saturn, asking you to stand strong on your own two feet and master what you are here to master, to climb your mountain and build yourself into who you are meant to be in the process.

Or, Pluto, guiding you deep into the underworld of yourself. Showing you where you feel imprisoned so that you may cultivate freedom. Showing you where you feel powerless so that you may create empowerment.

Or Jupiter, reminding you that more is available, inviting hope, inviting you to take up more space, trust your experience, and expand your capacity to enjoy this beautiful life that we have been offered.

The planets are always with us.

The planets are always guiding us.

The planets are always inviting us.

And they’re doing so in the direction that leads us into more of ourselves.

More of our true selves.

To uncover the planets means to uncover yourself.

What's included

In this 2 hour masterclass with Noush on Zoom, we will explore the themes and intentions of each of the planets, as well as what they represent symbolically within astrology and within the natal chart.

Recording is available instantly upon signing up.

Intentions & Expectations

This class belongs to our Foundations Astrology Module.

Astrology Foundations contains six classes exploring the foundational nature and language of Astrology – tending to the roots of this ancient art and science, so that we may then journey far and wide with it.

Past Foundational Astrology Classes are available instantly as recorded classes in your member portal, including:

~ The 7 Hermetics and Foundational Astrology

~ A Deep Dive into the Elements and Modes

~ A Journey through the Zodiac

~ Exploring the Houses

~ Getting to Know the Planets

The next class will complete the foundations: Lunar Wisdom.


Astrology offers an entirely new framework to unveil the mysteries of Life through.

To explore the underground threads of what it means to be alive. To open to more of ourselves we are yet to bring to light. And to reveal greater possibility and entirely new perspectives.

It is a mirror to view the Soul and the Self.

Both the parts of us we are are aware of, and the rest we are yet to uncover. Astrology will take us into the corners of ourselves we have not yet ventured.

It is through knowing this language that all of existence can speak to us.


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Our astrology classes begin with the foundations and build from there, available to meet you wherever you may be.

All previous foundational classes are available as recordings, which you will receive access to alongside this class in the Flow with the Moon Membership.

If you are new to astrology, we recommend beginning from the first class and moving through the rest in order of upload.

For all future classes, as these are live, you also have the opportunity to ask any questions, clarify any information shared or explore in greater depth.

You will also have the availability to ask any questions via the FB group or via email if you are unable to attend live.

Our Flow with the Moon Membership is a community and offering combining ritual, astrology, spirituality, learning, soul, and tarot.

Each month holds:

⊹ Ritual/Healing for the New and Full Moon with GAHM founder, Jordane

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⊹ Live Astrology Class with GAHM Astrologer, Noush

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Noush is Girl and Her Moon's Intuitive Astrologer and Teacher.

Her goal is to provide insightful readings and teachings that come with practical tools and guidance methods to help you navigate your own challenges in a way that is useful and easy to digest.

Gaining knowledge in the science of spirituality, physical and quantum properties of nature, human psychology, energy healing and self-development, along with her understanding of personal and collective astrology, helps Noush unlock greater compassion and clarity to move in the downstream current of life. Her vision is to bring the same meaningful guidance, compassion, or assurance for you through the healing art of Astrology.

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