Astrology and Your Soul Purpose: The North Node through the Signs

Astrology and Your Soul Purpose The North Node through the Signs Girl and Her Moon

Astrology is a fascinating tool that helps us uncover the mysteries of our souls journey through time. When we start getting more curious about where our soul has been and where it desires to go, we often look to what are called the North Node and the South Node in our natal chart.

Without getting too technical, these are not planets in the sky, but mathematical points indicating the exact point at which the orbital path of the Sun and Moon coincide. The cross over point is where we will find the Lunar Nodes of the moon, or better known as the North and South Nodes in western astrology.

Typically, the nodes remain in a sign for approximately 18 months at a time, so people born around the same time may have a similar life path, but their journey of soul discovery can be explored in very different ways, which is due to the exact location of the nodes in their chart and other planetary contact the Nodes may be making at the time of birth.

The Nodes are your keys to your souls deepest desires, greatest evolution and karmic release.

A beautiful metaphor I enjoy when thinking about the Nodes is that, this life that we live, in each moment, is a catalyst for our souls deeper journey of evolving from where it has been, the karma, the past, the baggage it has held, into the beautiful, the rich, the inspiring, the yearning, the newness of where it craves to go now and into the future.

The North and South node are your cosmic keys to your souls past and future.

By understanding what these two points mean in your Natal chart, you can start unravelling your souls deeper purpose in this lifetime. There are many other points, planets and aspects which can give you even more detail to work with, but to keep it simple and begin the foundation of understanding your purpose, the Nodes are a great place to start.

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The North Node in Astrology

The North node is your point of desire, craving, intense and deep need for fulfilment in this lifetime. Wherever the north node is, we have an unquenchable hunger for more and more of what that area of life represents. It is a consistent journey onwards and upwards to gain as much as we can, to move as far forward as we can and to achieve as much as we possibly can stomach in the area of life represented by the placement of the North Node.

The South Node in Astrology

On the other hand, the South Node will always be found in the exact opposite placement to your North Node, and this shows us where we have been already. In a past life somewhere in our souls journey, or in the history of our current lives through our regular tendencies and habits, the South Node shows us where we find familiarity, comfort and ease. Our fall back patterns and what our soul knows best in this lifetime.

Seeking balance with the Nodes

Some astrologers may say that we are to leave behind the familiar habits found expressed in the sign and house of our South Node, but through my own experience and journey, I have realised the past is not to be forgotten or left behind for the future, but rather, both experiences are to be felt, witnessed and transformed into a balanced present life.

We are striving to attain the success indicated by the North Node, however we want to take the lessons of the South Node and evolve from the unfavourable tendencies of the past.

In seeking balance between the see-saw of the nodes, we are invited to experience something new in the area our soul has already been and at the same time ever expanding our consciousness towards where we crave to go, our deeper purpose in this life.

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The North Node through the Signs

The sign placement of the North Node in your astrological chart can offer insight into your life’s purpose and spiritual growth. It represents ones greater path of destiny, evolution and the lessons which are to be learned in this lifetime.

Being born with the North Node in any one of the twelve zodiac signs plays a crucial part in understanding one of the many layers to your souls journey.

North node in Aries

This placement often indicates a life path that will teach you how to assert yourself, set healthy boundaries and encourage you to develop a sense of autonomy and independence. You may find yourself in situations that bring out a need to stand up for yourself, and express your needs and desires with clarity. This is the placement which encourages you to explore your personal identity and rediscover your true essence.

North node in Taurus

The north node in Taurus brings forth a life that is all about understanding your intrinsic value. This placement will teach you how to honour and appreciate yourself by encouraging you to develop self-reliance and self-esteem, often by helping you recognize your talents and skills. Part of your journey may also involve developing a grounded connection to nature, finding serenity in the present moment.

North node in Gemini

Being born with the north node in Gemini is a life lesson in cultivating effective communication skills. Most significantly, you may be encouraged to listen more attentively and develop the ability to articulate your changing beliefs and ideas without judgement. This soul is here to seek out new experiences, expand the intellect and learn how to be more adaptable to changing circumstances.

North node in Cancer

The north node in Cancer individual has come here to learn the lessons of emotional intelligence. You are encouraged to develop a nurturing and supportive approach to yourself by honouring and understanding your feelings. Their desires for safety and security can only be fully experienced once they can turn inwards and hear the guiding voice of their intuition. Family and loved ones can play an important part in this souls journey, providing important lessons towards their emotional and material growth.

North node in Leo

The north node in Leo is a life path that emphasises the need to lead with the heart. These individuals have lessons to learn in the areas of cultivating authentic self-expression and self-confidence. One may be encouraged to embrace their unique talents, gifts and natural charisma to inspire and lead others. The soul desires to experience true self-love and share that love generously with others.

North node in Virgo

This placement of the north node is a life of learning self-discipline. One may be encouraged to develop a stronger sense of responsibility unto themselves and others. The emphasis lies in service to others and contributing your skills in practical ways to support those around you. Discernment and problem solving can be significant experiences in ones life as the lessons are here to teach you the power of critical thinking and dedication.

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North node in Libra

Being born with the north node in Libra emphasises the importance of partnership in this lifetime. One of the main lessons which you may be faced with may have to do with navigating interpersonal dynamics so that you can develop grace and fairness in your approach with others. This is a life of embodying diplomacy, which can then evolve into a deep appreciation for beauty and art.

North node in Scorpio

The north node in Scorpio is a life of embracing deep personal transformation. Having this placement means your soul is ready to release deep fears, karmic baggage and emotional pain in order to develop self-awareness and recognize your true power. Throughout ones life, they may be encouraged to face their shadows and integrate all aspects of their being in order to experience intimacy, trust and power in healthy ways.

North node in Sagittarius

This placement of the north node can bring about lessons that teach a soul the importance of finding ones personal truth and living in alignment with a fully formed belief system. The north node in Sagittarius encourages one to seek their truth and express it confidently. This is a life path that can challenge one to break free from limitations and live more openly with a sense of adventure and expansiveness.

North node in Capricorn

Being born with the north node in Capricorn encourages an individual to develop a strong foundation for success, by cultivating self-discipline, perseverance and a sense of responsibility. The soul can evolve with this placement when one is able to release the past and focus on building structure in all areas of life that keeps them pursuing their goals. You are invited to embrace your ambitions and take a mature approach to life.

North node in Aquarius

The north node in Aquarius can bring about lessons for an individual to learn how to express themselves authentically, encouraging innovation, progressive thinking and intellectual curiosity. One may seek to contribute to the greater good by challenging societal norms and engaging in social causes. This is the life path which encourages you to be curious, analytical and develop a strong social consciousness which can contribute to a better world for all.

North node in Pisces

The north node in Pisces is a highly spiritual life path, one may be faced with lessons in life that force them to surrender and trust in the process, allowing their intuition to guide them. This is a journey of spiritual awakening and connection with higher realms. You are encouraged to embrace your spiritual and creative gifts as they connect you to higher vibrations and unity consciousness, ultimately healing and uplifting the world around you.


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