Words from our Souls to Yours


Uranus knows our greatest potential, all that we are so divinely and infinitely capable of – and he…

What is your Soul asking for Today?

Hey my love, Jordane here. I felt pulled to say hello today. To say that I hope you…

Aquarius Full Moon: Plugging into the Soul of Humanity & Awakening into Freedom

When we are in our light, shining as bright as we are destined to, we are lighting up…

Aquarius Full Moon August 2020 – Zodiac guidance from the Tarot!

What does this Full Moon mean for your Zodiac sign? Watch inside!

New Moon in Cancer: Manifesting through Surrender

This is La Luna showing us the potential of what Life can be after stepping through of the…

Tarot Reading for your Zodiac – Cancer New Moon July 2020!

What does this New Moon mean for your Zodiac sign? Guidance from the Tarot!

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