What Venus in Your Birth Chart Means for You

What Venus in Your Birth Chart Means for You Girl and Her Moon


The planet of love, beauty, the arts and creativity. It is the gentle energy of Venus that contrasts with the commanding energy of Mars. These two planets often find themselves being compared to one another, whether they intend to be or not. (Don’t forget that old saying, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”!)

If Venus is the dominant planet in your birth chart, you are what is known as a Venusian. Those with a lot of Libra or Taurus in them are quite often Venusians. Venus is the ruler of these two signs. 

This is especially prominent for the Sun and Rising signs. Libra Suns and Libra Risings are known for their magnetic charm and pleasing appearances. Next time you come across a Libra Rising, note how easily you are charmed by this person!

But Venusian energy can be harnessed by anybody, no matter your birth chart. Everybody has got a little bit of Venus in them and everyone can tap into the energy of this charming and benevolent planet. Finding out what your Venus sign is can be especially helpful.

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What Venus Teaches Us

Venus teaches us how we want to love and be loved. There is much romance associated with this planet. It also represents self-love and how much we feel we are worth.

This is the planet of creativity and the arts. It is where we discover the type of art that intrigues and inspires us. This can also be identified through our Venus sign.

Venus is also a planet connected to money and values. 

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How Your Venus Sign Helps You Tap Into Venusian Energy

Knowing your Venus sign helps you to tap into the energy of Venus. Your Venus sign shows your love style and the ways you approach love, as well as how you receive love.

Of course, experiences and circumstances also shape how we approach love, but our Venus sign is at our core and can help us understand why we react the way that we do.

Becoming familiar with Venusian energy can help us in so many different areas. It is an energy that embodies love and self-worth. Where we are lacking here, Venusian energy can help lead the way to enable us to experience the glory of love and discover where we may need healing. The more we tap into this core of ourselves, the more the universe will be able to guide us to a place of love and wholeness.

You can find your Venus sign here. Once you know which one it is, read on below to find out how you can tap into Venusian energy!


Venus in Aries

This is the warrior of the Venus signs. Venus in Aries is passionate, full of vibrancy and knows what they want. Aries is ruled by Mars, so Venus in Aries has a more go-getting attitude than other Venus signs.

To tap into their Venusian energy, Venus in Aries should remind themselves that they are capable of achieving anything, especially when they have experienced a setback. They can do this by harnessing crystals such as sunstone and carnelian which promote positive energy, by attending spiritual or nature-based retreats that help them reset their energies, and by writing out positive affirmations reminding them of their self-worth.

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Venus in Taurus

Venus is the ruler of Taurus and feels at home in this sign. This is a sign that enjoys luxury and feels good depending on surroundings and enjoying an aesthetic and pleasing environment.

Venus in Taurus can struggle when they feel their self-worth is based on things they own. To tap into Venusian energy, they need to remind themselves that self-worth comes from within and is not determined by anything external. Meditating with the moonstone crystal is a wonderful way for them to tap into this energy and remind them where their true worth lies.


Venus in Gemini

Venus in Gemini has a quick mind and is drawn to many different pursuits and many different types of individuals! This is a Venus sign that has a wide diverse range of tastes when it comes to romance (and other things!)

Venus in Gemini can feel blocked from Venusian energy when they are feeling pressured or trapped in some way. Freedom is important to this Venus sign. To tap into Venusian energy, this sign needs to focus on its intellectual journey and not allow itself to become stagnant. This could mean engaging in different hobbies and keeping things interesting and spicy in romance.


Venus in Cancer

Venus in Cancer is a great romantic. They want to nurture and please their loved one. This is how they find true joy. This selfless Venus sign cares so much about their loved ones and will do anything to make them happy.

To tap into their Venusian energy, Venus in Cancer must nurture its nurturing side – and this includes nurturing themselves as well. This sign can be a bit of a doormat if they keep giving and giving, and they have to understand that they deserve to receive in return. Writing out a list of their innermost needs can help them determine a balance between giving and taking.


Venus in Leo

Venus in Leo expresses love vibrantly and boldly. This sign will go to any lengths to ensure the object of their affections knows how much they care for them. They prefer large gestures and bold displays of affection.

To tap into their Venusian energy, this sign should indulge in its creative spirit through the form of art, fashion or visiting places of interest that enable it to feel passionate. The more it is able to tap into this energy, the more it will be able to express its love freely.


Venus in Virgo

Venus is in fall in Virgo which means Venus can struggle in this sign. The romantic energy of Venus can feel a little out of place in the practical sign of Virgo. This is a sign which can struggle at times to express itself, especially in matters of the heart.

To tap into this energy, it is important for Venus in Virgo to create boundaries. This sign likes structure and a lack of structure can cause problems at an emotional level, which can lead to a sense of distance when it comes to relationships.


Venus in Libra

Venus is at home in the sign of Libra as this is Libra’s natural ruler. This sign loves to be loved. It feels at one with another very easily. It will do anything to maintain harmonious relations.

Venus in Libra should be careful in case they lose their sense of identity. Setting boundaries and engaging with their true Self is important – this could come in the form of exploring artistic pursuits or nurturing themselves. Enjoying solo pampering days is one way for them to tap into Venusian energy. Venus is the planet of beauty and Libra cares about the aesthetics. Beautifying their home or themselves is a wonderful way to recharge.


Venus in Scorpio

Venus is in detriment in Scorpio which means this is a difficult place for Venus to be. Scorpio’s intense and sometimes suspicious nature makes it challenging for Venus to express herself completely. But just because Venus in Scorpio can struggle with Venusian themes, it doesn’t mean they cannot harness them – Venus in Scorpio is one of the most passionate, intense and deeply sexual signs and tends to love with an unrivalled intensity and depth!

Venus in Scorpio must remember that they do not have to go along with every suspicious thought or jealous feeling that crops up with the object of their affections. Meditation is important for this sign to tap into their Venusian energies as it helps to ground and stabilise their emotions. Venus in Scorpio should also channel Venusian energy into artistic projects as this helps to deal with intense emotions.



Venus in Sagittarius

Venus in Sagittarius is an adventurous soul and loves the idea of an adventurous romance! This sign seeks a likewise adventurous individual that can join them on their free-spirited journey through life.

When Venus in Sagittarius begins to lose connection to Venusian energy, it is when they start to feel boxed in. It is also when they start to become too familiar with routine. Routine can make them feel dull and listless. To tap into this energy, it is important for them to change their routine every now and then and introduce new interests and hobbies to their life on a regular basis.


Venus in Capricorn

Venus in Capricorn is a serious and solid lover who will express themselves through commitment whether it is in romance, work or any other area of their lives.

This sign can struggle when it places too much responsibility on its shoulders. To tap into Venusian energy, Venus in Capricorn should allow itself time to rest, relax and just simply be every now and then. Doing so helps to reset its energies and prepare them for another day. It also helps promote harmonious relationships and deeper understanding.


Venus in Aquarius

Venus in Aquarius is attracted to the unusual, the different, and to new possibilities (especially the types that seem impossible!) In matters of the heart, this sign craves a strong connection based on individuality and thinking outside the box.

To tap into Venusian energy, Venus in Aquarius needs someone who can stimulate them and encourage them to follow the beat of their own drum. This sign can be a bit fussy when it comes to romance but once they find that match they feel is perfect for them, they will never want to let them go. For themselves, Venus in Aquarius should embrace their creative and individualistic side, manifesting their passionate beliefs into reality and championing causes that are dear to their heart.


Venus in Pisces

Venus is exalted in Pisces and this is where Venus feels most at home. Pisces is the sign of unconditional love and pairs beautifully with Venus and her strong, loving energy.

To tap into Venusian energy, Venus in Pisces needs only to truly feel themselves. Whether it is to daydream about the one they love, whether it is to plan for the future they wish to have, whether it is to engage with creative works that keep them feeling passionate and alive, this sign finds it natural to work with this energy. Venus in Pisces should embrace the power of Venusian energy and not allow any type of hurt they may experience to sever the bond they have with this energy.


It is Better to Have Loved & Lost Than to Have Never Loved At All

Love, romance, beauty, creativity – all these things that make the world such a beautiful place. This is the gift that Venus brings to this world and we all have the capability to reach the happiness that this planet offers.

It can take overcoming a few bumps in the road before we get there but Venus is always waiting for us and the universe is always ready to guide us if we would heed it.

Tapping into Venusian energy whenever possible helps build self-worth, improve relationships, express individual creativity and enable us to become the best of ourselves. Love is the greatest force on Earth. Love for others, love for ourselves, and love for the Whole. This is the true message of Venus.

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