Understanding the Four Elements in Astrology

Understanding the Four Elements in Astrology Girl and Her Moon

Even when we don’t know someone’s full astrology chart we can learn a lot about them when we consider them elementally. Understanding the elements in astrology gives you the core building blocks of this healing art. We may not know someone’s birth time but if we start seeing them as energies, we can deepen our ability to understand and therefore empathize with them.

The four elements are fire, air, water, and earth.

Fire is our inspiration, creativity, and spirit. Fire shows up as the idea that suddenly sparks in your mind and lights you up.

To feed that fire or idea, we use air. Air fans the flame and starts moving the idea. We talk about it, we share it, and it grows, collaborating with others to think through how the idea could come to life.

Then water enters the scene and our emotions get activated. How would we feel if this idea came to fruition? What would it add to our lives or to others? We start to emotionally invest in the idea which is needed to sustain the passion and give it legs.

Finally, the earth comes in to show us the process and bring in the endurance that shifts the idea into lived form. Earth is the final stage of the manifestation process.

The Air Element 

Astrology Signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

Ultimately, all of the elements are just energy at a different level of frequency. The rate of the vibration changes what form the energy shows up in our lives and personalities. When it is at its highest rate, it’s air.

Air people are quick thinkers who love to talk and socialize. They are our connectors in the world and they spread ideas. The bottom line of air is about creating connections which means that relationships are these people’s core values.

Learn Astrology Girl and Her Moon


The Fire Element 

Astrology Signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Our next slowest speed is still quick! Fire airs on the side of speediness and impatience, it cleanses and strengthens us.

This element is our consciousness, our passion and its core desire is to grow.

Fire wants to play, express itself, and warm you up! This is the inner creative impulse that compels us to find meaning in our relationships and purpose in our lives. This is our inner solar fire of spirit that illuminates our journey of discovering ourselves and then expressing it for others’ benefit.


The Water Element 

Astrology Signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

Water is the element that all life comes from.

Water unifies us through the emotional plane as it dissolves the barriers of separation. No matter who you are we all experience the full breadth of emotions. It runs to the very depth of our being and shows us the complexity of the human experience.

Water is receptive and is highly affected by the other elements. The malleable nature of water teaches us how non-linear the human experience is which requires understanding to flow with the ebb and pulses of life and each of us within it.


The Earth Element 

Astrology Signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Earth is our slowest element and is the manifestation of the others in their densest form.

The focus of this element is on grounding and sustaining life. We slow things way down here and savor the pleasures of time and space.

Earth shows us the process that form requires to exist and is practical in nature. It teaches us how to nourish and serve through our gifts and share our abundance. Regeneration is the gift of earth and we learn the values of cycles, repetition, and time.

A Deep Dive into the Elements Girl and Her Moon


Monthly Astrology Classes: Learn about the Elements

In this month’s Astrology Class in our Flow with the Moon Membership, we will dive into the depths of each of these elements.

Grasping this foundational building block of astrology will help you shift your perception of the world. You’ll start seeing people, plants, seasons, and interactions through the lens of elemental relationships and how they are affected by one another.

You’ll start to see how fire needs words of affirmation and how easily it can get put out by the criticisms of earth. Or how the variance of our emotional world thrives through the comfort and containment of earth’s groundedness.

All of these elements are within us, but each of our recipes is slightly different.

As we learn our own elemental nature we can cultivate greater kindness to our own inner recipe and how we affect and are affected by others. Mastering when we need to add more air and when it’s time for water allows us to find the middle way of balance and harmony that makes life sing!

Astrology is ultimately a tool of compassion for our humanity. As we study the stars, we study ourselves. As above, so below. As within, so without. The elements are our first building block to master on our journey home.

I hope you’ll come join us!

*This class will be held live on 11 March, 4PM EST. It’s replay will forever live inside of the Flow with the Moon Membership, regardless of when you find this. 

Join us here.



Issa is Girl and Her Moon’s Astrologer, offering 1:1 Astrology Readings as well as teaching Astrology Classes inside of our Flow with the Moon Membership.

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