Best Tarot Spread for Love & Relationships

Best Tarot Spread for Love and Relationships Girl and Her Moon

Love. A many-layered and complex thing that can’t really be described in words and yet it plays a crucial part in our lives. It brings euphoria and joy, and yet also darkness and despair.

We as humans experience the highs and lows of love and the wonders it beholds, the deep penetrating feeling of love itself, the despair we undergo when love casts a shadow, and the depths to which we are willing to go in order to experience the deepest form of love. 

Love is a feeling, the greatest of all feelings, and therefore it needs no words.

But it can be helpful to have a little assistance as we navigate the waters of love. Here, Tarot can be extremely helpful.


How Tarot Can Help You With Love & Relationships

Tarot is a form of divination. It speaks a language that the soul understands. It is not so straightforward that the mind understands it fully, but our souls understand.

We understand creativity, imagery and card meanings. Our soul understands intuition and messages from the universe that are intended to guide us. Through Tarot, our soul has a much easier job of understanding things that our minds can barely scratch the surface of!

Intuition is an important factor to take in when reading Tarot cards. Too much critical thinking, too much logic and too much analysis – too much cerebral thinking, in other words, can lead to a blockage of intuition.

This is why it’s important to spend some time meditating and clearing your mind before reading the cards. It is also strongly advised to spend time in a quiet area, especially in nature, to help replenish your energies. Working with incense and crystals can also set the mood for a Tarot reading.

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When it comes to love, we often have loads of questions going around and around in our minds. One of them is often how the person we are interested in, or our significant other, feels about us.

Gaining an idea of where we stand can be an agonising experience as we wonder how they feel for us and where they want the relationship to go. Of course, the best thing to do would just be to ask them – but then, it’s never quite as simple as that!

The following reading is one of the best Tarot spreads for how someone feels about you. Or, you can explore our Twin Flame/Soulmate Tarot Reading here.

When you consult the Tarot, remember that nothing is set in stone. The Tarot is a guide, one that can help you make the right decisions. It is there to help and assist you.

With this type of reading, some readers may question if it is OK for you to ask about another’s feelings for you. If you have concerns about this, sit and meditate for a while and consult your Higher Self. Your Higher Self will let you know if this is something that can be beneficial for you and if it is a good idea to proceed. 

Read on to find out how to do a Tarot spread for your love and relationships!

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A Tarot Spread for Love & Relationships

How does (insert name) feel for me?

When it feels right, lay the cards out in the following spread.

How they feel for me: 3 cards

How they see me: 2 cards

What they want to happen between us: 2 cards

What action they will take towards me: 2 cards


An example of this spread is below:

How they feel for me:

2 of Cups, 9 of Swords, 3 of Wands

Interpretation: They feel a romantic connection with you (2 of Cups) and would like to take things further (3 of Wands). However, something is causing them some stress and anxiety about their connection with you and may be holding them back. (9 of Swords).


How they see me:

The Empress, 6 of Cups

Interpretation: The way they see you is very positive. They see you as beautiful, caring, sexy, loving and that you have got it all (The Empress). They may see you as their soulmate (6 of Cups) and you may make them feel young at heart.


What they want to happen between us:

The Lovers, 8 of Swords

Interpretation: They would like to come into union with you and have a relationship (The Lovers). But they are trying to make a choice between their head and heart (The Lovers). Something is preventing them from establishing this union and they are not sure what move they should make. They may feel helpless (8 of Swords).


What action they will take towards me:

The Hermit, Wheel of Fortune

Interpretation: This indicates that they will not take action towards you at this time (The Hermit) but that things will change and possibly quite unexpectedly (Wheel of Fortune).

Girl and Her Moon Soul Tarot Reading


Let Tarot Guide the Way

Love and relationships can be tricky things. They can provide some of the most phenomenal experiences we have in our lifetime but they can give us some real headaches too!

This Tarot spread should be able to help you if you are looking for clarity and direction. And remember, Tarot is there to help you – the future is not set in stone. Often, we are the makers of our own destiny and the decisions we make can change the course of everything. Tarot tells you how things will develop if things continue as they are. But we have more power than we realise and we can create change if we want to. This is the message of the Tarot – the future is in your hands.

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Twin Flame/Soulmate Tarot Reading

A reading for deep unconditional support, love, acknowledgment, and honesty. For guidance and clarity, self-honouring and devotion. For the untangling of energy and grounded answers.

This love and relationships Tarot reading is here to hold you in support as it explores your life in love. Our relationships can be our greatest mirrors, our greatest joys, our greatest activations, and our deepest emotion. This reading is a beautiful opportunity to peel away layers of fear, confusion, or misunderstanding, and bring us back to love.

Whether you are desiring to explore current relationship dynamics, looking for guidance in a shift, or are ready to open to a new chapter of your life filled with love and intimacy with another.

Within a committed relationship – we will explore your joint purpose, how you are activating one another in growth, and insights into strengthening your bond.

Exploring potential love relationships – we will look at where your energy is in allowing in love, or where it is asking you to heal/open.

When purchasing, please leave a brief message describing your current relationship status, and what you are seeking from this reading.

Book yours here.

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