The Best Crystals for the Year of the Rabbit 2023

The Best Crystals for the Year of the Rabbit 2023 Girl and Her Moon

We’ve eased our way into the Year of the Rabbit and the shift in energy has been quite prominent as we reflect back on 2022, the Year of the Tiger.

It is typical for Tiger years to be chaotic and dramatic, much like the sign itself. Tiger years often demonstrate great upheaval and 2022 was no different. However, the Year of the Rabbit promises to bring a ‘calm after the storm’ energy for many and it is during this year that a sense of strong spirituality will take place, both individually and collectively.

In lunar astrology, the Rabbit is the fourth sign of the zodiac and is a member of the Fourth Trine, three animals who value peace and harmony above all else. The Rabbit is a calm, placid and diplomatic sign and its equivalent in Western Astrology is Pisces.

This makes the Rabbit a deeply spiritual sign as well and it is through the Rabbit’s congenial and reflective nature that it is able to explore its spirituality at a deeper level. Therefore, the Rabbit’s energy affects us all in 2023.

This is why we shouldn’t be surprised when supposedly unusual experiences happen to us or we just seem to be thrown into unexpected situations. These experiences are designed to help us on our soul’s journey and to provoke greater introspection.

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The Best Crystals for the Year of the Rabbit

Anyone who is a lover of crystals knows that these remarkable gems have unlimited power for so many different aspects of our lives. Whether it is working on ourselves, on improving our environments, on embracing and enhancing our intuitive gifts, or many other features of life itself, the assistance that crystals bring us is extraordinary.

Whether you are familiar with using crystals or not, harnessing their powers can help you navigate the Year of the Rabbit with a bit more ease and comfort. No one ever knows what the future will hold but crystals can help bring us guidance and clarity in areas they may be lacking.

This is a deeply spiritual and karmic year for many. It is a year when things tend to fall into place and where we find our feet. It is a year where the fog begins to lift and we start to see things with greater clarity.

If you want to harness the powers of crystals, there are several different ways you can do so. Placing them under your pillow, carrying them around with you in your pocket, meditating with them and wearing them as jewellery are all wonderful ways to absorb the energies of crystals.

Some crystals are more useful than others in 2023. Of course, when it comes to crystals, it’s always best to rely on your individual intuition. If it feels like it’s calling you, then it surely is. Go with your gut!

But if you would like to know what crystals can be especially effective for you in the Year of the Rabbit, read on:



One of the best crystals for tapping into your feminine, Yin energy is the moonstone. It is especially potent when used in conjunction with the Full Moon and New Moon (hence the name!)

It is a stone of new beginnings, strength and emotional stability. If you find your emotions going a bit topsy-turvy, hold a piece of moonstone in your hand and let its soothing energy wash over you. The Year of the Rabbit is set to be a deeply spiritual year as mentioned, hence moonstone can help you communicate with your soul at a deeper level.

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A crystal that helps you connect with your spirit guides and intuition. The angelite crystal enables you to hear your inner voice with deeper clarity. As 2023 is a year when old wounds are likely to rise to the surface, the angelite crystal is very helpful as its energy provides healing to guilt, grief and emotional pain. This is a wonderful crystal for soothing overwrought or intense emotions.


Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline emits an extremely powerful energy so go easy on it if you have not worked with this crystal before. This is a grounding crystal and a protective one. It has the ability to deflect negative energy that may be directed to you and to absorb negative energy in your environment. When you feel negative emotions creep up on you, holding a piece of black tourmaline and meditating with it can help you regain balance within and promote greater positive energy (especially when used in conjunction with rose quartz!)


Rose Quartz

Mentioned previously, the rose quartz crystal promotes love, harmony and peace. It is a wonderful crystal to wear over the heart chakra and therefore is highly suitable when worn as a pendant. Rose quartz helps to remind you of the light among the darkness, the silver lining, and everything that is great and good, even when it becomes difficult to see clearly. This crystal has a powerful and loving energy and seeks to remind you that self-love is one of the most important types of love. It reminds you that caring for yourself is just as important as caring for others.



Shamanic Dream Quartz

A rarer crystal but no less potent, the shamanic dream quartz is an extremely powerful crystal for dream work and enhancing your intuitive and psychic abilities. 2023 is a year when our spirituality becomes more prominent to us and the shamanic dream quartz enhances this. This crystal enables you to tap into the deepest part of yourself and can also promote visions, flashes of insight and greater clairvoyance. Meditating with this crystal – particularly with shamanic drum beats in the background – can produce some incredible results.


The Year of the Rabbit Awaits

2023, while not as turbulent as 2022, comes with its own set of hurdles to overcome. It also comes with joyous moments, intense experiences and amazing realisations. We may not always know what direction we are going in but we can navigate our way forward with faith, trust and self-belief.

These crystals – and many more – can help you on your journey. Trust in the wisdom and guidance of your inner self and know that the crystals can help you connect to this side of yourself which is always guiding you and will never leave you.

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  1. I have enjoyed reading your article. For as long as I can remember, crystals of all kinds have held an attraction for me. My birth date is April 28…. I am in the year of the Rabbit….I’m hopeful for a much more positive year as the last few years have been traumatic. With trauma comes growth, hence the reason for spiritual growth and new beginnings. People have given me crystals for for no reason…only saying they felt they were supposed to. I have shared my largest ones with others.
    God created them for a reason….
    Thank you for your article…

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