What the Year of the Rabbit 2023 Holds in Store For You

What the Year of the Rabbit 2023 Holds in Store For You Girl and Her Moon

Welcome to the Year of the Rabbit! The Water Rabbit, to be precise.

As we kick off the Year of the Rabbit that began on January 23rd and carries on until February 10th 2024, we find ourselves easing into calmer waters after 2022’s Year of the Tiger.

It is usual for different years to exhibit the qualities of the animals in Chinese Astrology themselves. The Year of the Tiger was a year of chaos, upheaval and general disarray. Many found their worlds turned upside down as the energy of this fiery and vibrant animal reached its peak.

Now, in the Year of the Rabbit, we find a more gentle and patient energy. The Rabbit is a docile and calmer animal compared to the Tiger. It is in Rabbit years that traditionally we find prosperity, longevity and peace.

That’s not to say it’s all sunshine and roses, of course. Every year comes with its own set of challenges. This year will be especially transformational for Rabbit people themselves as they will experience their Jupiter Return. Many Rabbits will have experienced a very significant shift during the Year of the Tiger which will carry on into 2023.

For other signs, they too will see a deeper shift this year, especially on a spiritual level. In Western Astrology, the Rabbit’s equivalent is Pisces and it is in the sign of Pisces that we see the pinnacle of spirituality, a deeper understanding of spiritual wisdom and unconditional love as this last and final sign encompasses the experiences of all the signs in one.

So prepare this year for spiritual development, heightened intuition, strengthened creativity, new and romantic connections, and deeper structure and awareness. Be also prepared for unexpected developments and a need to be more cautious.

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What Will 2023 Be Like For Your Sign?

The Year of the Rabbit looks set to be filled with more grounding and structure. One thing the Year of the Tiger lacked was a sense of stability. While this could have resulted in positive upheavals or negative ones, unsure footing was a common result for many. In the Year of the Rabbit, we find a better sense of footing and while there will be many unexpected encounters and developments for all signs, the way ahead comes forth with greater clarity.

We expect the Year of the Rabbit to be less dramatic than the Year of the Tiger. Peace and success are the ultimate aims.

The Water element of this year brings a gentle energy and an affable one – this is another important factor for the Rabbit year. This added fluid aspect helps to calm stormy waters and enables us to develop our intuition.


Rabbits in 2023

For Rabbits themselves, they will meet challenges that will be life-changing but deeply rewarding in the spiritual sense. It is a karmic year, especially for Rabbits, and unusual encounters are likely as the universe clears the way for the Rabbit to begin their new path.


Goats & Pigs in 2023

Goats and Pigs, who belong to the same trine as the Rabbit, the Fourth Trine, will likewise see big changes, as well as remarkable developments, such as harnessing their creative spirit for something entirely new.

For Goats, there is greater structure and also potential recognition for their creative talent which will be very exciting.

Pigs may likewise experience a boost in creative energy and this could manifest in the form of new health regimes and exploring new territories where their talents can be put to good use.


Tigers in 2023

Tigers ought to see a better year than their own that came before them. For Tigers, the Year of the Water Tiger was a challenging one and many felt they had to put on their armour and go out into battle. In the Year of the Rabbit, Tigers have the opportunity to lick their wounds, find themselves and regain balance. It’s also an exciting year of romance for them.


Dogs & Horses in 2023

For Dogs and Horses who inhabit the same trine as the Tiger, the Third Trine, a similar theme goes for them and an upturn in fortune, especially in spiritual and relationship matters, is likely; but the Dog will need to be more cautious in areas of work and finance and not take unnecessary risks while the free-spirited Horse will have to rein in their impulsive streak and do a little bit of the routine stuff, if only for a while!

Caution is another Rabbit trait and all signs are advised to be more cautious this year, especially with their funds.

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Rats in 2023

The Rat can look forward to a year of prosperity if they play their cards right. This could be a truly fortunate year for them, but following their intuition is essential. Harnessing crystals such as moonstone and selenite to help them tap into their intuition is strongly advised.


Ox in 2023

The Ox ought to experience an upturn this year and will likely make new connections that can lead to better opportunities. A good streak in terms of career and finance is likely, providing they remain flexible and open to new suggestions. Stubbornness, which they are known for, is of no benefit this year!


Dragons in 2023

For Dragons, this year brings powerful changes in their relationships and Dragons must learn the art of compromise if they wish to see success in this area. Big changes are on the way for this sign, but it is in their relationships they will experience the most enlightenment. It is this year that they will be given opportunities to explore themselves at a deeper level and find areas they feel a need to improve on.


Snakes, Roosters & Monkeys in 2023

Snakes, Roosters and Monkeys may find themselves experiencing highs and lows of the Water Rabbit more than other signs.

For Monkeys, coming out of the Year of the Tiger will prove to be a relief and fortune favours them; but at the same time, they need to be wary of leaping before they look. Steady and cautious plans are advised for the Monkey.

Snakes may also experience the ups and downs but somehow they’ll just glide through it. For Snakes, embracing their creative spirit is essential. It is here that they will find refuge and a deep sense of completion. These precious moments to themselves are deeply rejuvenating for them.

For the Rooster, the Rabbit is their Year of Conflict as the Rabbit stands opposite them in the Circle of Conflict. This does not, of course, mean it will necessarily be a bad year for Roosters.

But this year, the Rooster’s need to just get things done will clash with the Rabbit’s need to take time out and reflect. There may be a clash of internal and external energies. Therefore, the Rooster is advised to set aside retreat time for meditation and possibly spiritual retreats to help them maintain balance. This could also be a good year for unexpected income.

For all signs, this is a year of karma. What you have put out will undoubtedly find its way back to you.

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Embrace Your Spiritual Development in 2023

We are constantly developing spiritually even though it may not seem clear to us at the time. The Year of the Water Rabbit brings us towards a deeper connection with our spiritual selves, providing greater opportunities for reflection and wisdom. Aspects of ourselves that remain hidden are likely to rise to the surface and the universe will send us encounters and people to help us heal in areas where healing is needed.

Embrace your spiritual development this year and do not be afraid of what transpires. It is through our challenges that we ultimately find ourselves and it is through those moments of peace and clarity that we can fully understand and appreciate how strong and resilient we truly are. Let the Rabbit’s gentle and loving energy assist you as you continue your journey.

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