How to Make Contact With Your Spirit Animal

How to Make Contact With Your Spirit Animal Girl and Her Moon

Have you ever felt a particularly strong connection with a specific animal? Do you just feel a bond with a certain animal that isn’t necessarily your pet but one you have no other connection to? Do certain animals just resonate with you? Does a certain animal keep popping up in your dreams?

If so, it may be a sign that your spirit animal is trying to connect with you.

We all have a spirit animal. Some people have the same spirit animal throughout their lives; others may receive several spirit animals or animals that come to them during specific stages of their life.

The purpose of the spirit animal is to provide you with guidance and assistance. The spirit animal is also able to transfer its unique qualities to us and help us become more like them, which is necessary for whatever we are going through in life.

For example, the wolf is known for its fierce independence but also its ability to work with the pack. The wolf spirit animal may show up when we are venturing into the unknown and need to learn trust in ourselves or others.

Or the panther, a spirit animal that symbolises courage and power. The panther may show up when we are in dangerous circumstances or a challenging time of our life. It imbues us with strength and helps to eliminate our fears.

Your spirit animal may or may not reveal itself to you. But there are ways to make contact with your spirit animal and they are not always done in the most obvious manner!

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Your Spirit Animal & You:

Some time ago, I had a past life reading done with a lady. At one point she said:

“Your spirit animal is a cat. It has been with you for many lives.”

Now this was a truly intriguing reading in general but this information intrigued me most of us.

“It has been with you for many lives,” she repeated, “and is with you again in this life too. Your relationship is a powerful one.”

And even though nothing like this had ever crossed my mind before, I just knew she was right.

I’ve always had rather ‘cat-like’ features – a friend used to tell me I had a ‘face like a leopard’. Cats always seem to greet me in the street too – either crossing the road to meet me or following me down the street. 

There has always been something about the cat that I’d had an odd affinity with, even though it hadn’t really registered.

Then one night after the reading, I was lying down with a shamanic dream quartz crystal in my hand. I knew that this crystal had unique abilities for helping you to connect with your spirit animal. I closed my eyes, took a few deep breaths and let my mind wander freely, allowing snippets of thoughts to pass by until my mind became clear. I thought of nothing but just watched passively as different images came into my mind.

It happened rather fast. A cat appeared. Not a cat I was imagining, but one that just cropped up. It had this odd smile on its face. Not a ‘cheshire cat’ kind of grin, but this sort of small smile.

It did not look like a typical house cat or a wild cat. It was too large, for one thing, but certainly not large enough to be a panther or a leopard. It had strangely long legs and a brownish/orange coat. It was a beautiful creature, not just its appearance, but its energy. It looked very unusual; but extraordinarily beautiful and striking.

You’re beautiful! I gasped in my mind. I wish I was beautiful like you!

It just kept smiling in that weird way and then it said without actually opening its mouth: But you are. I am you.

I just stared at it for a while. I couldn’t help noticing how incredibly confident and self-assured it was. It was not insecure or fearful in any way. It was confident in its strength and its beauty. It had told me it was me, but I certainly didn’t feel confident on many occasions. And yet that same confidence the cat radiated was one that I had felt too during waking hours; but I could never sustain it.

It was an extraordinary experience and when I opened my eyes, I felt more confident and self-assured. Since that day, somehow, my confidence grew. I knew that in some way the cat’s spirit was imbuing me; and I knew that yes, this cat was a part of me and it had always been with me and would continue to be with me.

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How to Make Contact With Your Spirit Animal:

There are a number of ways to make contact with your spirit animal. There are also ways to find out what your spirit animal is. Many of us do not know what our spirit animal is, though we may have an inkling. 

Here are some ways below that I have found helpful. You may feel you’d want to try them all out and see which one works for you!


Deep Meditation With Crystal

Find a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed and set the environment for relaxation. You could light a candle or burn some incense; perhaps play some soothing meditation music. Shamanic drum music such as this can also be very potent.

Close your eyes and hold a crystal in your hand. Some crystals that are good for connecting to your spirit animal are:

  • Shamanic dream quartz
  • Celestite
  • Amethyst
  • Angelite
  • Lemurian quartz


Now let your thoughts fade away until your mind is totally clear. Keep the intention that you want to connect with your spirit animal in your mind. 

Whatever thoughts appear, let them enter freely. Soon, you should see your spirit animal or images/words that help you understand what it is and how it can help you.

It can take practice so don’t worry if you don’t see anything at first! Just keep practicing.

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Pay Attention To Your Dreams

Your spirit animal may show up in your dreams. If you see an animal in your dreams or if the same animal keeps turning up, it could be your spirit animal trying to communicate with you.

Keep a dream diary, noting down what animal/s you see and the details of the dream itself as the message is often contained within the contents of the dream.


Be Aware Of Unusual Behaviour Of Animals Around You

Earlier I mentioned that throughout my life, cats have a tendency to run up to me in a way that is quite unusual. This was my cat’s way of letting me know it was there.

Pay close attention to any unusual behaviour you might notice from animals around you. Do birds have a tendency to flock to you? Do spiders just keep popping up and settling near you? Does a wild animal, like a rabbit, stop and stare at you when normally it would run away?

These can be signs that your spirit animal is trying to make you aware of its presence.



Think About The Animals You Are Drawn To

If you think about the animals you are most attracted to, it may be because your spirit animal is guiding you towards it.

Do you have an unexplainable love of wolves? Maybe tigers fascinate and empower you? Do guinea-pigs have a special place in your heart?

Your special love for a specific type of animal could be your spirit animal’s way of getting your attention.

Remember, spirit animals stay with us throughout our lives or visit us for brief periods because they are here to help and assist us.

We have a powerful connection with the animal kingdom. As the most intelligent of all species, it is our duty to protect and love animals, to treat them with kindness, fairness and respect.

But many of us have not honoured this responsibility. Animals, whether wild or domestic, have been mistreated by humans. They have suffered at our hands and endured cruelty from the worst of our kind. Our progression on a material level has in many ways damaged and broken our relationship with the animal kingdom.

But this world is always in a state of growth and progression and the time will come when we reach a spiritual state where humans and animals co-exist in peace and harmony. It will be a long hard road but we will get there. Our spirit animal is a stark reminder of our deep and powerful connection to animals and how Man and Beast are supposed to work together, not against each other. Through a deeper understanding and relationship with our spirit animal, we begin to revive the bond that has existed between us since time began and towards a state of equilibrium that all living creatures, including us, yearn for.

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