Are You a Pleiadian Starseed?

Are You a Pleiadian Starseed? Girl and Her Moon

The world is changing. At this moment in time, humanity and the earth are going through a major transition as we ease our way out of the Age of Pisces and into the Age of Aquarius.

Astrologers and students of the New Age are not completely sure exactly when the Age of Aquarius begins or even began. Some believe we shifted in the 1960’s; others believe it doesn’t officially begin another forty years from now. Some think it could have started in 2012, a year prophesied by the Ancient Mayan civilisation as the ‘end of the world’ which we now know sparked the end of the old world and not the end of the world itself.

Timing is a very tricky thing to predict when dealing with the esoteric and we find this with the Tarot and the Akashic Records too. This could be because there is no ‘time’ in the spiritual world and therefore applying this to the physical realm becomes extremely difficult, if not impossible at times.

However, one thing we can all agree on is that there is indeed a shift toward the New Age taking place and as the energies of Aquarius awaken and make way to replace the energies of Pisces that have dominated the last 2,000 years, we are also noticing a special type of individual incarnating on the planet at this time – the Starseed.

What is a Starseed?

Starseeds are souls from various parts of the universe that have chosen to incarnate at this specific moment in time to help this world transition into the New Age.

Transition is very often challenging. It involves chaos, destruction, pain and devastation. It is the breaking down of an old way in order to make way for a new one.

The role of the Starseed is to help mankind during this transition so naturally they possess gifts and abilities that are quite exceptional.

The Starseed will know from a young age that they are different from others and there will be an innate need for as long as they can remember to help humanity in some way. Often, the Starseed can forget this mission as they go through life – many struggle with life in general because their finely-tuned stimulae is sensitive to the perils of this world and it affects them in different ways.

But at some point, the Starseed’s mission will be activated and it is then that the Starseed remembers and awakens to who they are and why they came to this planet.

There are many different types of Starseeds, and we can explore your specific connections inside of a Soul Tarot Reading.

This article is going to focus on the Pleiadian Starseed.

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What is a Pleiadian Starseed?

The Pleiadian Starseed is one of the most common Starseeds on the planet right now. They come from a cluster of stars called the Pleiades constellation, also knows as the Seven Sisters, existing in what is known as the Fifth Dimension.

These are powerful souls in human form and capable of spreading great light to others. Their role is to uplift humanity, share their light with the world and provide knowledge. Some take on a more warrior position and engage in a proactive fight for change.

In the universe, the Pleiades star system is the central hub for all extra-terrestial souls. In other words, it is the ultimate place of learning. It’s where the souls go to learn abilities they will take with them when they incarnate onto Earth.

What separates Pleiades Starseeds from other Starseeds on Earth is that their speciality is compassion, empathy and transformative ability. A Pleiadian Starseed believes that compassion and empathy are the most powerful traits one can possess and at the same time, they are very tough! Through crisis, they are able to emerge stronger than ever and as they grow, their light grows with them.

A Pleiadian Starseed’s mission may be world-changing and affect people on a global scale, or it may be more internalised and directly affect those around them and their environment.

Whatever their mission is, the light of the Pleiadian Starseed brings hope, strength and courage to humanity, something greatly needed in a time of such intense transition which can be frightening and worrying for many.

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Signs of a Pleiadian Starseed

Have you been wondering if you are a Pleiadian Starseed with a specific mission on Earth? Have you always felt that the twinkling universe feels more like home than ‘home’, with your connection to the stars igniting something in your souls memory? Have you been feeling that you are a Starseed but unsure what type of Starseed you are? Have you been wondering if someone you know is a Pleiadian Starseed?

It is said that when a Starseed ‘wakes up’, they instinctively know who they are, where they come from, and begin unravelling their purpose here on Earth.

Here are some of the most notable traits and characteristics of the Pleiadian Starseed:

High Senstivity

Pleiadian Starseeds tend to have extremely high sensitivity. Many are Highly Sensitive People (HSP) and empaths. Their senses are working at a higher frequency than other people. They have penetrating insight and often exceptionally good hearing, sense of smell and sight.

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Powerful Intuition

The Pleiadian Starseed has a strong intuition which is apparent from a young age. They may see spirits when they are young, or other peoples auras and energy field. The Pleiadian Soul has an uncanny knack of knowing things before they happen or knowing things about others that are yet to be revealed.

They See Souls

Pleiadian Starseeds have a unique gift in that they do not see the person, but the soul. Outer appearances do not fool them. Appearance, social status, career or anything that represents the outer shell does not matter to them. They sense a person’s soul, they feel their heart chakra, and are able to see if the individual has been damaged in some way.

Vivid Dreams

Pleiadian Starseeds will often have vivid dreams from a young age. Some will have dreams when they are children about their lives among the stars. Others may have vivid dreams about saving the world (this ties into their purpose and mission and the reason they came to Earth). When they get older, Pleiadian Starseeds may struggle with nightmares as their high sensitivity causes them to absorb the energies of the world, including negative energies, other people’s emotions, and energy vampires. The Starseed may encounter entities during sleep, including negative entities that appear from astral realms and are attracted to the Starseed’s light. If you find this occurring in your sleep, you can call upon your star family and spirit guides to help you build loving and firm boundaries.

High Creativity

Pleiadian Starseeds have powerful creativity. They may be storytellers or artists, musicians or sculptors. Pleiadian Starseeds need to express their highly creative souls and it is through creative outlets that they excel best in this area.


Pleiadian Starseeds are extremely compassionate, they know and live the energy of unconditional love. It is a quality that is particularly prominent within them. They will go to the ends of the Earth for someone they don’t even know. This is because this Starseed knows that everyone on Earth is connected.

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Moved by Injustice

Pleiadian Starseeds are deeply nurturing and loving souls but they are also warriors. They are tough on the inside and they are deeply moved by injustice and cruelty. They feel a powerful need to take action in order to right the wrongs they witness or hear about, feeling like it is part of their soul mission here on Earth to do so.

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Thrives in Nature

This Starseed must often regenerate itself because of their propensity to absorb other people’s energies and the energy of the world itself. It is in nature that the Pleiadian Starseed finds the most comfort. Here, they can be among the purest form of nature – plants, trees, flowers and animals – which are untainted by the negative energies that humans emit. Being immersed in nature also reminds them of the immense beauty in being incarnated on Earth.

Attracts Lost Souls

One of the common traits Pleiadian Starseeds share is that they attract ‘lost souls’. Pleiadian Starseeds are healers on a mission to help. Their souls are vibrating at a high level. The spiritually weary are drawn to this Starseed because they sense the powerful light within them and they are seeking healing, either consciously or unconsciously. However, Pleiadian Starseeds must be careful when dealing with the spiritually wounded because the Starseed can end up becoming wounded in the process if they give too much of their light away without restraint. It is in the Starseed’s nature to share its light but there are those who would take advantage of this. If you find this happening in your life, connect to your Pleiadian Guides for support. 

An Understanding of the Dark Side

All humans have a dark side, the unconscious side of themselves that is often kept buried and emcompasses a wide range of negative emotions and experiences. The Pleiadian Starseed has an acute understanding and awareness of the dark side, even if they do not fully understand how they know – they just do. This innate wisdom enables them to see a person for who they truly are and they often feel a strong need to help the individual face their own dark side. The Starseed knows that the dark side must be faced and integrated with the light, as ignoring or burying it only gives it more strength, and if it is not dealt with, it can present problems for the individual on an enormous scale, eventually projecting itself into the external world. The Pleiadian Starseed knows that the root of all darkness in the world is due to a dark side that has not been dealt with by the individual. It is the urge of the Starseed to help individuals acknowledge this darkness within them and help them heal.

Contacting the Pleiadians

Can it be done? Oh yes!

The Pleiadians are not ‘people’, as it were. They are a form of energy, a vibration of pleiadian DNA, so to speak. While in human form of a physical body, the Pleiadian Starseed may “see” a person of some kind when making contact with the Pleiadians but really what they are seeing is a form of energy manifesting itself in a way that their human minds can understand.

It can often take the form of an individual that is beautiful or mesmerising to the Pleiadian Starseed – something that fills the Starseed with joy and resonance to look at. This is because Pleiades energy is full of light and love and it resonates with an inner beauty that manifests itself as a physical one.

When the Pleiadian Starseed is feeling low, lonely or hopeless, making contact with the Pleiades star cluster can be very helpful. Even just visualising the Pleiadian Star System, or contacting the Pleiades with questions or to seek assurance can be extremely helpful. The Pleiadian Starseed is, after all, human, and they go through challenges that can take their toll. The Pleiades cluster is a reminder to the Starseed of who they are and their higher purpose.

Contacting the Pleiades is achievable through deep meditation, enhanced with crystals such as angelite, sphaerite, merlinite, shamanic dream quartz and other crystals that have a high vibration and enables you to connect with other realms, and the pleiadian origin, within the universe. Whether you have a specific purpose for contact, or simply want to bring more Pleiadian Energy into your life.

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Find a time and space where you can be alone, close your eyes, hold your crystal in your palm and meditate for ten minutes, clearing your mind. Then when you are ready, ask to be connected to the Pleiades.

At first, you may just receive a series of random images that don’t make much sense. But eventually, the Pleiades will communicate with you. The way they do so is unique to each individual. Some may make contact with them within seconds; others it could take longer. Just be patient. The Pleiades will always answer your call if you reach out to them.

You will find their energy to be very loving and nurturing. They are proud of you!

You made the decision as a Pleiadian Starseed to leave the comfort and nurture of the Pleiades to come to Earth and help humanity move into this phenomenal period of transition, even though it is wrought with challenges, uncertainty and often pain. The Pleiades are your greatest champions and they will always offer whatever help and assistance they can to you as you embark on your mission. In short – know that you are never alone, and your soul family is always available to connect with.

Some Closing Thoughts

In your heart, you will know if you hail from the Pleiades. If you feel you are a Starseed but Pleiades does not resonate entirely with you, know that there are other star clusters that you may have hailed from such as the Sirian Starseeds, Lyran Starseeds, Andromedon Starseeds, and many others.

If you are a Pleiadian Starseed or someone you know is one, then remember you have a purpose in this world. You will already know that life can be challenging; downright hard at times and sometimes you just want to go back to the stars … back to a place you call home.

But Earth needs you. Humanity needs you. You are on a beautiful mission. This is why you came here – to help humanity. Yours is a noble and brave mission and there is a light within you that can bright up even the darkest corners of this world. Mankind is going through an upheaval. Such an upheaval generates fear and uncertainty. Somehow, in some way, your light soothes this uncertainty and vanquishes fear. This is the gift of the Pleiades; guard it well.

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  1. Extremely interesting… I intuitively gravitated toward your link amongst a whole lineup of sites in google this evening. And how I got to this point is I saw a Gai video clip in my YouTube on Lyran heritage. Now that I read your articles on star seeds I feel like I understand my being so much more. All this is so intriguing and I resonate mostly with Pleiades, however, a few aspects of Lyran resonated within me as well. I am somewhat familiar with the Pleiades star system and have watched several episodes of Ancient Aliens that spoke of Pleiadiens… I just never thought I am one too! Thank you for illuminating this imperative information to me and others.

  2. Thank you for this article!
    I’m curious; how did you come by all of this info for yourself? Did you channel it or learn it from another?
    There are so many articles out there talking about Pleiadian starseeds but my intuition told me STRONGLY that the info here was meant for me to read it.
    I identify strongly with everything said here, and although I also am a Sirian star seed the Pleiadian constellation has called my name loudly since I was a child.
    Before I knew more, I used to call it “my star-cluster”. 🥰
    Thank you for sharing your truth with us.

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