Are You a Lyran Starseed?

What is a Lyran Starseed? Girl and Her Moon

The world is undergoing a monumental shift at the moment and everywhere you look, signs of this drastic transition are occurring.

We are in the process of entering a new age, one that occurs roughly every 2,000 years. The Age of Pisces is coming to an end and the Age of Aquarius is about to begin. While such a shift can take decades to complete, it heralds the beginning of a new era. The world we knew before will be very different to the one that is coming, just as the Age of Pisces was completely different to its predecessor, the Age of Aries.

With this shift in ages comes an influx of starseeds who have chosen to incarnate on earth at this precise moment in time. 

Starseeds are highly evolved beings that originate from various parts of the universe, from different star systems. Deep within them they possess innate healing powers, intelligence and wisdom, with a sense of spiritual knowing. When they incarnate to Earth, they do so with a specific mission. They are here to spread their wisdom to humanity, to help mankind adjust to this new transition, and to pave the way for innovation involving healing, creativity, spirituality, and greater love between all people. They come to earth to support its evolution, feeling always, their innate connection to the stars guiding them.

Humans are a work in progress. We are capable of great love, compassion and sacrifice, but we struggle with lower energetic emotions such as fear, anger, hatred and envy. Starseeds are here to help humans become the best of themselves and planet earth evolve. They understand that the aim is not to suppress the lower energetic emotions – or the ‘dark side’ of ourselves – but to comprehend it and to fully integrate it with ourselves. This is how we become the best of who we are.

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When we are able to do this on an individual level, it then manifests on a collective level too. But each individual works at a different rate and this is why there is so much conflict and strife, both individually and collectively.

Starseeds help humanity progress forward through their healing, intuition and creative ability. This is not to say that starseeds have no flaws – they came here as humans, so they too are flawed! In order to help the humans, they had to become one themselves. But their purpose on Earth is locked in their DNA and at some point, the starseed will awaken, become aware of their mission, and strive to complete it. There is never a rulebook. They work on an intuitive basis, doing what they know feels right in order to help humanity.

Some starseeds are indigo children, but not all indigo children are starseeds. Starseeds are empathetic, freedom-seekers, have powerful intuition, tend not to be concerned about “material” things, feel a strong connection to the Universe or a Higher Power, are highly sensitive, and have psychic or paranormal activities.

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There are many different types of starseeds from different parts of the universe. If you have a strong sense that you are a starseed and resonate with their qualities, the question is, what type of starseed are you?

Could you be a Lyran Starseed?


What is a Lyran Starseed?

Different starseeds have different roles, depending on the type of starseed they are.

The Lyran starseed originates from the brightest planet within the Lyra constellation, Vega, within the Lyran Star System.

The Lyran race and civilisation is extremely ancient – the universe’s equivalent to Ancient Rome or Ancient Egypt. It is believed that this ancient Lyran civilisation was wiped out in an energetic war against power, control and greed that took place in the universe, not too different to what Earth is experiencing now. The Lyran species fled to other star systems such as the Pleiades and Sirius.

As such, the Lyran starseeds are some of the oldest souls to incarnate on Earth. Lyrans are also keepers of knowledge and wisdom. They feel a very strong connection with the term ‘Old Soul’.

Common Lyran Starseed traits:

Many Lyran Starseeds incarnated in the physical realm with the following common attributes:


Lyrans are a very ancient tribe of the universe but the true wise soul knows that life is for living – not for worrying about the future and past. While they acknowledge the importance of progression and while they have a deep understanding of the struggles this world goes through, Lyran Starseeds know that true joy comes from living in the now.

Old Soul

Lyran starseeds are extremely old souls, or ancient souls. Their earthly energy is simply “old” in this lifetime and everyone around them can sense it to some degree. Perhaps its their origins of their ancient civilization that they still feel a deep connection to in this physical life. Lyrans understand that it is not possible to change everything and some things are best left alone.

Deep faith

Lyrans have an unshakable inner deep faith that everything will work out the way it should, even during the most challenging times. Because of this, they have an innate ability to overcome challenges with an inner strength, quiet confidence, and spiritually based faith.

Lovers of history

Lyrans have a deep curiosity for anything to do with history. When they absorb themselves in a book about the past or visit old monuments of ancient heritage, they feel a strong connection. Through meditation, intuition, and being on a spiritual journey, many are drawn to have a deep spiritual connection with ancient wisdom.

Understands the Now: Awakening and Meditation

The ‘Now’ (most aptly explained by Eckhart Tolle in his book, The Power of Now) may seem such a simple concept and yet it can be extraordinarily hard for many of us to truly understand. Lyrans have an innate knowing of the ‘Now’. Furthermore, they can take themselves in and out of the ‘Now’ with ease.

Powerful Manifestors

Lyrans are extremely skilled at manifesting. It is one of the gifts they possess. In fact, a Lyran starseed needs to be careful what they wish for because the universe is only too quick to grant it to them!

Strong Intuition and Chakra Connection

All starseeds have strong intuition and the Lyran starseed is no different. They do not allow negative thoughts to get the better of them because they know that these are human thoughts and human emotions and often they are absorbing other people’s feelings that don’t belong to them. With this intuitive awareness, they have an innate ability to access the Akashic Records, connect with different planets, and feel at home when learning about the chakra system or other healing abilities. 

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The Lyran Starseed Origins and Mission

The Lyran starseed mission is to come to planet Earth to help mankind. They know only too well how difficult the battle between Soul and Ego is on Earth, something every human goes through and something the world goes through on a collective level.

They are here to enjoy abundance and the pleasures this world can provide. When they tap into their strong intuition, they are able to connect to their Earth mission with greater ease, embracing their physical body in the process while not losing their connection to the Lyra star.

A Lyran starseed knows that no matter how bad things become, everything will work out alright in the end. It is this intricate knowing that they spread to humanity and therefore this deep sense of faith helps to uplift Mankind and enable others to tap into their own individual missions and gifts too.

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Other Starseed Types: Lyrans are One of Many

Starseeds are here for physical and spiritual evolution and love, others feel this, and often people trust you. Maybe you resonate with the Lyran characteristics and think you might be a Lyran, or maybe you feel more of a connection with the pleiadians, arcturians, draconians, or another kind of starseed.

Here are some of the most common Starseeds:

  • Pleiadian Starseed
  • Sirian Starseed
  • Arcturian Starseed
  • Andromedan Starseed
  • Orion Starseed
  • Maldek Starseed
  • Lemurian Starseed
  • Atlantean Starseed,
  • Avian Starseed
  • Venusian Starseed
  • Martian Starseed
  • Polarian Starseed
  • Hadarian Starseed
  • Draconian Starseed
  • Indigo, Crystal & Rainbow Starseed
  • Lightworker: from many planets, incarnating in many different star systems

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