What are the Akashic Records? Your Soul Records and How to Access Them

The Akashic Records are a phenomenal and mysterious force, bestowed to humankind with the purpose of enabling us to understand ourselves at a deeper and more spiritual level.

This is a world where materialism reigns supreme. The Earth itself is billions of years old and humans have only been around for a few million of those years; of course, with very different mentalities, abilities and understanding to what we have today.

So as a species, humans are still a relatively young group, especially at a soul level. The preoccupation for many in various societies tends to focus on what is real, material and tangible. This leaves little room for focus on spiritual growth.

For example, our lives may be taken up by day to day necessities, such as our work, career, money, home, and so forth. With so much being demanded of us, it is hard to go inwards at times and explore things at a soul level.

This is the way the world has been set up and designed at this time because, collectively, humans are on a spiritual journey and the physical world is a crucial part of this journey.

But anyone who wishes to explore their spirituality at a deeper level is always at liberty to do so. Finding peace among the chaos is rarely easy but our souls come here for a reason. Ultimately, that reason is to reconnect with who we truly are. It’s just that every soul has its own path to do it.

Spiritual awakenings have been happening to people all over the world in recent times as we prepare for the Age of Aquarius and the 6th Golden Age. An interest in esoteric methods has become more popular in recent years. This includes the Akashic Records!

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What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records is a blueprint of everything your soul has ever been through and will ever go through. It is an energetic library holding every thought, action and experience your soul has agreed to during its time on Earth. This includes past, present and future.

This is the case for every soul on Earth as well as events that have been and gone, and events not yet come to pass.

The wealth of information contained in the Akashic Records is extraordinary. Here, you can gain access to knowledge of your past lives, knowledge of your present incarnation, and knowledge of future possibilities.

It is through the Akashic Records that you can gain wisdom and insight into who you truly are at a core level. Here, you can move beyond the superficiality of the physical world and find the deeper meaning to your existence.

The Akashic Records exist in the astral realm so when you visit them, what you are in fact experiencing is a shift in consciousness. Your physical body stays where it is.

Not everyone feels ready to access the Akashic Records. Have you, or anyone you know, ever felt a sense of wariness when discussing spiritual things at a deeper level? Has there been some reluctance to explore certain aspects of spirituality, such as clairvoyance or prophecy? This is absolutely fine. While every soul is on a spiritual journey of soul growth, not everyone is ready to explore it further.

But for those who are, those who feel compelled to dig deeper into their own spirituality, the Akashic Records can be an incredible place to start. It is like entering a library and opening a book which is all about you – the true you.

How to Access the Akashic Records

If you feel ready to delve into the story of your soul, there are a number of ways you can access the Akashic Records.

Keep an Open Mind & Open Heart

If you are seeking to access your own Akashic Records, it is important to have an open mind and open heart. Reading one’s own Akashic Records can be tricky because we all have blinkers and perceptions of ourselves which can cloud our ability to read. Even skilled Akashic readers struggle with this! If you do seek to read for yourself, keeping an open mind and trusting your own energy is essential.

You can access the Akashic Records yourself by trying this method:

Ground yourself first

Grounding is important. Find a space where you can experience quiet and interruption. Feel free to light a candle or burn an essential oil like clary sage or lavender, both of which are good for balancing you from within. You can hold or wear crystals such as black obsidian and fire agate which are excellent for grounding.

Say an opening prayer

You can form your own or use one like this: I ask for grounding and guidance from my Higher Self to enable me to access the Akashic Records for the benefit of my soul journey and the betterment of myself and those around me.

Ask the question that you want to know

Ask for permission to read your records. Let your mind relax and take note of the information and images that come to mind. You will be given the information you need.

Close the records and say thank you

Be sure to write down everything that came to mind afterwards.

This technique can take some practice and the time it takes to access the records varies. You might access them within seconds or it could take an hour or more. Go at the pace that feels right for you.

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Ask an Akashic Records Practitioner

There are people out there who dedicate their lives to helping others access their Akashic Records. Finding a reputable practitioner and asking them to read your records for you can be a wonderful way to access your records. Also, it is often easier to ask someone to read them for you, rather than reading them yourself.

We also have an Akasha Soul Reading. A reading that dives deep into your unique spiritual gifts of this lifetime.

Each of us possess unique and ancient gifts far beyond what we have learned throughout this lifetime. Gifts that have been building for many lifetimes. Gifts that directly correlate with our purpose in this life. Gifts that we are ready to awaken.

During this reading we will tap into the energy of your infinite self and translate its wisdom around the unique spiritual gifts you hold. You can find out more here.

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Use Akashic Tarot Cards

Some Tarot cards are specific to enabling you to access the Akashic Records. Akashic Tarot is an example of this. If you are familiar with Tarot and like to read for yourself, you may find some enlightenment using cards to help you access it. From the visuality of the cards and associated meanings, you can piece together information from the Akashic Records about your soul journey.

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Explore the Journey of Your Soul …

The Akashic Records is open to all and always available to access. If you are reading this article, remember there is a reason for it. Perhaps you are ready to begin your own Akashic journey; maybe you wish to explore further but aren’t quite sure where to begin. Hopefully this article will help you on your journey as your soul continues on its path of evolution.

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