Which Tarot Cards Mean Yes & No

Which Tarot Cards Mean Yes & No Girl and Her Moon

One of the first things you come to learn about Tarot is that there are rarely yes or no answers.

Put simply, the Tarot isn’t very good at it.

There are cards that can give you an overall picture of yes or no; but a straight-up yes or no from Tarot is very rare because Tarot’s way of giving answers is to tell a story. This is why the imagery in Tarot is so important. Reading Tarot can come in the form of intuitive reading, knowledge of the card meanings, and sometimes a mixture of both.

This is why, when it comes to readings, it is more helpful to ask an open-ended question, rather than a question that requires a yes or no.

So rather than say, “Will my date go well?” it is better to ask a question like, “What will happen during my date?”

The latter gives the Tarot the opportunity to provide you with a detailed story which you piece together.

For straight-up yes or no answers, the pendulum can be a useful form of divination.

However, some cards in the Tarot can lean towards yes or no. Through a combination of intuitive reading and Tarot card knowledge, you can gain a good idea of which way they are leaning.

So which cards can mean yes and which cards can mean no? Remember, this is a rough guide and there are no hard and fast rules. Always trust your intuition. A card could mean one thing depending on surrounding cards or depending on the situation. So take this as a helpful guide. Here are some of the more common Tarot cards that can mean yes or no.

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Yes Tarot Cards

  • The Sun: This card usually indicates good news which is often a resounding ‘Yes!’ But if not, it means something is going to come to light and be revealed, so one way or another, you are going to get to the truth.


  • The Magician: This card is one of action and getting things started. It usually indicates a yes as it is a card of movement and making things happen. 

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  • Any of the Aces: Aces are new beginnings and often spell a ‘yes’ as they indicate forward movement, action, and drive, much like the Magician in the Major Arcana. 


  • 2 of Cups: This is a good card to get in a relationship reading if you are looking for a yes answer. The 2 of Cups indicates union between two people and if you are querying a relationship and whether it points to unity, the 2 of Cups is a good sign.


  • The Star: This is a card of hope and happiness and indicates positive things in a reading.


  • 4 of Wands: This is a very good card for establishing a foundation and points towards a positive outcome.


  • 6 of Wands: A card of victory. This card shows someone celebrating a win surrounded by a cheering crowd. It is a great card if you want to know whether it’s a yes or no because it indicates a victory.


  • 10 of Pentacles: A solid card for establishing a foundation, especially in regard to a family, relationship or career. This card indicates success and points towards a yes.


No Tarot Cards

  • The Hermit: This is not a definite ‘no’ but it can indicate one. This card represents withdrawal so if you are asking a yes or no question, it is most likely a no.


  • Death: The Death card indicates major transformations but it always signifies the death of something. This card usually points towards a no but it also highlights that while an old door is closing, a new one is opening.


  • 9 of Swords: A card of worry and anxiety. It could indicate that the answer to your question will cause you some concern.


  • 5 of Swords: Perhaps the most ‘no’ card in the Tarot. This is a card of being defeated and walking away. This card has a negative energy attached to it which indicates the situation has not ended on good terms.


  • 7 of Wands: This card indicates some kind of block is being formed. An obstacle is being presented and it is very likely this card means no.


  • 3 of Swords: This card indicates heartache of some kind when referring to yes or no answers and often means, “This is not news that you will want to hear.”


  • 4 of Cups: A card of disinterest, this card shows up when there is little to no enthusiasm for someone or something.


  • 5 of Pentacles: This is a card of rejection and being left out in the cold. In a yes or no spread, the most likely answer is no.


Follow Your Gut

As always, it is important to remember that different cards can take on different meanings, depending on context. All of the cards mentioned in the Yes or No section can indicate yes or no, but surrounding cards can give a clearer picture, and so can your intuition.

Always trust your intuition when reading Tarot. Be sure to ground yourself before each reading so that you are able to hear your intuition with greater clarity. Try not to read when you are in an especially emotional state as this can cloud your judgement and even cloud a reading itself.

Working with the Tarot takes practice and dedication but when we learn how to work with it and discover methods that work best for us, it becomes one of our greatest friends and guides. Hopefully, this article can help guide you on your Tarot journey. And if you must ask a yes or no question, remember that few things are set in stone. You are the master of your destiny and the Tarot is there to help lead you to it.

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