You Pulled the Magician Tarot Card – What Does it Mean?

You Pulled the Magician Tarot Card - What Does it Mean? Girl and Her Moon

Have you pulled the Magician card in the Tarot?

If so, you may be wondering what this dynamic and creative card means in your reading. Whether you are an instinctive reader or prefer to follow meanings by the book, this article will help you understand the first card of the Major Arcana at a deeper level.

Well, it is not exactly the first card. The Magician ranks as 1 in the Major Arcana but it is preceded by the Fool – which ranks at 0.

The Fool encompasses that innocent and pure energy that we all experience at some point – a newborn baby that has just come to the world, a student starting their first day of college, the beginning of wedded bliss, to name a few.

The Magician is the next step. It strongly relates to the Aces in the Minor Arcana.

It represents beginnings, dynamism, fresh ideas, fresh relationships, new ventures and anything that spells new. It is exciting, exuberant and intriguing and you can be sure that when the Magician turns up in your reading, something exciting is going on.

So what does the Magician mean? Here are some key words associated with the Magician.

Magician Tarot Card Meaning Girl and Her Moon

Magician Card Key Words:

  • Taking action
  • Realizing your potential
  • Using your gifts and talents
  • Knowing your intentions
  • Being committed
  • Focusing on your goals
  • Charisma
  • X-factor
  • Having a powerful impact
  • Inspiring others
  • Being energized
  • Harnessing creativity

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The Magician Card in Love & Relationships

If you pull the Magician in a love and relationship reading, it can mean a number of different things, depending on the position it lands in.

If you pull the Magician for someone’s feelings for you – it indicates that they are quite blown away by you. You make them feel excited and dynamic; they feel that they can make something work with you and, furthermore, that they can be bold enough to take action with you. In essence, they are in awe of you.

If the Magician is pulled for how someone sees you – they see you as someone with Magician-type qualities – the way you look fascinates them. You might have an incredible dress sense or know just how to wear your hair – you might have that ‘It’ factor that blows them away.

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Two famous Magician types would be Marilyn Monroe and Mariah Carey. Both have that ‘wow’ factor and ability to turn heads, particularly with their aura and fashion sense. The Magician is more of an ‘energy’ card when it comes to how someone sees you, rather than physical appearance. It’s the X-factor.

If you pull the Magician for what direction someone wants a relationship to go in – they definitely what something to happen between the two of you. It is too early to say (the Magician is linked to the Aces, after all) but they are excited at the prospect of something developing between you both.

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The Magician Card in a Career Reading

In a career reading, this card indicates that you are headed towards a role that encompasses ‘magician’ qualities – for example, this could be sales, customer services, acting, journalism or decoration.

It can also mean that you have the drive, commitment and willpower to pursue your dreams so it is an excellent card to turn up in a career reading.

The Magician can also represent someone with Magician characteristics who will help you further your career. This could be a boss, CEO or someone with the experience and charisma to help you achieve your goals.

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What About the Magician Reversed?

Watch out for the Magician if he turns up reversed in a reading.

Upright, the Magician is about willpower, dedication and manifesting your dreams. He is a great showman, someone who can command an entire crowd and ensure all eyes are on him. He has great charisma and can exchant and inspire others.

But reversed, he becomes dishonest, deceitful and unreliable. This is the used car salesman who sells you a car, professing it to be brand new, and it breaks within a week. When you attempt to return it, you find the Magician has vanished as if in a puff of smoke.

The reversed Magician is wily. He knows exactly what to say to ensure you are wrapped around his finger. But before you know it, you’ve been conned and you are left wondering bewilderedly what has happened.

In a relationship reading, the Magician reversed is a warning. Someone may not be who they say they are. If paired with cards such as the 7 of Swords or the Moon, caution is advised.


How the Magician Impacts Your Life

This is a card that is full of energy, charisma and passion. When you harness the energy of the Magician, you are brimming with confidence. The Magician does not struggle with low self-confidence or low self-esteem.

Anyone who is struggling in these areas can benefit enormously from the Magician card. We all have insecurities and though we may keep them hidden much of the time, they are there within in. 

It is by confronting our insecurities that we can finally conquer them. The Magician card is a reminder to us that we have everything to be confident about. Our unique qualities, our positive characteristics, our noble aspirations make us who we are – and they are something to be proud of! 

When you pull the Magician in a reading, you are being reminded by the universe that you have everything you need to achieve your goals – including the self-belief to get there!

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