What is the Tarot and How Can You Start Using It?

What is the Tarot and How Can You Start Using It? Girl and Her Moon

Just like astrology, numerology, and so many more incredible tools, Tarot is another system created to grasp the energy and translate that energy into tangible guidance. Whether you understand this energy as your soul, whether it is your spirit guides, angel numbers, Source, God, the Universe, or something else, Tarot is a tool to filter energy into a language that we can clearly and tangibly understand. It can also be a powerful mirror, again mirroring your energetic state, frame of mind, emotional health, and more.

With that mirror bringing awareness to what we may have not previously seen, we get to meet ourselves just as we are. This meeting in itself has the potential to open into a space of healing, movement, change, and new beginnings.

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What is the Tarot and How Can You Start Using It?

If you’re reading for the first time, don’t worry too much about the meanings and instead sit with each card and let yourself interpret what you see. As you pull a card, take a moment of presence with it and look at the imagery and all it shows you. What story does it tell? If there are people in the cards, how many people? What are they doing? What do their personalities feel like? What symbols do you see that you recognize and understand? What are the colors saying to you? If this card was a small part of a greater story, what would it be telling you? And what does that mean in your life? Can you make a connection here to something?

When beginning tarot, it’s much easier, to begin with, a pressure-free approach, to receive guidance and insights intuitively when we aren’t clinging to potential meanings and guidance of important or life-changing questions. Use it for fun, see what happens, see how the cards speak to you, there’s no right or wrong way to go about this practice with yourself.


What’s a Good Tarot Deck to Use?

A great deck to start with is the Rider Waite Tarot Deck or another that is just as rich in picture, color, and symbolism with lots to interpret and receive. Once you have your deck of cards, you can begin to practice learning more about the tarot and using your energy to experience these cards, as well as this form of spirituality. Practice always makes perfect!


What is the Tarot and How Can You Start Using It Girl and Her Moon


The Study of Tarot Cards

Once you feel a connection with a deck and feel ready to go deeper, you can then dive into the study of the cards. There is an abundance of free resources online to learn from! One of the most important things when reading the Tarot is to not underestimate your intuitive abilities. Trust yourself. Did you get a feeling of a card communicating in a certain way? Perhaps you felt a sensation, wandered into a memory, saw an image, or heard some specific words.

Again, beginning in a pressure-free environment will allow for those intuitive hits to flow through with greater ease. It’s also important to approach your reading with full knowledge that there is no set-in-stone and irreversible message.  The tarot is a mirror of your current energy. And your current energy and the path you are creating and walking on can be shifted at any time.

The tarot mirrors the direction that which energy is flowing at this moment. If you don’t like the sound of a specific card or what it is suggesting, have a look at how you could be creating that energy flow in your life and if you desire, how you can change it. What thoughts are you often thinking? What do you believe is possible for you in your life? What are you holding onto out of fear of change? How are you showing up each day? You can always change your energy and the path that you are creating.



Professional Tarot Reading

Getting a professional Tarot Reading is a beautiful way to dip your toes into this exciting new world, to see if it is something that speaks to your heard and feels aligned. Our readers are highly skilled, experienced and intuitive healers.

Our readings go beyond holding up cards and recycling their meanings to you. They are a read and mirror of your current energetic state, and an opening to movement, change, and new beginnings. They are a safe, potent, and magic container to be held in to witness self.

From the Souls Purpose, Relationships and Career Readings, to Spirit Guides, Past Lives, Spiritual Gifts Reading and more. Our readers are all trained in intuitive and energetic healing, bringing greater depth into each exploration of the cards.

Explore all of our readings here, or read over some of our reviews here.


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