What Tarot Card Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

What Tarot Card Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign Girl and Her Moon

Have you ever wondered what Tarot card you are based on your zodiac sign?

Tarot and astrology are intertwined. Each astrological sign corresponds with a Tarot card and understanding more about the meaning behind the card can help you understand yourself at an even deeper level.

You may be a Leo Sun Sign or an Aquarius Sun Sign or a Libra Sun Sign – you may know that as a Leo you have an innate confidence and sometimes it’s just a question of accessing it. Or as a Libra you possess charm and diplomacy, thanks to your ruling planet, Venus, which is all about the charm!

But the Tarot has some interesting information for you too. Depending on the card that corresponds with your sign, it can go into even greater detail and help you understand personality traits you have.

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One thing I have found with astrology is that it can really help you understand yourself and others better. The more you delve, the more you learn! If you want to dive in even more, explore a personalised astrology reading!


Sun Sign and Dominant Sign – Understanding the Difference

Outside astrology circles, there is a common belief that the Sun Sign represents the entirety of who you are – but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Your Sun Sign is indeed an important part of who you are. It is your life essence, your energy.

However, a birth chart is made up of many different signs. The Rising Sign, the Moon Sign, the Venus Sign, the Mars Sign and many more make up vital parts of who we are.

Then there is the dominant sign which is the sign most powerful and prominent in your birth chart. This is not necessarily your Sun Sign. You can check out your dominant sign here. 

So when reading about which Tarot card represents you, be sure to check out the card that represents your dominant sign too, if it doesn’t match your Sun Sign.

You will display energies of your dominant sign, as well as energies from the planet that rules over the sign that is dominant over you.

For example, if your dominant sign is Scorpio, you will have very Plutonian energy from the planet, Pluto – a mysterious aura, strong sexual energy, intense gaze, desire to dig deep beneath the surface and capacity for transformation. You can explore this further with a personalised astrology reading.

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What Tarot Card Are You?

So what Tarot card are you based on your zodiac sign? Read on to find out!


Aries Tarot Card: The Emperor

It is no surprise that the bold and assertive first sign of the zodiac, cardinal fire sign Aries, is represented by The Emperor.

The Emperor is the fourth card of the Major Arcana and represents strong willpower, discipline, and a desire to take care of those around them and their surroundings.

Both this card and sign use their energy, life force and willpower to put things right around them. There is a desire to control their environment and ensure everything is running smoothly. While The Emperor can be strict, his actions come from a place of love and a need to protect others. Like Aries, The Emperor is very protective of those he cares about and will go through great sacrifices to ensure those he cares for are loved and provided for.

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Taurus Tarot Card: The Hierophant

The fixed earth sign, Taurus, is represented by the fifth card of the Major Arcana, The Hierophant.

The Hierophant is concerned with the physical world – learning through the physical environment so that you can reach an understanding on a physical level and this is the essence of Taurus energy.

Taurus is a physical sign and indulges in earthly and physical aspects. This revolves around much of their life lessons. Like The Hierophant, Taurus is learning how to navigate through the physical world so that they can understand their spiritual selves at a deeper level. The Hierophant encourages higher learning and encourages Taurus to remember that through hard work and persistence, anything is possible.

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Gemini Tarot Card: The Lovers

With mutable air sign, Gemini, The Lovers card corresponds to the energy of this sign.

The Lovers is the sixth card of the Major Arcana and represents soulmates, duality and decisions. The two faces of Gemini highlight the duality of human nature – the light and dark, the Yin and Yang, the Sun and Moon. It represents how two halves, however opposite, can make the perfect whole.

Finding this balance between alternating nature is an ongoing life lesson for Gemini and it is represented powerfully by The Lovers card. Gemini shows us how we are able to bring opposing forces together in order to achieve harmony. This is the highest and most spiritual meaning of both Gemini and The Lovers card.

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Cancer Tarot Card: The Chariot

Cardinal water sign, Cancer, is represented by the go-getting Chariot in the Major Arcana.

Cancer is often known as a deeply emotional and even shy sign, one that has a tendency to stay in its shell; however, it is misleading to think that this sign is one to shy away or is timid in any way.

Cancer is a cardinal sign, along with Aries and Libra. Cancer, while very emotional and valuing the security it finds in family, home and the environment, is also very protective and its cardinal energy brings out leadership and go-getting qualities. Cancer is associated with the armed forces and activists who are protective of their land and heritage.

The Chariot is a war-like card, one that embodies success and the desire to win. Cancer, in its cardinal energy and its fierce protectiveness, embodies the same strength and drive as The Chariot.

Through The Chariot, people with strong Cancerian energy are able to understand their deep emotional nature and desire to protect others at a deeper level. The Chariot has a lot of duality attached to it and Cancer must also learn to work with conflicting emotions in order to find the success it strives for.

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Leo Tarot Card: Strength

Not surprisingly, fixed fire sign, Leo, is represented by the Strength card in the Major Arcana.

In the Tarot, Strength is far more than just being able to carry heavy things or pump your muscles. It is the representation of inner strength. In classic Tarot images of Strength, a woman stands next to a lion, calm as anything. She knows that if she puts her hand into the lion’s jaws it will not harm her; this is the true meaning of Strength, to have such faith in oneself that you know no matter what dangerous or difficult situation you find yourself in, this inner strength will always be with you.

Leo is a sign know for its noble mind and great heart. This sign exudes an inner confidence that is very strong within them. However, this sign must learn to harness this strength to its greatest ability and not fall into the trap of the ego, which would use it for its own selfish means. The Strength card reminds us that true strength comes from within and true strength is gentle, kind and loving.

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Virgo Tarot Card: The Hermit

With mutable earth sign, Virgo, The Hermit of the Major Arcana represents the complexities and powerful inner world of this sign.

While Virgo is a highly practical sign and very focused on the physical world, this is a deeply spiritual sign. It is through hard work, dedication and commitment that Virgo achieves a state of spiritual enlightenment.

Virgo’s opposite sign is Pisces and that is why people with Pisces North Node will often find themselves experiencing unexpected occurrences out of the blue with no rational explanation throughout their lives as they are learning to understand the spiritual as well as the physical.

The Hermit is a card that represents the person who spends time in solitude, contemplating the deeper meaning of life. The individual is constantly seeking a higher state of enlightenment and this too lies at the heart of Virgo. This sign is on a quest to find the true meaning of life just like The Hermit.

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Libra Tarot Card: Justice

For cardinal air sign, Libra, the Tarot card that represents them is Justice.

Libra is represented by the Scales of Justice itself. For Libra, attaining balance is an ongoing theme of their life. This sign is concerned with inner and outer beauty and achieving harmony in this world. This is why so many Librans become activists and politicians. They are vocal against injustice and will always fight for what is right.

Justice in the Tarot deals with all aspects of right vs wrong, karma and a deeper understanding of cause and effect. What we give out we shall inevitably receive in return. The experiences we make others endure, we too shall endure. Libra is a sign that is naturally skilled in the art of diplomacy and peace-making, two qualities that are essential to bring greater justice and balance into this world.

For this sign, the Justice Tarot card highlights their need for balance and equality. In Libra and Justice, we see a desire for a world that is fair, just and truly equal.

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Scorpio Tarot Card: Death

For fixed water sign, Scorpio, it is the Death card of the Major Arcana that corresponds most closely with this intense and mysterious sign.

Ruled by Pluto, Scorpio encompasses transformation and change. Their lives consist of many “little deaths” where they are transformed through life-changing incidents on a small and large scale.

The Death card can be a frightening card to pull in the Tarot, but very rarely does it mean actual physical death. It means sweeping change, where one door closes to make way for another. It marks a new beginning in our lives and shows us that in order to be born again, we must let our old selves die.

This is the life cycle of Scorpio and it is why Scorpio is represented by the phoenix as well as the scorpion. After the phoenix bursts into flames, it rises from the ashes as a brighter and more brilliant version of itself. As painful as the transformation can be, as devastating as it may be at the time, new life is born from it. This is the gift of both Scorpio and the Death card – the cycle of life and death itself.

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Sagittarius Tarot Card: Temperance

For mutable fire sign, Sagittarius, the Temperance card of the Major Arcana corresponds most closely with its energies.

Sagittarius is a sign of adventure! It is through this fire sign’s adventurous streak and passion for trying anything new that it finds enlightenment. The same goes for Temperance which will experiment new things and try new ways of doing things until it reaches a solution – a perfect blend.

Sagittarius and Temperance possess the same passion for possibility. Both are open-minded enough to understand that sometimes you have to try over and over again, often in a slow process, before you can find that perfect middle state. This is why the Temperance card is often represented by an angel pouring golden liquid into a cup – this is known as ‘tempering’ and is a process of integration.

Sagittarius understands at its deepest level that true unity must be accompanied by tempering. It doesn’t always work the first time, or the second time, or the third, or so forth. But the aim is to keep tempering until it does!

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Capricorn Tarot Card: The Devil

For cardinal earth sign, Capricorn, it is represented by The Devil card of the Major Arcana.

The Devil often poses a frightening image and its imagery is often of a couple bound by chains as a grinning horned being watches them. Here, we can see the loving couple from The Lovers in a completely different scenario, their world turned upside down as they find themselves chained to The Devil’s dark cave. Their freedom is gone, their will is no longer their own.

And yet, if we look closely at the imagery, we can see that the chains do not actually bind them and if they were to choose, they could leave and walk away from The Devil’s lair.

This card represents Capricorn’s love of physical things – money, possessions, financial goals and anything connected to the pleasures of flesh are part of Capricorn’s nature. At its worst, it manifests as greed, control, over-indulgence, materialism and obsession.

It is the highest goal of Capricorn to transmute its love of physical things into the highest good, to use its wealth, possessions and goals for the spiritual, not the material. This involves sacrificing personal desire for the good of all. This is a challenging aim for Capricorn but when it is achieved, this sign becomes a great force for good in this world and is able to bridge the material and spiritual worlds in a way that no other sign can.

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Aquarius Tarot Card: The Star

Fixed air sign, Aquarius, is represented by The Star in the Major Arcana.

Aquarius is a visionary and marches to the beat of its own drum. This sign is concerned with humanity and is known as the humanitarian of the zodiac. It is Aquarius that sees a vision for the future that will work for the betterment of all of mankind and this is why this sign is seen as different, quirky and unusual – they way this sign thinks is not the same as everyone else and often they will see things that others cannot!

The Star card is similar to Aquarius’ hope for a better world. The Star is all about hope, faith and guidance, especially in the darkness. It is a reminder that things will always get better after the storm as it follows the powerful crisis card, The Tower.

Both Aquarius and The Star represent hope for humanity and believe in shining a light in all corners of the world. This is a sign of hope and a card of hope with a simple message; never give up and keep the faith!

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Pisces Tarot Card: The Moon

The mutable water sign, Pisces, is represented by The Moon in the Major Arcana.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and encompasses all of the signs in one. It represents the last stage of the soul’s journey and highlights universal and unconditional love which the soul ultimately strives for.

This is a psychic and deeply intuitive sign that operates on emotion and intuition. Pisces has a reputation for escapism because sometimes the harsh realities of this world become too much to bear and Pisces wants to delve into its own world to escape them.

The Moon is a card of deep intuition and everything that exists within the realm of the subconscious. It is idealistic and mystical, two qualities Pisces is famous for, and encourages us to rely on our instincts.

Through both The Moon and Pisces, we forge a deeper connection with our intuitive side which helps us unlock parts of ourselves that are holding us back from our true authentic side. At its most negative, both The Moon and Pisces represent escapism, an unwillingness to face life itself, and even madness; but at its best, this sign provides a shining light in this world, encompassing the highest form of the soul: unconditional love.

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