How To Do A Daily Tarot Reading For Your Soul

How To Do A Daily Tarot Reading For Your Soul Girl and Her Moon

Sometimes all we need is a soul check-in every once in a while!

We live in a fast-paced world and even more fast-paced times. So many of us have been plunged into chaos in recent times that many of us don’t know what to do with ourselves. More and more, we are seeking answers, and part of this journey is reconnecting with ourselves at a deeper level.

The material world can be a demanding one. At times it may seem that our waking lives are filled with how to pay the bills, dealing with our health, taking care of those around us and so many more aspects of life that require all our strength and energy. It can be difficult to get time to ourselves but at the same time, self-nurture is essential if we want to be at our best.

This is how a daily Tarot reading for your soul can help you!

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What is a Daily Tarot Reading for Your Soul?

In short, a daily Tarot reading for your soul is regular messages from your soul which can help guide and advise you during waking life.

Tarot is one of the best ways to connect you to your Higher Self. Achieving that balance between the material world and the spiritual world is a tricky one for so many people. As previously mentioned, it can be easy to get swept away in the hustle and bustle of life, so much that we struggle to connect with our spiritual side.

This can manifest negatively on a number of levels, affecting our physical, mental and emotional health. Stress and anxiety can be two symptoms of being overly-immersed in the material world and when we find our stress levels shooting through the roof, it’s time to take a step back and recharge.

Including daily spiritual practice in your routine can be an excellent way of maintaining this balance. Both yoga and meditation are two wonderful practices that help with this; and then, of course, there is the daily Tarot reading for your soul.

This not only helps you maintain a balance between the physical and spiritual world, but it also helps with the following:

  •     Enhances your intuition
  •     Familiarizes you with Tarot card meanings
  •     Keeps you in regular contact with your soul
  •     Promotes a greater sense of peace and well-being
  •     Helps to combat stress during waking life
  •     Reminds you that you are never alone

Incorporating a daily Tarot reading for your soul is a wonderful way to build self-esteem, happiness and harmony in your life.

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How to do a Daily Tarot Reading for Your Soul

This is a 3 card reading that you can practice every day at a time that is best for you. This Tarot reading will bring greater insight into your spiritual world and enable you to hear messages from your soul with greater ease. With soul readings, the Tarot messages are at a deeper, spiritual level and can help you tap into the innermost core of yourself. Practiced regularly, you will begin to notice a gradual change over time!

First, shuffle your cards. Think of the following question in mind:

What messages does my soul have for me today?

When ready, lay out three cards from your deck. The cards will come out in the following positions:

  • Card 1: The message from my soul
  • Card 2: What to watch out for
  • Card 3: What my soul advises me to do

The cards you pull will represent each position. So let’s do an example spread below so you can see how this would pan out.

Example reading:

  • Card 1: 4 of Cups
  • Card 2: 7 of Cups
  • Card 3: 3 of Pentacles

Card 1 is the message from your soul. With the 4 of Cups appearing, it is basically saying to you, “You’re going to be feeling fed up today!”

The 4 of Cups is a card of boredom, dissatisfaction and lack of motivation. After the joys and parties of the 3 of Cups, the 4 of Cups represents a comedown which usually results in a sense of lacklustre and even lifelessness. As a cup, it represents feelings of being unaware of your surroundings.

This card is not necessarily negative all the time – no card ever is! It can provide solid moments of reflection and represent contemplation. However, taking the two following cards into account, we can say that in this reading it represents a sense of feeling disengaged and could perhaps even signify depression.

Card 2 is your soul telling you what to watch out for the 7 of Cups is a card of fantasies and imagination, but it is also a card of escapism. As this is the ‘warning’ card from your soul, this means the card hints that you may be prone to escapist tendencies today. With feelings of demotivation and deflation, there may be a desire to experience powerful emotions – something that makes you feel ‘alive’. The 7 of Cups can represent unhealthy escapist tendencies or addictions that can be difficult to break out of once in them. Therefore, your soul is saying, “Be careful of slipping into escapist tendencies in order to feel.”

Card 3 is the advice card. This is what your soul advises you to do. The 3 of Pentacles is a card of building and working towards your goals and aspirations. It is a card of creativity. Because it is a pentacle, it is a grounded card, one that produces real and tangible results in the physical world.

Your soul is saying to you, “Focus on your goals and make them happen.” The advice here is that in order to tackle the sense of dullness that comes with the 4 of Cups and to avoid 7 of Cups escapist tendencies, it is important to focus on your goals, especially your creative ones.

Being a pentacle, these goals relate to something in the physical world. It could be an art project, or relate to exercising or diet; it could be sprucing up your home and environment to make it more pleasant. The advice here could be to crack on with writing a novel, or continue with a painting or drawing; it could mean check out a new gym to get you pumped up with exercising or think about hiring a personal trainer; it could mean trying out new foods and drinks that can improve your health; it could mean exploring options to make your home more to your taste, such as picking out new curtains or checking out a new cutlery set.

Your soul is telling you that yes, you may sink into low feelings; but you also have the power to tackle them and the best way to do this is to fix your focus on something in the physical world that can bring you results. The 3 of Pentacles is an excellent card for manifesting your goals in the material world and it brings a sense of joy and accomplishment upon completion.


Closing Thoughts …

So try out this daily Tarot reading for your soul each day. The more you stick to implementing this in your routine, the more you will experience a sense of inner well-being.

Keeping a Tarot reading diary is also a wonderful idea as this helps you keep track of your readings and read over them when it is helpful for you.

This way, your soul can have regular contact with you and help you as you go about your day. If you do it in the morning, it can prepare you for the day ahead. However, if you prefer to do it in the evening/at night, simply reword the reading so that it applies to the following day.

Good luck on your journey with your daily soul Tarot readings – let us know in the comments section below how you are getting along with them.

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