The Ultimate 3 Tarot Spreads for Beginners

The Ultimate 3 Tarot Spreads for Beginners Girl and Her Moon

If the universe has led you to this article then it has brought you here for a reason. Most likely, you are starting to experience the wonders and benefits of Tarot or perhaps you are a seasoned reader who is looking for some new inspiration.

Tarot can seem a little daunting at first. So many cards, so many meanings, so many complexities! But the truth is, all Tarot requires to become a skilled reader is the willingness to learn, a good dose of intuition, and basic knowledge of the card meanings.

It tends to all come naturally from there. The amazing thing about Tarot is that you never stop learning. A card can have so many different meanings and its meaning will vary based on the reading itself.

One thing I want to point out is that there is no right or wrong when it comes to Tarot. There are no strict rules. Tarot is very much intuitive-based and this is unique to every reader. It can be a source of both stress and confusion when a card meaning doesn’t match what your intuition is telling you, so it is important not to overthink when reading. Go with the flow!

Imagery can also play a big role. If the traditional definition tells you one thing but your intuition based on imagery tells you another, then go with your intuition.

In short – trust yourself!

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It’s Good to Start Off Small

If you are new to the cards, starting off with small, simple readings is usually the best way to go. (Of course, if your intuition is telling you to leap headfirst into a Celtic Cross, go for it! This is quite rare, but it does happen).

The more practice you allow yourself with Tarot, the more proficient you will grow at reading the cards. So don’t let insecurities stand in your way if you don’t feel able to do a large spread at first – this is very normal for many readers.

Even the best readers will tell you that when it comes to Tarot, you never stop learning!

Below are three spreads to try if you are a beginner. Even seasoned readers can benefit from these spreads. So jump in and see which one appeals to you (or perhaps all three will – again, go with your intuition!)


Spread 1: The 1-Card Daily Advice Spread

This is one of the best and simplest spreads for any beginner to start off with and it is still practiced by experienced readers simply because it is so helpful!

The 1-card daily advice spread is simple: think of the following question in your mind as you shuffle your cards:

What advice do you have for me today?

When you have finished shuffling, pull one card and lay it out in front of you.

Spend some time meditating on this card. It varies for everyone. Some may feel that they grasp the message of the card within seconds; for others, it could take half an hour.

This 1-card daily advice spread is a wonderful way to build your Tarot skills and familiarise yourself with the card meanings.

It is also a wonderful idea to start your own Tarot journal and fill it in daily based on this reading as you can look back and reflect on how the card you pulled relates to the events that subsequently followed throughout your day.

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Spread 2: How Do They Feel About Me Spread

This is a popular and easy spread for beginners. Tarot is very popular when asking questions about love and relationships and this feelings spread helps to give you more insight if you are wondering how someone feels about you.

It also helps you understand the cards more on a ‘feelings-based’ level which means some of the more traditional meanings of the cards will be adapted to represent a ‘feeling’.

Let’s take an example spread to show you what I mean!

Shuffle the cards and think of the question:

How does (insert name) feel about me?

Pull three cards and lay them out in front of you when you feel it is time to stop shuffling.

Example spread:

The Empress

2 of Cups

9 of Swords

Here I’m going to interpret these three cards as feelings.

The Empress is a card in the Major Arcana and typically represents someone who is nurturing, strong, wise and compassionate. The empress is often seen as all four queens of the Minor Arcana rolled into one!

However, as a feelings card, the Empress takes a slightly different meaning. It represents how someone feels about you, so we can say that the person you are asking about feels warm, nurturing and protective over you. Most likely, there are deep and loving feelings here.

The 2 of Cups card indicates strong attraction and perhaps the beginning of a romance as it is one of the first cards in the cups suit. It is often viewed as a lighter version of The Lovers card in the Major Arcana. The 2 of Cups indicates a romantic attraction so we can say that the person you are asking about is attracted to you and has developed romantic feelings for you.

The 9 of Swords is a Minor Arcana card of the swords suit. The swords suit is cerebral – so it is related to the brain. Thoughts rather than feelings. It represents anxiety, stress and worry. When interpreting it as a feelings card, we can say that the person you are asking about feels some degree of stress or concern when they think about you. It could be that the situation you are both in makes it difficult for them to pursue a relationship with you or there may be problems in their life that are hindering them from acting on their feelings.

All in all, with these three cards combined, this person has strong and romantic feelings for you, but there is anxiety attached to them which could prove to be an obstacle if you are seeking a relationship with this person.


Spread 3: Message from the Universe Spread

This is a wonderful spread that you can do on a daily basis, a weekly basis – or whenever you feel like it really!

The message from the universe spread is a more soulful and spiritual spread that takes us outside the realm of the physical world and into the spiritual world. It focuses on the messages the universe wishes to give us and helps us understand what level we are at on our soul path.

This is also a 1-card spread. Shuffle your cards with the following question in mind:

What message does the universe have for me at this time?

When it feels right for you, lay one card out in front. You can spend as much time as you like meditating on the card and interpreting the message the universe has for you. This can be a good way to explore the spiritual aspects of each card and delve into card meanings at a deeper level.

Remember, no matter what card you pull, you can never go too deep with Tarot! There is always a great deal to explore with different card meanings.


Closing Thoughts …

These three card spreads can be very helpful as you embark on your Tarot journey. Remember, Tarot – like crystals – is there as a guide and a helping hand. So much wisdom and advice can be gained from the Tarot, as long as we are open to receiving the messages the universe sends out to us.

Particularly during these challenging times, Tarot can provide us with that helping hand and serve as a powerful conduit from the universe to remind us that we are not alone. We may feel alone sometimes, and it can be a terribly lonely feeling to feel this way. But Tarot is there to remind us that no one is ever alone.

The more you embrace your intuitive gifts, the more you will align with your soul, and it is through this alignment that you come to realise you are here on this earth for a reason. That reason is for a very special purpose. Embrace who you are, trust in your own unique capabilities, and let the Tarot be a guiding light as you navigate your way through the maze of life.

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