5 Essential Oils for Deeper Spiritual Awakening

5 Essential Oils for Deeper Spiritual Awakening Girl and Her Moon

Are you going through a spiritual awakening? If so, you will undoubtedly come to realise that you are going through one, even if it isn’t quite clear at first.

A spiritual awakening is the process your soul goes through when it is evolving. It is a call to higher consciousness and deeper spiritual awareness. You can have several spiritual awakenings throughout your life or just one. For some, there may be no spiritual awakening.

A spiritual awakening can manifest in many different ways. It could be that nothing changes on the outside – you stay in the same job, same relationship, same home. But your inner perspective shifts. Something inside you changes.

Or a spiritual awakening could involve huge and dramatic changes. You might lose your job or end a relationship. You may find yourself in a state of despair (known as the Dark Night of the Soul). But it is through this darkness that you come to find enlightenment. 

These are common experiences when having a spiritual awakening. You may see everything from an entirely new perspective. It’s almost as though you have shed your skin. Your soul is reaching another stage in its development. Sometimes the experiences and emotions you have while going through a spiritual development can be very challenging to deal with. 

However, no metamorphosis is easy. Think of the caterpillar when it is transforming into a butterfly! But the end result is one of beauty and freedom, freedom from who you were before.

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What are the Best Essential Oils for Spiritual Awakening?

Essential oils can be extremely helpful when going through a spiritual awakening. They are pretty amazing in general, helping to ease stress, promote psychic ability and calm the senses, and with a spiritual awakening they can be especially potent as their scent has the ability to tap into your psyche and connect to the deepest part of you.

So what are five essential oils for deeper spiritual awakening?


Clary Sage

Clary sage is an incredibly powerful essential oil in regard to spirituality. It has an intense aroma and is particularly potent during moon phases, especially the Full and New Moons. Clary sage lifts your spirit and enables you to emotionally detach yourself from difficult situations so that you can see everything with clearer vision, unclouded by negative energy. This essential oil is also associated with the Third Eye Chakra and promotes clairvoyancy.



An essential oil known for its helpful sleep benefits, lavender is also a wonderful oil to aid in spiritual awakening. It is fantastic in helping relax the mind and bring greater balance to the chakras. During times when a spiritual awakening is causing intense emotions, particularly negative ones, lavender oil can help bring balance to you again. A few drops on your pillow or sleeping with a pouch of lavender under your pillow is also very helpful.



An ancient essential oil that has been used for thousands of years, it is readily available and a fantastic aid to spiritual awakening. It is said to bring you closer to your Higher Self and deities, calming the mind and relieving anxiety. A few drops of sandalwood in the oil burner can promote greater clarity and a deeper understanding of spiritual awakening you are going through.





A tree known for its spiritual connection to otherworldly beings, pinewood essential oil takes you into the realm of your subconscious and helps you to understand everything at a deeper level. This essential oil is especially powerful during meditation. Pine itself has been used in magical and healing practices for hundreds of years. It helps to ease anxiety and a few drops brings a balancing of the senses that can lead to deeper spiritual understanding.



Frankincense essential oil is a potent oil that helps to tackle negative thoughts and negative energy. Going through a spiritual awakening can be difficult and confusing. At times, you may wonder if you are losing your mind or question yourself. You may feel scared and frightened. Frankincense helps to dispel this anxiety and promotes a sense of peace. Spirituality, it works as an energy medicine and helps to heal parts of your energy that have been wounded in some way. Spiritual awakenings are the evolution of the soul and this involves facing aspects of ourselves we may find challenging or have buried. 

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Essential Oils Are a Wonderful Aid to Spiritual Awakening

Essential oils can be mixed with a carrier oil and burned in an oil burner; they can be mixed with a carrier oil and a few drops placed in the bathtub as you soak in the water; you can also squeeze a few drops onto a hanky and take a whiff. 

However you choose to use your essential oils just remember that their power goes far deeper than just a pleasant smell. If you are going through a spiritual awakening now or suspect you are, never forget the power of essential oils. Opening your mind, body and soul to the awesome experience of soulful awakening is the best way to go through the awakening itself and essential oils can help you do this. 

Choose the essential oil that resonates with you. Perhaps it will be one of the oils listed here or perhaps it won’t be. Listen to what your soul tells you. If it guides you to an oil, then that is the oil for you. Remember, your intuition knows what is best for you. Trust it and let the power of spiritual awakening guide you to the best of who you are.

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