What Your Birth Moon Phase Means For You

What Your Birth Moon Phase Means For You Girl and Her Moon

What phase was the Moon in when you were born, and how does this intrinsic connection shape your life, reality, and self?

The Moon brings light to the darkness, peace to the weary, and contemplation to the philosophical. For time immemorial, this gentle glowing orb in the sky has fascinated and compelled humans. Inspiration has been gained from her and her energies have in turn affected human civilisation across centuries.

The Moon is not just a beautiful glowing beam. The Moon connects to our deepest subconscious. She reminds us of the world beneath the veil. She is a reminder that no matter how dark the night may be, light is always there to guide us.

It is through the Moon that we uncover the power of our own creativity and intuition. It is through the Moon that we unravel the mysteries of our own subconscious mind.

In astrology, your Moon sign indicates how you deal with things on an emotional level, whether it be in regard to yourself, your relationships, your career, your interests and all other aspects of life. Your Moon sign is the deepest part of you, often hidden to everyone except those who are closest to you.

In the Tarot, the Moon represents illusions, fears, creativity, magic, mystery and intuition. The illusions and fears show us the dark side of the Moon. It is a representation of how our imaginations can sometimes spiral out of control. It can indicate madness and even insanity. The word ‘lunacy’ comes from ‘luna’ which means ‘Moon’.

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The Phases of the Moon

The Moon waxes and wanes every month. Look up at the sky and you will see the Moon in her crescent state, half-Moon state, Full Moon state, quarter state – and sometimes, not at all!

 Spiritually, the Moon is an emblem of power and depending on the state that she is in, she affects us on a spiritual level, sometimes in ways that we are completely unaware of.

 Similarly, the phase we are born under have a strong and influential effect on us as we go through life, often on a subconscious level.

 However, when we become aware of how our birth Moon phase affects us, we can begin to work with the phases of the Moon and understand ourselves at a deeper level.

 If you don’t know what birth Moon phase you were born under, you can find out here.

 Read on to find out what your birth Moon phase means for you!


If you were born under the New Moon …

 You are a soul-searcher who seeks the deeper meaning behind life. Your Moon sign and Sun sign are the same. You represent new beginnings and new life itself so you are always seeking for new ways to progress further, to help yourself, others, and humanity at large. You are an innovative thinker and deeply versatile. You have a pioneering spirit and your creativity can be harnessed to make great change for the betterment of all.

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If you were born under the Waxing Crescent Moon

You are bold and productive. You are unafraid of challenge. You are a go-getter, someone who knows what they want. Obstacles do not faze you. Others admire you for your tenacious spirit and your ability to keep moving forward, no matter how challenging things become. When others falter, you are there to help pick them up again. Others look to you for strength and inspiration. You can have a stubborn nature but it is you the world turns to when there is great need.

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If you were born under the First Quarter Moon …

 You are gifted with the ability to see things from all sides. You can be unpredictable and others are often mystified by you as sometimes it seems you are shifting from one side to the next. Sometimes you even confuse yourself. But yours is a gift of great empathy. The shift in your perspective enables you to find solutions to even the most complicated problems. You have a unique way of thinking and when you are at your best, you can light the beacon of progression for all to benefit from.




If you were born under the Waxing Gibbous Moon …

 Life is a series of ups and downs for you but you have mastered the art of going with the flow. Deeply analytical, you are someone who looks at things from a logical perspective and you take pride in your ability to analyse even the most complex of situations. You are keen on exploring subjects from a wide array of interests and you are someone who is able to weather any storm. Your strength and courage are much admired by those who know you well.


If you were born under the Full Moon …

 A time of intense magic and mystery, you are no different to the phase you were born under. The Sun is opposite the Moon under this phase and your challenges may be especially intense. But once you have mastered yourself, you are capable of achieving extraordinary things. You have phenomenal talents and the ability to sway others with your conviction and determination. Harnessing your gifts for the good of all will lead you to the path you seek.


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If you were born under the Waning Gibbous Moon …

 There is a powerful sense of gratitude that exists within you. You are wise beyond your years. This is the phase that appears right after the climax of the Full Moon, a phase where knowledge and wisdom is at its peak. Yours is a wise soul and you are someone who sees the bigger picture even when everyone else focuses on the smaller details. Keeping your mind open to new possibilities is encouraged with this Moon phase and your ability to dig deeply can lead to extraordinary horizons.


If you were born under the Last Quarter Moon …

 This is the phase of letting go and moving on. You may find a series of events in your life occurring where you have to let go of what no longer serves you. Through your experiences, you emerge as strong as a deep-rooted tree, unbroken and ready to move into the future. Yours is an enlightened Moon phase that brings deep wisdom and compassion. You may outgrow people, sometimes without warning, but when committed to a person or cause, you are deeply loyal and devoted.


If you were born under the Waning Crescent Moon …

 This brings you a great sense of compassion and empathy. This is the final phase in the Moon’s cycle and much has been learned. You understand the shifts of life happen much the same as the shifts of the Moon. Nothing stays the same but much is to be learned. You are a teacher and an enthusiast of absorbing new information. You understand that from the darkness comes light. You understand emotional undercurrents better than most. Grounding yourself is important because you may be prone to escapist behaviour.


Let the Light of the Moon Guide You

When we explore how the Moon affects us on an individual level, we feel closer to her energies and understand the ebb and flow of life better. The Moon is ever-changing, just as we are. Even when it seems routine is all we know, change still comes.

The Moon represents a cycle of life that we too experience. Our Moon phases enable us to understand at a deeper level how we react to this cycle and how we can harness our unique abilities to become the best of ourselves.

 When in doubt, look up at the Moon and let her light guide you. She will always show us the way, so long as our hearts and minds are open enough to listen.

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