The Meaning of a New Moon in Astrology with Journal Prompts

New Moon Journal Prompts Girl and Her Moon

⊹ The precious gift of a New Moon: Let’s begin again  

Under a new Moon, the sky is dark as the Moon sits between the Earth and the sun and is cast into shadow. From our perspective, she is no longer visible during this phase of the cycle.

The night sky is empty, void, and silent. There is only darkness.

At one point in her journey, the Moon she was full. Every part of her was illuminated. Every part of her open, vulnerable, exposed, and present.

Then, she begins to wane.

Layers naturally begin to fall away. She knows these layers aren’t aligned with her next chapter and so there is no judgement. What is being shed is not wrong, it is not bad, it is simply yet powerfully not a part of her next chapter.

And so, she continues to strip back, and back, and back, until there is nothing, until she is nothing. The sky is dark. It is quiet. And in a moment, the cycle will start again. It’s a new Moon.

It is here that we are invited to begin again.

If you’ve explored Astrology or the cycles of the Moon, you’re probably aware that the New Moon is the most powerful and aligned time to set your intentions. If you’ve wondered why, you’re not alone. It’s curious that when the Moon is in its fullest power and visible for all to see, that it isn’t here that we look up and make a wish.

The beauty of Astrology amongst many other systems and tools is that when we witness it, we do so to witness ourselves. We witness cosmic movement so that we may witness ourselves and our inner movement. We see the Moon, the stars, and the planets as mirrors to our inner world.

From this perspective, we can begin to see just how intertwined we are with all of Life.

We see that the Moon strips herself bare in order to begin again. Just as we must empty our hands before we can hold anything more. Just as we must quieten our mind for a new idea to emerge. Just as we must shed what is not ours to receive what is.

Just as the Earth must move through Fall and Winter for Spring and Summer to bloom once again. Just as the soil must be emptied and cultivated before we plant our seeds.


Getting Quiet:

After the Full Moon has illuminated all of ourselves and all that is in our lives encouraging us to shed all that simply isn’t ours any longer, the New Moon is where we have met what is underneath all of that. As if we have taken off all the layers, all the masks, all the hats, all the expectations, conditioning, and pressures… And we are left with ourselves. We are left with the truth of who we are and nothing else.

This is a beautiful opportunity to mimic the quietness and stillness of the night sky and the mystery that comes in the darkness. It is an opportunity to hear our own truths without all the extra voices. How do you connect inward and hear the voice of your intuition? Practices like yoga, journaling, breath work, or even just sitting with yourself and curiously witnessing where you’re guided can be incredibly powerful under a New Moon, or even when you’re feeling the pull of the New Moon essence, regardless of what phase the Moon is in.


Our cyclic nature:

Nothing in nature remains the same. Not the Moon as she waxes and wanes, or the Earth through the seasons. Not the waves as they continuously move in and out. And not us as we beautifully age, mature, and move through what can feel like multiple lifetimes during the one.

We are cyclic beings, and it is our true nature to shift, evolve, transform, shed, release, bloom, and become… Over and over and over. Often, we hold onto ways of being, circumstances, relationships, practices, jobs or more out of fear of becoming the emptiness that the New Moon embodies so effortlessly. But it is here that we are reminded that where there is emptiness there is spaciousness. Where there is spaciousness there is potential. Where there is potential there is beginning. New beginnings that reflect the you that you have shifted into. New beginnings that no longer keep you tied to old ways of being, or keep you into a box that you no longer fit in.

Let this be your reminder that you are under no obligation to remain the same. You can empty what has expired. You can say yes to something new.


Invitation of a New Moon:

The New Moon invites us to dream, vision, and dare to step into what and where are our hearts are guiding us. It invites us to let our desires be the roadmap that guides us forward, and it invites us to strip away any complexity and return to the simple truth that you deserve happiness, beauty, fulfilment and deep, deep, love. What if it could be that simple?


Journal prompts to explore under a New Moon:

– Looking back at a time in my life, was there a moment or chapter where it felt like everything was falling apart? What was this?

– Coming from the perspective of a New Moon, was there any new chapter, idea, or way of being, that was born during or after this falling apart? What began?

– If there were no expectations, if there were no barriers, if it could simply be that good, what would this new chapter initiate for you?

– If there were no expectations, if there were no barriers, if it could simply be that good, what steps would you take?

– If you could make decisions and take steps purely based on excitement, fun, and joy, what would you begin?

– The New Moon brings a quietness that allows our inner voice to be heard. If your intuition were whispering something to you, what would it be saying?


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Jordane x

Jordane Maree

Jordane Maree is Girl and Her Moon’s founder.

A devotee to the mystery and wonder of life, Jordane is a life-long learner and explorer, allowing each moment to be her greatest teacher.

From astrology, psychology, symbolism and energy work, to ancient teachings and poetry, she is here to sink into all that the divine human experience encompasses and connect with magical humans (you) along the way. Connect with Jordane in our Flow with the Moon Membership and Podcast.

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