How to Survive as an Empath in the City

How to Survive as an Empath in the City

If you have found your way to this article, then trust me, it is for a reason – the universe brought you here because it knows you are reaching out. Rest assured, you are not alone.

Chances are, you are exhausted. Maybe physically, maybe mentally, but certainly emotionally. This is what comes from being an empath.

And certainly what comes from being an empath in the city.

If you are an empath then you will know exactly what I am talking about. If you are reading on behalf of an empath friend or family member who is struggling, just know that there are many out there like them who go through the same type of struggles.

Being an empath isn’t easy in today’s world. In many parts of our society, we still operate on a level where the rational mind is considered superior to the intuitive mind. This sense of superiority has created both imbalances and limitations in our world as society is taught to value its rational mind over its intuitive one.

But our intuition is linked to our emotions, and emotions are the great skill of the empath.

This is why so many empaths struggle with their abilities when growing up. They may be told they are “too sensitive” or that they should “toughen up”. Things that wouldn’t bother non-empaths affect empaths greatly. This is because they feel everything at a deeper level.

Remember, empaths absorb the emotions of others. It’s a superpower! They are able to feel the emotional state of others to such a degree that they begin to think these are their own emotions. Some empaths can also feel the emotional state of animals and the land they are in. They can feel the lingering emotions within a building and sense what kind of atmosphere is in there.

Because of this ability, empaths are able to put themselves into the shoes of others naturally and this is what makes them some of the most caring, strongest and loving people around.

Some empaths begin to think their ability is a curse while growing up. It is not easy feeling everything all the time! But this high degree of empathy is a gift – and one that this world desperately needs.

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Why the City is Challenging for an Empath

If you are an empath who lives in the city then you will come up against challenges that your more rural counterparts will not.

The city is a thriving and lively place filled with people. The diversity of the city means that you come across people from all different walks of life, all different backgrounds and with all types of different beliefs. And while this has its positives, for the empath whose natural function is to absorb the emotions of others, this can be extremely challenging.

For example, if you find yourself on the subway or tube with lots of people in it, you’ll probably feel overwhelmed, suffocated and desperate to find some space. While many people may feel this way, the empath feels it to a stronger degree, making it almost unbearable. Even if you play music, it can be challenging to deal with it, because the empath is not just seeing the crowd of people but also feeling them.

This means a mish-mash of emotions are being absorbed by the empath which can send them into overdrive. 

Another challenge an empath faces in the city is noise. Cities are noisy, some parts noisier than others. An empath’s senses are stronger and more powerful than most and therefore, noise can truly become a problem for them. The constant stream of cars outside or the partying from next door can be deeply distressing for them.

One of the biggest elements of an empath is that they are deeply in touch with their soul. The soul is where emotions are stored. As the ultimate vessel of emotion, an empath has a unique connection to their soul. It is in the city where it becomes a great struggle to maintain this connection because there is a lot of negative energy in the city. The lack of space and the negative energy bred there make this a deeply challenging place for the empath to be.


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Protecting Your Light

If you are an empath in the city, then always remember there are ways you can make city-living bearable and actually work it to your advantage.

Remember, as an empath you have a unique gift. You are able to feel the emotions of others and display a certain type of compassion that is much-needed in a world with much darkness and suffering. There is much darkness in city areas.

But don’t allow the darkness of others to quench your light. The city is one place where it can be very easy for an empath’s light to go out. Protect yourself and your light. By doing so, you can then help others and use your empath gifts to the best of your ability.

An empath is someone who needs food for the soul in much the same way that narcissists need food for an ego that is out of control. What feeds an empath’s soul is light – nurturing their own light, lighting dark corners of the world and bringing light to others. But most importantly, an empath’s light must be taken care of and protected. 

Many empaths, not fully understanding their ability, go through life on multiple occasions sharing their light with others. Sometimes, the people they share it with do not appreciate it, but instead abuse it. It is only afterwards when the empath realizes that they themselves have been wounded in some way that they begin to realize that they have to be careful who they share their light with.


How to Survive as an Empath in the City

So how can you survive as an empath in the city? How can you protect your light? Here are some suggestions below:

  1.  Take time among nature whenever possible. Nature is naturally rejuvenating for you. Nature bathing, whether in a park, near a lake or even in a garden centre, can be extremely therapeutic. In the city, you may find it hard to find nature spots, but even being outside near the trees is helpful for you. You can also bring plants and flowers into your home as these help to renegerate your energies too. 
  2. Harness the power of crystals. Crystals work beautifully with the empath. Empaths connect naturally with the earth and crystals are straight from the earth, bestowing their magical abilities to those who need them. Browse a crystal store, read up on crystals, and set an intention asking for the crystals that can help you protect your light and deal with the stresses of the city. Some crystals such as rose quartz, angelite and black obsidion are especially helpful for nurturing your own light and protecting you from the negative energy of others. 
  3. Meditation. This is an extremely important practice for empaths. Meditation brings balance and a positive reinforcement of good energy. One of the benefits of being in the city is that there are many groups and classes you can join which focus on meditation and balancing energy from within, including yoga and pilates. They also help keep your body fit and healthy, so you are getting the best of both worlds. 
  4. Walk where possible. Walking rather than taking public transport helps in a number of ways. Firstly, it means you are free from the often suffocating crowds that clog up public transport. Secondly, it is a good form of exercise and third it saves you money. Walk where you can (and ensure to stay safe!) 
  5. Seek out places which are good for your soul. These can include art galleries, hobby classes, historical landmarks, and other places of interest that your soul is drawn to. The thing is, your soul always knows! It might find itself drawn to a little flower store or maybe a cafe that is almost empty. Avoid places that give you a bad vibe or which are too crowded. Listen to your intuition. It is strong.


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Remember, as an empath you have been granted a great gift.

But with great power comes great responsibility and your responsibility must be to yourself before you can help others. The deep base need of an empath is to shine a light in the lives of others. But to do this, it is essential they protect their light and not allow others to take advantage to them.

There is a healthy type of selfishness which is not wrong, but which is necessary. Maintaining a balance within and looking after yourself is the best way to ensure that as a gifted empath, you are able to survive even in an environment as hectic and challenging as the city can be, and most of all, that the light within you continues to burn bright.

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