Top Crystals For The Full Moon

Top Crystals For The Full Moon Girl and Her Moon

Have you noticed how during a Full Moon everything just becomes more heightened, more intense, more magical?

Spiritually, the Full Moon represents a time of extremely powerful magic. Those who are in tune with the lunar energies understand that the ebb and flow of the moon is no different to the ebb and flow of emotions. And we as humans are truly emotional beings – hence it is no surprise that the Full Moon has such a powerful effect on us.

It’s not just us, either. Animals feel the effects just as powerfully. All emotional beings feel the intense power of the Full Moon because this bright shining orb touches the deepest part of ourselves and brings all kinds of feelings and emotions to the surface. It is not uncommon for unusual circumstances to occur during the Full Moon, nor is it strange for revelations and secrets of all kinds to come bursting into the open.

Once we understand how the lunar energies work, including what zodiac sign they fall in and the astrological correspondence attached to each Full Moon, we come to realise how our beautiful lunar orb is there to help and guide us. We begin to work with the energies of the Full Moon. Manifestation and affirmations, for example, are practices that work brilliantly under the Full Moon because this is when the lunar energies are at their strongest and we are able to connect to the universe with greater ease. Full Moon rituals are especially potent during this time.

Now how about crystals? Well, crystals are deeply connected to the earth and anyone who knows crystals knows about the awesome power attached to them. Different crystals help with so many different things. Some may help with confidence, others with self-love; some can help you focus, while others help increase your psychic capability.

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Then there are crystals that are particularly connected to the Moon!


Crystals & The Full Moon

During the Full Moon, the veil between the physical world and the spiritual world is at its thinnest. It is during this time that we are able to tap into our subconscious with greater ease, receive clearer messages from the universe and our higher self, and engage in powerful manifestation methods, particularly on a soul level. So rather than directing our focus outwards, we turn inwards and explore areas of ourselves that may require attention or change.

If there is one thing that can aid us greatly during this time, it’s crystals!

These magical gems are no stranger to lunar energy. All crystals can be recharged under the lunar rays but some crystals have a stronger connection to the moon than others.

Remember, the moon is primarily Yin and feminine as opposed to the Sun’s Yang and masculine energy. The moon represents the subconscious mind; it represents feelings and emotions; it represents all that is hidden within us and all that is yet to be discovered. It hides within the veil between worlds and often comes out in our dreams and flashes of insight that often seem to come out of nowhere.

So when working with lunar energy, we’ll be looking at crystals that specialise in these areas. Read on to discover more about crystals you can work with during the Full Moon!

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Top Crystals For The Full Moon

Here are some of the best crystals to work with during the Full Moon:



Perhaps the most popular of all is the moonstone crystal (hence the name!)

Moonstone is said to be at its most powerful during the time of the Full Moon. This crystal is famous for its feminine energy and ability to enable the user to go inwards and get in touch with the deepest part of themselves. It is wonderful for enhancing intuition and helping to bring a balance between Yin and Yang energy within the individual.

At its highest level, it is a stone of phenomenal self-discovery and self-awareness and can help unlock hidden talents.



The selenite crystal is particularly powerful for accessing the angelic consciousness.

When used under the Full Moon, it enables you to hear the voice of your higher self with greater clarity. This is a deeply calming stone that promotes peace and mental clarity. If you are feeling particularly stressed during this lunar energy, the selenite crystal can help you stay balanced within and bring you peace of mind, particularly in chaotic environments.


Shamanic Dream Quartz

This is one of those crystals that isn’t quite as well-known as some of the others but it is extremely potent in its own right.

As the name suggests, its energies correlate with shamanic energies including astral travel, dreamwork and connecting to your spirit animal.

When used in conjunction with the Full Moon, it enhances intuitive powers and connects you to the other realms. Therefore, if you are keen on working on your shamanic or psychic abilities, this is the perfect crystal to work with. 

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Another little-known crystal, sphalerite is incredibly powerful for enhancing your intuition. I have found it to be one of the most powerful crystals for clearing mental and emotional fog and paving a clear avenue for intuition to make contact clearly with the conscious mind.

Under the Full Moon, this crystal helps you tap into your higher consciousness and is especially powerful for bringing you solutions to problems or questions you may have. Sphalerite builds confidence in yourself so that you trust your intuition, which helps you hear it with greater ease.



An all-rounder! The amethyst is an extremely spiritual gemstone that helps to relieve stress and tension.

Full Moon energy can be very intense and it is easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of emotions. Wearing amethyst or carrying a piece around in your pocket helps to keep you calm and balanced.

Amethyst is also wonderful for opening the crown chakra and cleansing your energy field of negative influences. So if you find yourself having a particularly stressful Full Moon, amethyst can help maintain a peaceful balance within and protect you from negative energies or sudden outbursts.

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To use any of these crystals, meditate with them during the Full Moon and allow yourself to absorb the lunar energies while nurturing the power of the crystal. Wearing them as a piece of jewellery or carrying them around in your pocket is also a wonderful way of absorbing their energy during the Full Moon.

Remember, Full Moon energy is truly magical and we can make the most of it if we choose! Harnessing the power of crystals enables us to tap into the mystique and beauty of the moon when she is at her strongest and truly experience for ourselves her magical mystery.

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Iberia Tor x

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