You Pulled the High Priestess Tarot Card – What Does It Mean?

You Pulled the High Priestess Tarot Card - What Does It Mean? Girl and Her Moon

If you have pulled the High Priestess in your Tarot reading, then this mysterious and deeply spiritual card has much to tell you.

As the second card in the Major Arcana after the Magician, the High Priestess encompasses the feminine, the spiritual and intuition. While the Magician is very much the outward and extroverted Yang energy, the High Priestess is the Yin energy – introverted, introspective, intuitive and, ultimately, the guardian of the unconscious mind.

Her presence in a reading encourages us to go inwards to find answers. It asks us to tap into that inner knowing, that subtle and yet powerful instinct that can so often be lost in the chaotic upheaval of every day life.

It is in the quiet and solitude that we hear the voice of the High Priestess. She is a reminder of our own spiritual energy and wants to let us know we possess phenomenal power within. It is sometimes just a question of accessing it.

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High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning Girl and Her Moon

High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning

Key words

  • Intuition
  • Withdrawing from involvement
  • Waiting patiently
  • Trusting your inner voice
  • Seeking guidance within
  • Accessing imagination and dreams
  • Seeing potential
  • Acknowledging possibilities
  • Recognizing your hidden talents
  • Opening to the unknown
  • Acknowledging your shadow side
  • Looking beyond the surface
  • Sensing mystery

Girl and Her Moon Soul Tarot Reading

The High Priestess Card in a Love & Relationships Reading

If you pull the High Priestess in the position of how someone feels about you, it means that they feel a deep connection to you. This could be a soulmate connection, particularly if it is surrounded by cards such as the Lovers or 6 of Cups

For feelings, the High Priestess indicates that on a much deeper level, this person is able to connect to you. They may not fully understand the connection themselves but they definitely feel like they know you on a soul level.

For how someone sees you, it indicates that they see you as wise, intuitive and mysterious. You intrigue them.

If you pull the High Priestess in the position of where someone would like the relationship to go, it means they would like to explore this connection with you. There is an intensity to this card like an itch that must be scratched. They want to find out more about you and discover more about who you and are what your connection is about.

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The High Priestess Card in a Career Reading

If the High Priestess shows up in a career reading, her message is that she wants you to go inwards and trust your instincts.

If you have been struggling with a decision about your career, the High Priestess reminds you that the answers you seek lie within you. Tapping into your unconscious mind through meditation, paying attention to your dreams, and crystals that enhance your intuition can be great ways to harness the energy of the High Priestess.

The High Priestess can indicate a career where your intuitive and psychic abilities are put to good use. It can also highlight someone with powerful intuition who can help further your career and that seeking the advice and wisdom of this person is a good move.

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What About the High Priestess Reversed?

If the High Priestess shows up as a reversed card, there is a problem with listening to your intuition.

You may be experiencing some disconnect between yourself and your intuition. This can be for any number of reasons. Doubt, fear, imbalanced chakras, too much chaos in the external world which is affecting your ability to connect to your internal one, and a lack of self-confidence in your intuition are all possible reasons why the High Priestess may show up reversed.

The High Priestess reversed can also indicate secrets and lies. Something may be hidden from you. Someone around you may not be behaving in an honest manner. In this sense, the High Priestess serves as a warning card and urges you to be cautious.

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How to tap Into the Wisdom of the High Priestess Tarot Card

The High Priestess is truly one of the most mysterious cards in the Tarot because she represents the unconscious mind, the one that is hidden to us and often reveals itself to us in the realm of feelings, dreams and flashes of insight.

The world we live in is much more ‘Magician’ in nature. We are focused on the external, on what is in front of us, in the immediate and in the conscious mind. 

The High Priestess world is the opposite. She is the Yin to the Yang, the Moon to the Sun, the Night to the Day. The mysterious energy attached to the High Priestess can either intrigue or frighten us, but it always provides us with the opportunity to learn more about ourselves, others and the world.

It is through the energy of the High Priestess that we can explore our shadow side, the side we hide from others and even ourselves. Her energy reminds us that the shadow is not there to be ignored, but to be understood, acknowledged and, eventually, integrated.

So when the High Priestess turns up in your reading, know that your soul has an important message for you. Some area of your life requires you to dig deeper and to explore the mysteries of your unconscious mind. As daunting as this can be, it is rewarding in more ways than one and, ultimately, will enable you to find more out about your true self and the many-layered, magnificent intricacies that make up who you are.

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