Your How-To Guide to Shuffling Tarot

Your How To Guide to Shuffling Tarot Girl and her Moon

Have you ever wondered what the perfect way to shuffle Tarot cards is?

Short answer – there isn’t one.

It’s something that crosses the mind of every Tarot reader at least once (and if you are someone who uses Tarot cards, then you are a reader. You do not have to be a professional reader to be a reader. Anyone who uses Tarot, whether leisurely or professionally and no matter what stage you are at, is a Tarot reader).

So when we’re shuffling, sometimes we may think, “Am I doing it right? What if I shuffle wrong? What if I stop shuffling at the wrong time and end up getting a wrong reading?”

These are common concerns and they are entirely normal to have. After all, we are dealing with divination and tapping into the unknown. We do not have physical proof that we can use to say, “Look, this PROVES my reading is correct!” (Or at least, not until time has passed in some cases).

Instead, we rely on our intuition and we trust our Higher Selves enough to know that they will guide us in the right direction.

It is our chattering and often nattering ego that causes us to doubt our own shuffling and indeed our own readings. 

An overactive mind is a sign of two things: 

1) An ego that is running rampant 


2) a lack of grounding.

This chattering mind may start chattering while we are shuffling. It can even wander off while we are focusing on the question and cause us to think of random things that have nothing to do with the question at all! 

The problem is, the more these doubts or fears consume us, the more we interfere with the cards’ ability to guide us. 

In my experience, when I have laid out a ‘wrong’ reading, it has been because of one of two things:

1) I have misinterpreted the meaning of the cards (which means the cards themselves were right but my interpretation was wrong. This is the most common reason why readings tend to be inaccurate).


2) I have not been grounded or focused while shuffling.

Inaccurate readings can vary depending on the reader, of course, but these are two common reasons for why the reading may go astray.

Remember, Tarot is working primarily with energy. That is why it is important that your own energy – both internal energy and the energy that surrounds you – is as pure as possible and free from conflict or negative thinking. 

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How to Shuffle Tarot Cards

As pointed out earlier, there is no right or wrong way to shuffle the cards. What matters is that it feels right to you. 

Every reader is different and therefore it is only right that this individuality is respected. This includes the manner in which you shuffle.

Below are three different ways you can try shuffling the cards and then you can read some tips to try before shuffling to ensure you are grounded and that your energy is nice and fresh so that the messages Tarot wants to send you can flow freely!


Girl and Her Moon How To Shuffle Tarot


Shuffling Technique 1: The Regular Chop

This is one of the most common ways to shuffle the cards and a very effective one too.

Simply take the cards in your hands so the long part of the card is in line with the length of your hands and shuffle them, grasping several at a time and moving them one over the other.

Keep doing this until you feel it’s right to stop.


Shuffling Technique 2: The Card Cutting Shuffle

This is a shuffle that involves cutting the cards multiple times.

Place the deck of cards in front of you and then begin to cut them. You can cut them as many times as you wish until it feels right to stop.

Once you’ve finished cutting, pull your cards.


Shuffling Technique 3: The Great Arch

This is one of the trickier ways to shuffle. You often see magicians shuffling in this way. 

Cut the cards in two, flip them together so the edges of the cards fall in between each other, bend your hands so the cards form an arch and then release.

This one can be a bit tricky, so here’s a video to show you how!

Remember, shuffling is an individual thing and what matters is that it feels right for you. If it feels right – go with it! Similalarly, there is no right or wrong when it comes to stopping. If it feels right to stop, then it is right to stop!

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Tips for Preparing Your Tarot Shuffle

Below are some tips for grounding yourself before shuffling for a reading. This is to help your energy levels balance, both internally and externally.


Try this grounding exercise

Sit yourself in a quiet area. Some readers are able to read, no matter whether their environment is quiet or noisy, but if you are someone who needs silence when reading so that you don’t become distracted, finding a quiet spot to read is the best idea. You can also play soft meditation music which can also be helpful.

Close your eyes and imagine a white light surrounding you. Imagine this white light turning into a cord that fixes itself to your spine. Imagine this light, as if it were a tail, sinking deep into the ground below you. Imagine it going deeper and deeper until it touches the core of the Earth itself.

Keep envisioning this for a few minutes until you feel well and truly connected to the Earth.


How To Shuffle Tarot Girl and Her Moon


Harness the magic of crystals

It can be very helpful to use crystals to assist you with balancing your energy. Three crystals in particular that are good for assisting you are black tourmaline, labradorite and moonstone.

Black tourmaline is an excellent grounding crystal. Hold this crystal in your palm for a couple of minutes and ask it to balance your energies and enable you to listen to the words of your reading with clarity and without distraction.

Labradorite is a powerful crystal for connecting you to your third eye and helping you reach the voice of your Higher Self.

Moonstone is a feminine crystal that enhances your Yin energy and allows your intuitive voice to speak freely while the chattering mind silences itself.


Don’t read when you are tired

A mistake we make sometimes is thinking we are invincible when it comes to Tarot! When we have the ability to read, we feel we can tap in at any time and effortlessly find answers to the questions we seek.

And while this amazing gift is certainly available to us, it is important to recognize when we are pushing ourselves too hard.

If we read when we are feeling fatigued or tired, our energies are worn out – and the cards know it!

Take a power nap or have some well-earned rest – then try the cards!


Tarot: What Works For You

The Tarot cards are a fabulous guidance to help us in our everyday lives and with pressing questions we have. They guide us, teach us and inspire us. Tarot is one of those things where you never stop learning and there is always something new to discover.

Remember, trusting your own intuition and believing in your abilities is as essential as knowing the meaning of the cards themselves. There is no right and wrong. No judgment and no rules. Through Tarot, you are given the freedom to explore and this freedom is not restricted by boundaries that tell you how things should or shouldn’t be, or what you should or shouldn’t do. Do what feels right for you and trust yourself – the more you do, the more you will discover what works for you. 

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♡ Iberia Tor

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