July 2024 Horoscopes & Astrology for your Zodiac Sign

July is soft and nurturing and it is rich and empowering. It is healing and revealing and it is deep inner travelling and self-reclamation. July is intuitive and expressive and it is vast with movement.


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July 2024 Monthly Horoscope Overview

As July arrives we have stepped through the portal of the Solstice. We are in a new space. A new terrain. A new us transformed by the threshold of the past few weeks. Nurturing our blooming selves, we are beginning our exploration of all the ways we have changed and are continuing to change.

Held in the waters of Cancer and the 6 in numerology, we are deepening our capacity to hold ourselves this month, to love ourselves, to turn within and nurture ourselves. 

The kind of healing that emerges from these spaces when we give it our presence and love is vast. The blooming it brings is profound – yet often, subtle in nature – we are simply more us, more in life. 

As the tides shift and Leo Season begins, we enter the realms of fire, passion, and joy. Life is less subtle here. We are less subtle here.

Leo walks us into the world of self-expression and creativity, vitality and warmth. Yet we don’t leave water behind entirely.

February of this year brought a lineup of planets meeting Pluto in our skies as it entered Aquarius, initiating vast transformation through plunging into our depths. As planets begin to weave their way into Leo, they all come into a direct opposition to Pluto – opposite sides of the cosmos, yet activating one another.

Across July we are offered multiple doorways into our underworld, into self-reclamation, heightened intuition, and into empowering transformation through these oppositions. We are offered a cracking open – for more of us to exist within our bodies, for more of us to express through our lives. 

As Saturn and Neptune both begin their retrogrades – there is a pulling back of the veil. A clarity. A focus. A discernment. And a commitment to what is ours.

July 2024 Astrology Forecast and Transits

Our most impactful astrological transits of July 2024:

Neptune Retrograde: July 2

July 2 – December 7 2024 brings our annual Neptune Retrograde, where our planet of mysticism, spirituality, creativity and imagination begins its backwards movement in our skies while in the final degrees of Pisces.

Neptune Retrograde invites reflection into how we have been using our creativity, our imagination, and our access to the dream realms. It clears the veil that Neptune places over our eyes and clarifies what is real, true, and standing in front of us waiting for our attention. Neptune Retrograde asks us to be more present with the here and now, the practicalities of our life, and what our dreams, visions, and inspirations require to become real.

Read more about Neptune Retrograde in 2024 here.

New Moon in Cancer: July 5

It’s a sensitive and empowering new Moon bringing emotional insight and inspiration. Our first new Moon since the crossing the sacred threshold of the Solstice – there is much to be revealed under this lunation, if we so create the space for presence, feeling, and allowing ourselves to receive.

Read more about the Cancer New Moon here.

Mars conjunct Uranus: July 15

A big day in our cosmos, and a wide open portal for energy, vitality, motivation, excitement, ideas, and vaster potentials to enter our bodies and begin pouring themselves into our reality.

As Mars moves through Taurus it comes into contact with Uranus, it’s an energy that is alive for much of the month however peaks on July 15 2024.

On this day, create the space in your body for more energy to enter into you. Move your body. Be open to new ideas. Observe where your energy wants to be channelled and expressed. Observe what you feel passionate about and what feels exciting.

Through this space making, presence, and observation, much guidance will reveal itself for you to continue following through this second half of the year.

Read more about the conjunction here.

Full Moon in Capricorn: July 21

It’s an empowering full Moon. A vast, deep, and transformative full Moon. And it’s a full Moon of self-reclamation. Continuing a thread that began with June’s Capricorn full Moon, this lunation is the second half of the story that begun last month.

An opportunity for you to reclaim your authority, tune into your knowing, travel deep into your ancient self and receive your own wisdom.

Read more about July’s Capricorn full Moon here.

Leo Season: July 22

Welcome to passion! Welcome to play! Welcome to joy, creativity, and vast self-expression! Leo Season 2024 begins as the Sun shift into it’s own sign on July 22, where it will remain until August 22, 2024.

As Leo Season begins we shift from water to fire and we shift from internal to external. This season is a season to remember your divine belonging on this Earth and that you are here to add to this vast Universe by sharing and expressing who you are.

Leo Season insights and horoscopes coming soon.

Sun Opposite Pluto: July 23

The Sun is the core of who we are. It is our self expression and identity. Pluto is our underworld, much of it living beneath our conscious awareness.

The Sun desires to express all of itself. Not just what we have accepted as good or acceptable. As it opposes Pluto in Aquarius on July 23, 2024, we are cracking open. What lives in our underworld has the opportunity to begin pouring into the self we are aware of and shining brightly. We get access to more of ourselves here. We get to reclaim more of ourselves. We get to shine the Sun’s light of consciousness into the underground Plutonian spaces within us that are ready to be seen.

This energy, which is another that is present for much of the month, offers insight, self-reclamation, and an expansion of ourselves. While there may be tension as opposition aspects often bring, create the space in your body for this ‘opposition’, ‘duality’, ‘tension’ to exist. For when we can sit with both sides, we create the space for integration and alchemy.

Chiron Retrograde: July 26

Closing the month is Chiron beginning its backwards spin in Aries, where it will continue until December 29, 2024. Chiron in Aries has been gathering tools, medicine, and self-knowledge for our own healing. As we retrograde, we are re-visiting this path we have been walking on. We are revisiting ‘wounds’ and fears of our own self-expression, self-ownership, courage, and relationship with desire. We are tending to the hurt spaces within us that we have either missed, or simply not had the capacity to be with until now.

While Chiron is known as the Wounded Healer – it can be easy to miss the ‘healer’ part of his title while it sits next to ‘wounded’. Chiron reminds us that it is in sinking into ourselves – the hurt, the pain, the fear and the wounds, that we find our deepest medicine. It reminds us that we are our own medicine, our presence and love is our own medicine.

July 2024 Astrology: All Transits

  • July 2: Neptune Retrograde in Pisces
  • July 2: Mercury enters Leo
  • July 3: Mercury opposite Pluto
  • July 5: New Moon in Cancer
  • July 11: Venus enters Leo
  • July 12: Venus opposite Pluto
  • July 15: Mars conjunct Uranus
  • July 20: Mars enters Gemini
  • July 21: Mercury square Uranus
  • July 21: Capricorn Full Moon
  • July 22: Leo Season
  • July 23: Sun opposite Pluto
  • July 25: Mercury enters Virgo
  • July 26: Chiron Retrograde

July Horoscopes for your Zodiac Sign

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July in the Flow with the Moon Membership

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Bonus Energy Practice: Space Clearing

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