New Moon in Cancer July 2024: Horoscopes & Astrology for your Zodiac Sign

A new Moon that invites us to listen. A new Moon that invites us to feel. A new Moon that invites us to receive. A New Moon that invites us to open.

Welcome to the Cancer New Moon held within the soft and watery Cancer Season.

A lunation inviting us to come home to ourselves, to attune to our own medicine and offerings that lay waiting in our vast and alive world within.

To begin a new chapter with more of ourselves, attuned to our knowing, trusting in our intuition.

When is the New Moon in Cancer July 2024?

The Cancer New Moon is July 5th or July 6th depending on where you are in the world.

  • Wellington: Saturday July 6, 10:57am
  • Sydney: Saturday July 6, 8:57am
  • Tokyo: Saturday July 6, 7:57am
  • Singapore: Saturday July 6, 6:57am
  • New Delhi: Saturday July 6, 4:27am
  • Dubai: Saturday July 6, 2:57am
  • Moscow/Istanbul: Saturday July 6, 1:57am
  • Paris/Berlin: Saturday July 6, 12:57am
  • London: Friday July 5, 11:57pm
  • New York/Toronto: Friday July 5, 6:57pm
  • Los Angeles/Vancouver: Friday July 5, 3:57pm

Cancer New Moon Astrology

Ruled by Cancer, the Moons cycle is in a constant dance between the seen and the unseen. Under a full Moon all of her is on display, alive and speaking through her very presence. Under a new Moon, however, she is hidden, out of sight… Yet still speaking.

As the Moon empties herself bare existing only in the unseen, she invites us with her. Attuning us to the unseen. Attuning us to the unknown. Attuning us to the mystery. Cancer too, attunes us to the unseen. The information within emotion. The subtle wisdom within feeling. The guidance waiting within emotional currents within and without.

With our eyes closed in this space of the unseen, the Moon speaks through intuition, through feeling, through sensing. She speaks through the waters of our body, and the longing of the heart. With our eyes closed what matters to us becomes important.

Our attention draws inward instead of outward. The outer noise begins to quieten, and we realise something else is speaking – our heart, our hurt, our body, our soul, our hopes, our truths, our wisdom, our knowing.

Through letting go into the unseen we are guided into an entire world inside of us all – rich with everything we are searching and longing for, alive with information, guidance and nutrients.

Initiating through Feeling

Cancer is pure feeling. It’s not about the mind anymore. It’s about presence. The Moon rules Cancer, she is at home here, supported here.

This new Moon initiates a new chapter from this space of intuition, mystery, feeling and deep listening from within.

It is our opportunity to receive the many offerings from beyond our mind – the inspiration, the visions, the desire, the energy, the knowing, and the clarity that can reach us when we surrender the mind for a moment.

For what we receive here will be the very nutrients we will be building our new beginning with.

Cancer New Moon Aspects

  • Sun in Cancer conjunct Moon in Cancer
  • Sun and Moon in Cancer trine Saturn Retrograde in Pisces
  • Sun and Moon in Cancer sextile Mars in Taurus
  • Sun and Moon in Cancer square Lunar Nodes in Aries and Libra
  • Venus in Cancer trine Neptune Retrograde in Pisces
  • Venus in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus
  • Mercury in Leo opposite Pluto in Aquarius

Cancer New Moon Ritual

Cancer New Moon Workshop: Igniting Intuition – Self Nurturance through Emotional Discernment

Access via the Flow with the Moon Membership.

Inspired by the archetypes of Cancer; the zodiac that brings us home inviting us inward, asking us to nourish and tend to ourselves however we may need. The zodiac that tends to our inner child and our sensitivities. And the archetype that invites us to explore our emotional waters and the currents of our bodies – with the wisdom that water carries memories and information, water connects us to sensing and intuiting.

Together with Art Therapist Amanda Scandrett we will explore the key roles that emotional discernment and self nurturance play in creating a strong conduit for intuition, inspired by the waters of Cancer.

With intuitive instruction, guided meditation, creative prompts this workshop will hold space to explore and express our emotions and create an individualized plan for self-nurturance.

Available in the Flow with the Moon Membership, join us here.

Cancer New Moon Horoscopes for your Zodiac Sign

Watch below for your New Moon in Cancer Horoscope for your zodiac sign by Dilosh. Be sure to watch your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign!

For a personal 1:1 Soul Tarot Reading, explore your options here.

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