Full Moon in Capricorn June 2024 Astrology & Horoscopes

As the Sun softly continues to make its home in the waters of Cancer, the Moon meets her fullness in its opposite sign, Capricorn. And while Cancer invites us to tend to our emotional realities, Capricorn is the sacred structure and boundary building around us offering a sense of safety and stability, offering us the tangible expression of our emotional currents into a direction that is meaningful and lasting.

When is the Full Moon in Capricorn June 2024?

The Capricorn Full Moon is June 21 or June 22 depending on where you are in the world.

  • Wellington: Saturday 22 June, 1:07pm
  • Sydney: Saturday 22 June, 11:07am
  • Tokyo: Saturday 22 June, 10:07am
  • Singapore: Saturday 22 June, 9:07am
  • New Delhi: Saturday 22 June, 6:37am
  • Dubai: Saturday 22 June, 5:07am
  • Moscow/Istanbul: Saturday 22 June, 4:07am
  • Paris/Berlin: Saturday 22 June, 3:07am
  • London: Saturday 22 June, 2:07am
  • New York/Toronto: Friday 21 June, 9:07pm
  • Los Angeles/Vancouver: Friday 21 June, 6:07pm

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Capricorn

The Moon in Astrology rules Cancer, they hold a similar essence. The Moon while full whispers with what lives in our body. The reactions. The memories. The unconscious material. It moves past the narratives of the mind and into corners that our awareness can’t always reach. When the Moon is full in our skies, all of us is on display – conscious, unconscious, and everything in between.

Acting as a mirror, the Moon moves the emotional tides within our body and brings them to the surface of our awareness. She creates a bridge between the body and our knowing, the stored memories in our underground and our consciousness. It is a full Moon offering self-insight, deepened intuitive awareness, and access to more of ourselves.

Capricorn energy is sacred responsibility. It is our aspirations and our ambitions. Our fortitude and focus. Our devotion to the vision and the determination to build it into fruition.

Guided by the emotional meaning and awareness that Cancer provides – connecting us to the inner currents deep within our bodies – Capricorn calls us into the mastery of ourselves. It speaks to the inherent need within us all to realise our own potential. To become who we are here to be. To journey the path that is ours. To build something beautiful, meaningful, and worthy in this life that is ours.

Capricorn, guided by the vision, the whisper, and the inner knowing, is the sacred responsibility within us all to ground that vision, whisper, and knowing into the tangible, into its manifested reality, adding to manifest life. Capricorn is here to create its legacy.

Astrology of the Capricorn Full Moon June 2024

Welcome to our first Capricorn full Moon of the year. The first of two, this full Moon illuminates themes that will continue into our next lunar cycle, coming to a culmination on our second Capricorn full Moon on July 21.

With the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces continues to square the Sun and now too the Moon. With this, it adds to the tapestry of this lunation and invites us deep into the unconscious and psychic material of our bodies, the creative intuition of our heart. What lives within us?

What lives within us that is pure guidance for our direction and purpose in this life? What lives within us that fears the sacred building of Capricorn? What lives within us that, when held in the safe and grounded structure of Capricorn, is ready to be seen? Ready to be held? Ready to be loved into its own evolution?

Astrology is a mirror for life. Reminding us that there is purpose and support in each moment. A direction opening and calling us toward it.

The purpose of this full Moon? To land us deeper into our lives.

To plant us deeper into this Earth. To call this body home, inviting us to take up more space in our own being, sifting through memory and emotion that we are ready to bring love and transformation to. The purpose within this lunation is to bring trust to our physical vessel that carries the guidance of emotion and intuition within it. To bring gratitude to this life and what a gift it is to build our legacy within it.

And, the purpose of this lunation – and beyond – is to create safety in our own beingness. What would that feel like for you?

Capricorn Full Moon Ritual

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Capricorn Full Moon Horoscopes for your Astrological Zodiac Sign

This Full Moon will affect everyone in different ways, particularly our cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn).

Watch below for your Capricorn Full Moon Horoscope for your zodiac sign by Kapualani. Be sure to watch your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign!

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