Weekly Horoscope June 30 to July 6 2024: Neptune Retrograde & More Astrology

There is a shift this week. There is depth this week. There is joy, creativity, play and self-expression this week. And there is questioning, reframing, re-writing this week.

While Neptune begins its annual retrograde, Mercury enters Leo and collaborates with Pluto, and the Moon begins again in Cancer.

Neptune Retrograde: July 2, 2024

Welcome to Neptune Retrograde, beginning July 2, 2024 and continuing until December 7, 2024.

Neptune is our planet of mysticism, dreams, inspiration, and imagination. It places a veil over our sight, clouding our vision so that we may remember that there is more than this tangible reality. It is an entire world we can enter – through imagination, poetry, dreaming, fantasy, and art. It is the dreamscape.

When Neptune turns retrograde in Pisces this week, however, our entryway into the dreamscape becomes that little bit less accessible as we are guided to tend more to this physical world around us – this here and now that we are living.

We know that creativity and practicality are partners. That imagination and dreaming can be deeply productive.

Neptune retrograde is here as a reminder that we must tend to both of these worlds. For dreams to come true and imaginations to land manifest in our lives, we must tend to the practical. This is the space to ground our dreams. Organise and orient ourselves to build our visions.

It is our time to see clearly what was previously veiled so that we may review and reframe our dreams, our spiritual beliefs, and what we desire to use our imagination for.

Read more about Neptune Retrograde here.

Mercury in Leo: July 2, 2024

Mercury is our mind, communication, thinking process and learning. It is the information we take in and the lens through which we see the world. As Mercury shifts into a new sign, the energy of our mind and thoughts shift with it.

This week Mercury enters Leo July 2, 2024 where it will remain until July 25, 2024, and is an invitation for joyful self-expression. It is a space of creativity, sharing passion through our voice and communicating the longing of our hearts. Preparing us for Leo Season beginning later in the month on July 22, 2024, there is an invitation within this space to see the world in a way that brings us more to life, adds joy into our experience, and vitality to our mind.

Mercury opposite Pluto: July 3, 2024

As Mercury shifts into Leo, the next day on July 3, 2024, it comes into contact with Pluto in our skies. It’s an opposition, an attempt for wholeness – to bridge together polarities within ourselves, finding the space where they can begin working together.

While Mercury represents our conscious mind, Pluto represents our underworld, our unconscious. As Mercury moves through Leo highlighting the realm of our self-expression and vitality, Pluto creates a thread of communication from the underworld into our conscious mind.

Light and dark, self-expression and self-repression. We all have parts of us living in the shadow, hidden from the world. This opposition highlights that polarity within us all, inviting questions, inviting presence, inviting healing.

What parts of us are we comfortable with shining, with expressing, with sharing in the light of day? Which parts of us do we keep hidden, shunned, fearful of rejection from the world – yet rejecting ourselves through that very fear. Where has this divide come from?

Is it our own framework of what is good and accepted, or a framework we have learned? What is ready for an update, a refresh, a re-write here?

Cancer New Moon: July 5, 2024

A new Moon that invites us to listen. A new Moon that invites us to feel. A new Moon that invites us to receive. This week on July 5, 2024, we begin again alongside the Moon.

Ruled by Cancer, the Moon is in a constant dance between the seen and the unseen. Under a full Moon all of her is on display, alive and speaking through her very presence. Under a new Moon, however, she is hidden, out of sight… Yet still speaking.

As the Moon empties herself bare existing only in the unseen, she invites us with her. With our eyes closed the Moon speaks through intuition, through feeling, through sensing. She speaks through the waters of our body, and the longing of the heart. With our eyes closed our attention draws inward instead of outward – what matters to us becomes important.

Cancer is pure feeling. It’s not about the mind anymore. This new Moon initiates a new chapter from this space of intuition, mystery, feeling and deep listening. It is our opportunity to receive the nutrients from beyond our mind – the inspiration, the visions, the desire, the energy, and the clarity that can reach us when we surrender the mind for a moment. For what we receive here will be the very nutrients we will be building our new chapter with.

Read more about the Cancer New Moon here.

Weekly Astrology: Bringing it Together

As Neptune begins a new five-month journey inviting us to anchor into our lives, tending to our creative pursuits and dreams in the here and now with grounded practicality, Mercury and Pluto colour much of the week – threading together our consciousness with unconscious patterns, beliefs, and narratives around our self-expression, begin seen, taking up space. It is a reminder from deep in our bodies that all of us deserves to sit in the light and warmth the Sun. All of us deserves our love. All of us is worthy of living in this world.

As the new Moon begins in Cancer, may you create a soft and loving moment in time for yourself so that you may surrender and receive. There is healing available not only under this lunation, but all week. Cancer invites us to create space in our being so that we may be with the nutrients that are on offer, to welcome them into our bodies.

Weekly Horoscopes for your Zodiac Sign June 30 – July 6 2024

As the planets shift in our cosmos, they simultaneously shift through our astrology chart, highlighting different areas (houses) of our human experience. By looking to your zodiac sign – in particular your rising sign, we can begin to discern those shifts and invitations.

Read on for your horoscope forecast for June 30–July 6, 2024. For a greater in depth reading based on your astrology chart, explore our Transits Astrology Reading.

Aries Rising: Aries Weekly Horoscope

How do you connect with the unseen, Aries Rising? How do you touch into the sacred? Your relationship with and understanding of the spiritual aspects of life begins to shift this week as your self-expression, safety in yourself, and sense of belonging in this world invite your presence and healing.

Taurus Rising: Taurus Weekly Horoscope

The mind has access to vast spaces, Taurus Rising. And this week, your mind is travelling down into your body and moving through the emotional storehouse of memory and patterns, it is opening higher to intuition and inspiration, and it is revealing truths previously unseen when it comes to your hopes and dreams.

Gemini Rising: Gemini Weekly Horoscope

What are your long-term visions? When you dream, when you imagine, when you let inspiration pour through you – what is it that you want for yourself, Gemini Rising? This week is an invitation to begin exploring the practicalities of that, witnessing what is out of place – both within and around you, on your journey of building these dreams.

Cancer Rising: Cancer Weekly Horoscope

There is more of you waiting to fill your being, Cancer Rising. More of your energy waiting to enter your awareness. More of you waiting to become available. And this week it is through tending to your sense of safety, belonging, and vaster perspectives of life that this shift can begin to take place.

Leo Rising: Leo Weekly Horoscope

There is a cracking open awaiting you, Leo Rising, if you so choose to surrender into it.  A cracking open so that you may reach into greater depths of yourself, so that more of what is unconscious within your body can become conscious, and so that more of life can begin to hold and support you on your journey.

Virgo Rising: Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Clarity is beginning to make its way into your life, Virgo Rising. As if the lens through which you have been interacting with the world is shifting, updating, revealing what has previously gone unseen. As the Moon begins again, there is inspiration and insights awaiting to guide you through feeling and intuition.

Libra Rising: Libra Weekly Horoscope

How you tend to your days, your habits, and your wellbeing is beginning to shift, Libra Rising. If you have been seeking clarity around your health, work, or creativity, this is the week to welcome that guidance into your awareness. As you tend to yourself in ways that you deserve, there is a shift and opening awaiting your long-term goals and dreams.

Scorpio Rising: Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

How do you allow yourself to be seen, Scorpio Rising? How do you allow yourself to express all that lives within you out into the world? There is a restructuring happening in this space that will support both your bigger dreams, and your understanding of and sense of belonging in this vast world.

Sagittarius Rising: Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

It’s a week of inner journeying and inner discovery. A week of re-writing patterns deep within the body and reframing memories and past experiences. As Mercury and Pluto bring transformation to your mind, the Moon travels deep within your psyche creating opportunity for integration and wholeness.

Capricorn Rising: Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Find safety in your body, Capricorn Rising. There is a restructuring happening within your mind, a clarifying of your perspectives and a sharpness of your sight. The more you allow yourself to anchor into your own being, the more this open you can be to all that is revealing itself.

Aquarius Rising: Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

There is more information coming in this week that desires to shift your sense of identity, Aquarius Rising. To crack it open, make more space, and begin transforming. Neptune begins a shift in the way that you relate to tangible security and money, while the Moon this week speaks through your body. The more anchored you are in it, the more you will hear.

Pisces Rising: Pisces Weekly Horoscope

As both Saturn and Neptune retrograde for the remainder of the year, allow your sense of self, identity, and understandings of the world begin to shift with them, Pisces Rising. Grounded boundaries, practical steps, and devotion to your desires, hopes, and creative self-expression is calling your name.

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