Weekly Horoscopes July 7 – 13 2024: Astrology Forecast 

As Saturn trines the Sun, we are deepening our relationship with self-authority and sacred boundaries this week. As Venus enters Leo we are healing with creativity, joy, and self-expression this week. And as Venus opposes Pluto, we are diving deep into our underworld, offering love and nourishment to any spaces within us previously neglected, unloved, and waiting for acceptance, this week.

Sun Trine Saturn: July 10, 2024

Saturn, alongside Neptune, is currently retrograding through Pisces, beginning its backwards spin on June 30, 2024. Having only recently begun, we are still acclimating to this energy, opening to the shifts available, and tuning into the invitations that call us toward them.

This week however, as the Sun in Cancer and Saturn in Pisces form what is called a trine aspect on July 10, 2024, these two celestial bodies open a direct line of communication. It is here that we can begin to hear and deepen our dance within the vast offerings of this retrograde.

Saturn is our planet of boundaries and commitment, integrity and building. The Sun in astrology is our identity, consciousness, selfhood and personality. As Saturn retrograde and the Sun begin connecting, we are opening to more of the medicine on offer by Saturn. We are building sacred boundaries around ourselves and our energy. We are committing and devoting to the path that is uniquely for us. We are learning further into our own integrity and what matters to us. We are re-writing our relationship with authority, structure, trust, and the willingness to play our part and contribute to the life that we are desiring to build.

Venus enters Leo: July 11, 2024

Venus is love. Venus is beauty. Venus is harmony, balance, and our values. Leo is the heart. It is self-expression, radiance, generous, warm, and creative.

Venus enters Leo on July 11 2024, where she will continue to express through this expressive fire sign until August 5, 2024.

Venus in Leo reminds us that the heart is a portal. It is a portal of love, connection, play, healing, expression, creativity, courage, and beauty. Venus in Leo reminds us that we are here to love and be loved – in all forms.

As these two energies come together in our skies our capacity for love begins to expand. How we allow ourselves to share love, and receive love. Our capacity to express what lives within us begins to expand. And our capacity to radiate who we are – unique, singular, and on purpose – begins to expand.

Venus opposite Pluto: July 11, 2024

As Venus enters Leo it forms a direct opposition with Pluto in Aquarius. An energy that has been building throughout the week, it will reach its peak on July 11, 2024, and then begin to wane coming to an end as the week does.

While Venus in Leo reminds us that the heart is a portal, as Venus connects with Pluto, the heart becomes a portal for direct healing of our underworld, our deep hurts beneath the surface, and patterns and memories that lay within the unconscious.

Through the creativity and self expression on offer through Venus in Leo, we are moving into deep healing of material beneath the surface. We are traversing through the parts of us that are yet to receive our love and offering it both our love, and an avenue to express and evolve

Other planets in transit this week:

  • July 7 2024: Waxing Crescent Moon in Leo Sextile Jupiter in Gemini
  • July 8 2024: Venus in Cancer Sextile Uranus in Taurus
  • July 8 2024: Mercury in Leo Sextile Jupiter in Gemini
  • July 9 2024: Moon in Leo Square Uranus in Taurus
  • July 9 2024: Waxing Crescent Moon enters Virgo
  • July 11 2024: Venus in Cancer Trine Neptune in Pisces
  • July 11 2024: Waxing Crescent Moon enters Libra
  • July 13 2024: First Quarter Moon in Libra Sextile Mercury in Leo

Weekly Astrology: Bringing it Together

It’s a week of heart healing and sacred boundaries, rooting into the earth and deeper embodiment. It’s a week that invites us to live from the heart, live with heart, and to do so in a way that honours your self-authority, your boundaries, your life force, joy, and your commitments.

As Venus and Pluto fill much of the space this week, there is deep healing offering itself. The kind of healing that presents itself through our deep engagement with what asks for our attention. The kind of healing that requires our presence, our willingness to be with what is ours, and our willingness to love more of ourselves.

If moments and experiences of tension and hurt arise, celebrate. For this is your doorway into direct healing. If patterns or deeper unconscious material come to the surface through Pluto, celebrate. For this reflects your deepened and widened capacity to be with what is yours, to hold yourself, to offer more parts of yourself love.

Venus in Leo is offering joy, love, and play as avenues for this deep transformation to take place. It reminds us that oftentimes creativity, love, play, joy, and pleasure are our deepest medicine.

Weekly Horoscopes for your Zodiac Sign July 7 – 13 2024

As the planets shift in our cosmos, they simultaneously shift through our astrological chart, highlighting different areas (houses) of our human experience. By looking to your zodiac sign – in particular your rising sign, we can begin to discern those shifts and invitations.

Read on for your horoscope forecast for July 7–13, 2024. For a greater in depth reading based on your astrology chart, explore our Transits Astrology Reading.

Aries Rising: Aries Weekly Horoscope

It’s a week that invites you to come back to yourself, Aries Rising. To your own atmosphere, energy, frequency, and desire. Exploring what brings you joy, inspires creativity, and brings acceptance and joy of who you are. We are transforming patterns that fear being seen, taking up space, or dim to fit into collective ideals.

Taurus Rising: Taurus Weekly Horoscope

We’re tending to the foundations of who you are, Taurus Rising, and the memories, experiences, ideas, and perspectives that form those foundations. As if a tree, we are tending to your roots that provide health to your entire reality. Come home to your own space, bring joy to your days, and observe what begins to change through tending your roots.

Gemini Rising: Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Bring your awareness to what is beautiful, Gemini Rising. To what is harmonious, pleasure-filled, inspiring and joyful. Let these spaces be nutrients for your mind. Let them take up more space in your mind. Let them transform the way you see the world and the depth of life that is available. This is your invitation for this week – and this only.

Cancer Rising: Cancer Weekly Horoscope

As the Sun continues in your sign, Cancer Rising, there is nourishment and vitality being poured into your selfhood. By bringing yourself deeper into your body and the tangible realm, building spaces of safety for yourself and opening to emotion as it calls for it, even more of this nourishment will begin to pour through you.

Leo Rising: Leo Weekly Horoscope

More energy is making its way to you, Leo Rising. More creativity, inspiration, and vitality are desiring to move through you. More of your underworld, unconscious, and shadow, too, is becoming available. Can you open to this? Letting it awaken and enliven, deepen and bring healing to all of you?

Let Saturn hold you in your day-to-day, Leo Rising. What would loving boundaries, sacred discipline, and deeper integrity woven throughout your daily routines, tasks, and movements look and feel like? As Venus enters your sign, let more love more into and through you. Feel the presence of creativity, inspiration, and vitality present in your being.

Virgo Rising: Virgo Weekly Horoscope

This week invites you to surrender, allow, and receive, Virgo Rising. As if laying upon the earth or receiving a massage. How can you deepen your capacity to receive the support of life? The beauty of life? The healing of these planetary movements? How can you offer yourself greater permission to receive more love? More support? More joy?

Libra Rising: Libra Weekly Horoscope

Deep within you lives treasure, gold, medicine, magic. Deep within you lives energies and offerings that are unique to you, no one else holds them. This week invites you to begin to softly open to all that lives within you. To hold it in your arms and begin to love it. To bring it to the surface and welcome it into your selfhood.

Scorpio Rising: Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Who are you being called to be, Scorpio Rising? What are those vaster dreams, desires, visions for your life? Begin to lovingly open to these callings, letting more of their energies imbue your being. This week invites deep transformation to the core of your being so that you may step into your next season.

Sagittarius Rising: Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Let your mind reach wider, see more, open higher, Sagittarius Rising. Let wisdom, teachings, and your experiences transform your beliefs, your perspectives, and who you are. Open a direct line of communication with the Universe, and allow it reveal insights that will depeen your belonging, heal your heart, transform your mind and hold you in safety.

Capricorn Rising: Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Come deeper into your body this week, Capricorn Rising. There is transformation happening here. There is an opening happening here. There is deep rearranging and healing happening here. And the more we can be in our body, the more space and energy we can offer this transformation. Embodiment practices, yoga flows – enter spaces that will support you to descend deeper into yourself.

Aquarius Rising: Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

How do you love, Aquarius Rising? How do you allow yourself to receive love? This week brings an invitation to softly begin peeling back any layers between you and deeper intimacy, vulnerability, openness, joy, and creativity. It’s a week that reminds us that to feel is to be alive. What defences are ready to lower?

Pisces Rising: Pisces Weekly Horoscope

As your relationship with your intuition, imagination, and spirituality moves through deep transformation and rebuilding, this week invites healing towards your relationship with all things physical and tangible. It invites us to land deeper in our bodies, on the earth, and in this life. It reminds us that living in the tangible isn’t meant to bring us further away from the spiritual, rather deeper into it.

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A devotee to the mystery and wonder of life, Jordane is a life-long learner and explorer, allowing each moment to be her greatest teacher.

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