5 Best Crystals to Deepen Your Intuition

5 Best Crystals to Deepen Your Intuition Girl and Her Moon

The Age of Aquarius is under way. Many people around the globe are waking up and upheavals all across the world are taking place. This is a time of transition and change and while the long-term will yield positive results for humanity, such a transition can bring feelings of fear and overwhelm that is affecting humankind collectively.

During such stages of transition, it can be extremely helpful to go inwards in order to make sense of the chaos that is occurring externally. When we are able to consult with our Higher Self and listen to the voice of our inner wisdom, a sense of calm takes place that enables us to withstand anything and brings clarity where confusion exists.

Hence, this is why spirituality itself is becoming more prominent, especially in Western society where our feminine, intuitive side has often taken a backseat to our masculine one. While masculine energy has brought great positivity and advancement to this world over the ages, it is time for society to embrace its feminine energy. This includes intuition, creativity, exploring our emotions and anything in the realm of the subconscious mind.

The expansive thought which feminine energy offers is vast. It operates in the realm of all that is possible. It offers a reconnection with the deeper sides of our nature, ones which can invariably become lost as we move through life and are bombarded with the pressures of this world.

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Part of this energy is the ability to go within and listen to the power of our intuition. We all have it. However, accessing it can be challenging at times. One of the things that stops us from accessing our inner voice is an overactive mind or chattering thoughts. These thoughts are often laden with worry, fear, anxiety and a host of other negative emotions.

This is why meditation is so highly recommended and wonderful for helping to calm those racing thoughts. Once the mind is quietened, it becomes easier to access our inner voice.

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5 Best Crystals to Deepen Intuition

To help us access our intuition, there are five particular crystals that are especially powerful for this.

Bear in mind that crystals work differently for different people and it is important to trust your instinct if you feel drawn to a certain crystal. This usually represents a “pull” towards a crystal while you’re in a crystal store or browsing online. You may not be able to explain the pull but that is your inner guidance leading you.

Your intuition!

Generally, however, these crystals are wonderful for helping you deepen your intuitive powers and help you connect more with them.


Truly a wonderful crystal. Selenite has a very calming and beautiful energy that enhances your feminine energy. It helps you to tap into your inner wisdom by clearing negative energies from you and calming down anxious or racing thoughts. Selenite is especially powerful when used in conjunction with moon stages such as the New Moon or Full Moon.

Meditating with the crystal or wearing a piece of jewellery is especially potent.

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Another crystal that taps into your feminine energy and is particularly powerful for connecting you with your Third Eye Chakra. The vibration of this crystal is very high. Meditating with the angelite crystal can produce visions and lead you to a sequence of events that can include angel numbers or messages from your guardian angels.

Placing a piece upon your Third Eye while lying down or holding a piece in the palm of your hand while meditating helps you to access your inner voice. Angelite provides the opportunity for your spirit guides to connect to you with ease. Pay attention to the feelings that arise when you use this crystal as your emotions are your inner guidance.

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A very powerful crystal for tapping into your intuition and a bit rarer than the others. Morganite is a crystal that has a deep connection with the earth and it looks a little bit like rose quartz. There is a calming and loving energy to this stone. It warms the soul and brings forth an overwhelming presence of the universe to those who wear or use it. An instant feeling of unity with your inner being is felt with this crystal. Morganite promotes self-love and through self-love we learn to trust the wisdom of our intuition.


Labradorite helps to cleanse the Third Eye Chakra which then enables your intuition to reach you more clearly. Anyone who struggles with anxious or racing thoughts can benefit from this crystal which produces a deeply calming effect. It is especially for those who may be going through emotional traumas or breakdowns as it quietly assists in promoting courage and strength.

This crystal is wonderful to sleep with beneath your pillow and helps to cleanse negative thoughts from you during sleep which brings vivid dreams that come through via your intuition.

Shamanic Dream Quartz

Another one of the rarer crystals, shamanic dream quartz, as the name suggests, encompasses the power of shamanism, those who travel through the astral plane, the soul doctors who can identify the spiritual state of individuals and help them with healing and enlightenment.

Shamanic dream quartz is an intense and magical crystal that, when used for a prolonged period during meditation, enhances intuitive powers on a long-term basis. This crystal also helps you to connect with your spirit animal. It is used best during a meditation session and a piece of the crystal held in your hand can connect with your inner being in the form of words and visions that bring your intuitive gifts to the forefront.

Trust the Power of Crystals

Crystals are a gift to humanity which help us along our spiritual journey. Different crystals appeal to different people so remember that the crystals mentioned here may not necessarily be as potent for you as another crystal. This is down to your individualism as a person, a wonderful thing!

We are going through changes on this planet and these can be scary times. But establishing a relationship with your higher self and your intuitive gifts will see you through any challenges you may face. As with all relationships, it takes work and dedication. But trust yourself and trust the crystals to help and guide you. Your role in this world is an important one – let your light shine through. 

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