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This reading is for you to enter the next 12 months of your life full of trust, clarity and excitement for all the magic to come.

Pausing, reflecting and looking at what our current energy is creating will allow us to move into the next 12 months with a brand new, open and full opportunity year for growth, abundance and love!

This beautiful 60-80 minute reading dives deep into your year ahead, looking at areas of life such as love, finances, career, spirituality and more, and how they will unfold throughout the next 12 months.

We also look at some of the greater questions of life, like your biggest lessons of the year, and where your main focus should lie for your highest growth.

And lastly, we take a look at a monthly forecast across the 12 months, breaking down the theme and energies of the months to come.

Wherever you are in your life, you can begin fresh. You can step forward. You can decide it’s your time to be all that you want to be, to reach your highest potential and create the life of your dreams.

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Method: Recorded video

Duration: Up to 80 minutes

Delivery: 5 – 10 days

During a big sale period delivery timeframe can take up to 14 days.

*** Please note live (FaceTime/Skype/Phone) readings are not available at this time. No booking is necessary***

Readings done by Girl and Her Moon’s intuitives, healers and tarot readers, DilosH, Kapualani & Zofiia.


Dilosh Girl and Her MoonKapualani Girl and Her MoonZofiia Girl and Her Moon


To select your reader please find the ‘Select Reader’ drop down menu in the Purchase Form.

During your reading your reader will use a combination of Tarot training and intuitive skills, such as numerology, astrology, clairvoyance, and mediumship, to delve deeper into your Souls guidance.


  1. Julie

    Dilosh read for me and it was fantastic. -she was brilliant

  2. Esme (verified owner)

    Amazing reading by Dilosh! I am so happy that I choose her to be my card reader. I just had that pull to her from the beginning. I loved the one-hour long reading telling me the energies of 2021 and my 2022 predictions, month by month. It was filled with really good information that it resonated with me at so many levels. She was so on point. I love her style of reading. What shocked me the most…My July card was a boat on the ocean. It turns out that I’m going on a cruise that month and she nailed it. It was so incredible! If you’re skeptical, don’t be. I am a very private person and I don’t post any of these stuff on social media. She saw it on the cards. She said that I was going to feel very abundant that moth because of an experience that money was going to buy. Fun and very insightful. Thanks Dilosh!!! I’ll do another reading this fall.

  3. Angela Todd

    Kapualani is amazing!!! This was my second reading with her. I also had a reading with Zofia this past year and she was incredible as well. I wish I had my life together enough to leave individual reviews for the readings I have received thus far…but going forward I will do so! (And I definitely plan to get more personal readings with girl and her moon!) My reading with Zofia was careful, intuitive, and loving-she is so thoughtful! My readings with Kapualani have been so thoughtful and so insightful and helpful. They have both BROUGHT me both guidance and comfort during times of major stress. I will be coming back each year for a new years reading for sure! Thank you ladies at girl and her moon, and especially Kapualani who always seems to really “Get” me!

  4. Lindsay Trimarchi Richter

    Kapualani….Bam. Done. Look no further.
    I may be biased but she’s so good. She just gets it. She had me hysterically laughing through both my 2022 reading and follow up question because she so easily taps into the highest part of The soul. I am so happy to have gotten this reading. It really changed my perspective on my situation and I got confirmation of just how far I’ve come and how good I’m doing. I feel at ease and inspired after her reading which came from such a honorable place of love and respect. I cant recommend her highly enough. Thank you, Kapualani!

  5. Sandra Guerra

    This is the second reading i get with Kapualani. It amazes me How she can read me so Well. It was so true AND AUTHENTIC. My 2022 reading will help me be my gest version of myself this year. Thank you Kapualani for being so amazing, kind, and full of empathy.


  6. Tairen

    I haVe taken some time to reflect on Kapualani’s 2022 reading, and I have to say that, as has always been the case, she is full of insight, wisdom, humor, honesty, and love. I am so grateful for her. I will hold tight to the gifts from the reading all 2022 long. 💖🙏🏾✨

  7. LeaH o’Brien (verified owner)

    i had the most beautiful reading by zofiia, it was just wHat i needed to end this year and welcome the new! It felt so true to me, and i am open and ready to say yes to all life has to offer me the New fresh twelve months aHead. Thank you so much!

  8. Evelina

    I had a 2021 year reading with Kapualani and it was so beautiful i had to get another for 2022. I went back to the 2021 reading so many times throughout the year and it really helped to guide me. Expect me next year as well Kapualani! She is so gifted and loving and gave me some really tangible guidance. Thank you!!

  9. Jessica Puentes

    I had a 2021 reading with Kapualani and it eased my soul throughout the year so much that I had to get one for 2022. I love how uniquely these gorgeous intuitives interact with spirit. dilosh provided over an hour of in depth information. I received so many messages and thought it was over until she started breaking down a theme for each month. it was truly a gorgeous hour + that really gave me beautiful guidance of where I can lean into my own gifts, where i can refocus some energies and where I should continue to focus my current energies.

    I can’t say enough good things, all I can say is that if your spirit is calling you to receive support for next year and you are able, please get yourself a 2022 reading!

  10. Lauren barlis

    Kapualani, you completeLy tapped Into my spirit. Your 2022 reading was so accurate especially in helping Me Decide when to launCh my new bUsiness. I so needed the reminders to prIoritize my Goals and focus on where I am investing my tIme, energy, and money. Thank yOu!

  11. Sophie Hine (verified owner)

    I had ZofiA and she was absolutely fantastic! at the beginning of the reading she said that her English wasn’t great but it was absolutely fantastic throughout! She really tuned in to me as a person and the reading really resonated with me. she also came across so personable and warm which made my reading even more amazing!

  12. Selen

    Just got my 12 minth tarot reading from dilosh, all i can say that was an EXTREMELY amazing EXPERIENCE. She looked at the past and future and Summarized all my life in an hour and thirty mInute session. I wish the reading never ends and Her examples and the way that she explaiNed the cards was very clEar. I will use it as my roadmap for neXt 12 months for sure. This was the first time i was Very hAppy with my TaRot Reading, Feeling likey to find girl and Her moon. Thanks to all of you and especially dilosh.
    Highly recommended dear sPIRitual friends.

  13. Svetlana Wall (verified owner)

    THank you Kapualani! The work You Do is amazing.

  14. Erica (verified owner)

    A beautiful 12 month ahead reading! kapualani drove me to a emotional ride that really got into my heart and soul, I love how she gave me power, love and calmness that i needed for soo long.

  15. kellie (verified owner)

    I want to thank kapualani for my beautiful 12 month ahead reading. I had questions about my spiritual path and reaching my full potential. I feel so re-assured that i am not only on the path but working toward a spiritual awakening. she said so much that made a lot of sense and resonated with me. i feel like i have this renewed sense of confidence and excitement for the year ahead.

  16. maxine roff (verified owner)

    incredible insights, guidance, new perspectives and thought-provoking words. i loved my reading, particularly the reminder that i have a say in how things turn out, and that i have free will. thank you, dilosh, this was wonderful and gave me a lot of hope for the future.

  17. Maxine Roff (verified owner)

    I am so satisfied with my reading – it was incredibly insightful, very in-depth, and covered so many different areas of life. a lot of it made sense, and gave me clear perspective into what i need to do. i feel really hopeful, like there is a lot to look forward to, and it was also great to be reminded that regardless of how things may seem, we always have free will and a say in how our lives turn out. we are masters of our destiny, which is very easy to forget. thank you so much, dilosh!

  18. Marisa Beltran del Rio

    Kapualani did an amazing reading. I should have given more details in my notes to offer her more clarity about what the cards were Saying, buT even without the info she gave a very clear reading and i was able to get the advice and guidance i needed. Will definitely be getting another reading fRom her Soon. Thank You!!

  19. Michayla Shone

    Absolutely loved my reading with Dilosh! It was so extensive and just felt so true to what was being said. I am so excited to see what’s to come in 2021.
    Thank you!

  20. Suzanne Burton (verified owner)

    Such an amazing experience! gave me further clarity and insights. thank you dilosh for also giving me some suggestions for affirmations to help me on my path. you are so talented!

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