How to Connect to Your Angels

How to Connect to Your Angels Girl and Her Moon

Sometimes we can feel so alone in this world. So many people on the planet and yet it is extraordinary how very alone we can feel. We may feel that no one understands what we are going through. Perhaps we have so many responsibilities and we don’t want to burden others with our concerns. Maybe we have a great job or a great home but we feel we have no one to turn to and no one we can really connect with.

There is a light that exists in each and every one of us and it is this light that stays with us, no matter where we are or what we are going through. This light is a guiding force, the essence of our soul, which, when we are able to access us, means we will never feel alone.

This light is home to our angels. We all have angels who are assigned to us at birth. They help to guide us, comfort us, advise us, and their everlasting presence reminds us that we did not come to this earth to be alone, but to find out who we truly are and fall into the unique role that we chose before we were born.

It is easy to lose ourselves along the way. The road of life is not an easy one. It is fraught with challenges, obstacles and difficulties. It is too easy for the darker side of life to overwhelm us. When we sink into this darkness, it can be difficult to find a way out.

But our angels are always there, watching over us, guiding us, and ready to help us when we reach out to them. It is finding them that can be the biggest challenge for so many of us.

Our angels never abandon us. But they can only help us when we let them. And even we don’t let them, they find ways to try and assist us, such as keeping us safe from danger or helping to guide us in the right direction if we are lost.

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How to Connect to Our Angels

When we go inwards and focus on our own light rather than go outwards and focus on the challenge and chaos surrounding us, we bring ourselves into the ‘Now’ – that moment in time where past and future fade away and all that is left is the present, a present free from worries, concerns, obligations or fears, one that is filled only with you and your true inner self.

It is here in the Now that we are able to connect with our angels and where we can hear them with greater clarity. The present moment can be accessed at any time and very often it is important to give yourself the time and space needed to make this connection.

So how can we connect to our angels?


It sounds simple enough but meditation is perhaps the best way to connect to our angels as it silences our mind and allows us to connect to that place deep within where our angels reside. Meditating out in nature can be especially helpful. Engaging in deep meditation can help you find answers you have been seeking.

Oracle cards

Sometimes the easiest way to connect to our angels is with the use of divination, especially oracle cards. There are many oracle decks out there and there are also angel oracle cards which can be especially potent when wanting to connect to your angels. The imagery and messages that come with the cards can be a clear-cut way for your angels to communicate with you.


Harnessing the power of crystals is a fantastic way to connect with your angels. The following crystals are especially powerful when connecting to your angels:

  • Angelite
  • Labradorite
  • Shamanic Dream Quartz’
  • Amethyst
  • Merlinite
  • Morganite
  • Blue Jasper
  • Celestite

Essentially, you should go with the crystal that resonates most with you and it may or may not be on the list. Meditating with the crystal or simply holding it in the palm of your hand while saying, “I wish to connect to my angels” is a fantastic way to start.


Paying attention to our dreams is important. When we sleep, we naturally fall into a state where our intuitive nature is at its most powerful. It is here that we access other realms, where our subconscious is at its strongest, and where we are able to communicate with our angels without our conscious mind blocking us. Angels will often appear to us in dreams in some form or another to send us messages so keeping a dream diary can be very helpful.

Connect with the universe

This can be as simple as keeping an eye out for signs (such as angel numbers like 111 or 333) or noticing synchronizations (a song that plays on the radio, an advert on TV, a paragraph in a book, a quote that pops up on social media). Your angels will always find ways to communicate with you. When you notice these signs, pay attention to them and ask for greater clarity to what they mean. 

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Your Angels Are Always There to Guide You

Your angels are always there for you. They will give you as much as you are willing to receive. Your angels want you to understand that the entire universe is made up of vibrations and we attract people and situations according to our own vibrational frequency.

When you need to speak to your angels, they are always there ready to listen and guide you. Your relationship with your angels is unique and the way you communicate with them is unique to you. Always remember that they are always there for you. When you reach out, they are waiting.

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