7 Ways to Connect With Your Soul

When we come to this planet, our soul is at its strongest and purest. A new-born baby is infused with the power of their soul. From the time we spend in the womb right up until the point of our birth, our soul is preparing to face the world and undergo the journey it decided to take before we were born.

This does not mean that everything is pre-destined exactly. Our souls have a plan for us but as humans we also have free will; and it is this free will that determines whether we will follow our soul path or not.

For many, the battle between the soul and ego is an ongoing one. It is something that everyone goes through throughout their lives, some longer than others and with greater intensity. As children, our souls are still strong – the innocence, wonder and joy through which we see the world when we are children is the way our soul sees the world. The childlike wonder so many of us have embodies the energy of the soul, whose light shines outwards.

It is when we begin to experience the darkness of this world, its perils, and its suffering, that we begin to lose contact with our soul. Tragically, this happens to some when they are children. For others, it can come afterwards during teenage years or later. But sooner or later, everyone must face the struggles that come with this world. This is when the ego begins to develop.

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An ego can be a very healthy thing. In many instances, it is essential. To some degree, it protects our soul from the horrors of the world and enables us to survive.

While the ego is a powerful defence mechanism, it can too often become out of control. When it is out of control, it consumes us, stifling the soul and blocking us from connecting with our true self.

This is often caused by pain and trauma. The ego finds its own ways to deal with pain, whether it is shutting down emotionally, or finding outlets to distract itself, or indulging in escapism, or anything at all that helps it survive. But too much use of the ego can lead to such disconnection that we begin to lose ourselves along the way. Finding ourselves again can often be a lifelong challenge.

When we are willing to acknowledge the difference between our ego and our soul and when we are willing to identify each one as separate and not as one, we are then able to begin the journey to reconnecting with ourselves once more.

But to do so means to acknowledge our individual pain and suffering – something many of us struggle to do.

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7 Ways to Reconnect With Your Soul

When we feel lost and alone, it is important to remember that there is a light within us that we never lose. This is our soul and it is our infinite connection to the universe.

It is easy for us in our human form to feel hopelessness and despair. The pressures of this world, the suffering within it, the trials and tribulations that we face and that we see others facing, can take their toll. 

It is during these moments that the light within us is more precious than ever. The light of our soul is stronger than anything in this world because it is the light of pure love. When we are able to find this light within, we can face anything.

How can we connect with this light? How can we reconnect with our soul? Here are five methods to try.


Regular meditation is essential for soul reconnection. Chaos is a feature of the ego. We live in an ego-driven world and therefore we live in a world of chaos. Peace and stillness are features of the soul. When we give ourselves permission to go through our own peace and stillness, we find it easier to hear the voice within us. Taking time to meditate at least ten minutes a day helps to slow things down and enable your energies to refresh. It is in the stillness when your soul is given a greater platform to communicate with you.

Shadow Work

Shadow work is intense and often it takes much courage. When we are willing to face the shadow side of ourselves, we understand ourselves at a deeper level. We come to realise how our own experiences and trauma have created or generated a shadow within us, one which often acts without our knowing consciousness. The aim is not to destroy your shadow side, but to unite it with your light side. It is through doing so that we allow our soul room for growth. Psychotherapy, counselling and also shamanic work can help you understand your shadow side.

Connect with the Cards

Personalised Tarot Readings can prove profoundly insightful, working as symbols and meanings to translate the whispers of your Soul and the guidance you are ready to hear. With our Tarot Readings, we connect to your souls intuitive knowing and translating it into clear and tangible guidance; allowing you to step forward and into flow with your unique, magical path for this lifetime.

Book your personal tarot reading here.

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Crystals were gifted to this world to help humans in everyday life and some crystals are specific to helping us reconnecting with our souls. Merlinite, preseli bluestone, shamanic dream quartz, tremolite, amethyst and labradorite are extremely powerful in helping us reconnect with our soul. Meditating with these crystals can open a doorway for your soul to step through and help to connect with you. Sleeping with them under your pillow can also help your soul connect to you through dreams.

Nature Bathing

Spending time among nature is extremely therapeutic. Your soul is connected to every living thing on the planet. It cannot ever be separated from it. This is where empathy comes from. People who are high in empathy, who feel the pain of others as if it were their own – whether it be a human, animal, tree or land – are people whose connection to the spiritual Oneness is particularly powerful. When empathy levels are lacking, it is very often a sign of soul disconnection. Being around trees, animals and land that has been left alone by modern human development is good for the soul because it identifies with the energy surrounding it.

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Have your Astrology Chart read

Your Natal Chart is your map, your cosmic and human blueprint. It is your nature, energetic and emotional patterns, purpose and opportunities for growth, your gifts and your challenges, your internal support and unique expression.

Your Natal Chart connects you to a vaster aspect of Self – the Self that is clear on what you came here to explore and enjoy in this lifetime, and how you desire to grow and evolve. The expression and experience of your life can be enjoyed and savoured with greater depth when understood from a higher/astrological perspective.

In our Natal Chart Reading we will explore the whole chart in detail, creating space for both esoteric and grounded guidance to land. From gaining a deeper understanding of the self, energetic patterns, how you communicate, your nature in love, how you tap into intuition and more. Together we will explore the path home to yourself.

Visit a Shaman

A shaman is essentially a soul doctor. Shamans have a unique ability to communicate with souls, to travel the astral world, and to identify where fragments of the soul may have split, which often happens due to traumatic experiences or intense suffering. Visiting a shaman who you trust can be a wonderful way to gain an idea of the condition your soul is in and what needs to be done to help you establish connection with it.

Your Soul is You – Trust It

We may often talk about the soul as if it is a separate entity but essentially it is you, the true you. It is who you really are. You are not your body, nor are you even your mind. You are not your thoughts, nor even your beliefs. You are your soul, a being of pure light, love and phenomenal energy which has the power to achieve remarkable things.

Finding our soul again is a challenge that so many of us must face while on Earth. We must be kind to ourselves, be gentle with ourselves, forgive ourselves, and acknowledge that our true self is one of beauty and grace.

We came to this world for a reason. For some, it can take a long time to find that reason. But your soul is always there waiting for you and in its own special way, it is guiding you. It is you. Life may cause you to forget it at times. But your true self will never leave you.

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