Weekly Horoscope June 23 to 29 2024: Saturn Retrograde & More Astrology

As the Sun continues to move through Cancer and the Moon begins to wane after last week’s full Moon, this week brings further invitations for healing. The kind of healing that can only come through presence, feeling, and self-love. As Venus squares the Lunar Nodes, Mercury squares Chiron, and Saturn begins its five-month retrograde in Pisces.

Venus in Cancer square Lunar Nodes: June 26

This week on June 26 2024 Venus comes into a square aspect with the Lunar Nodes.

While in Cancer, the planet and goddess of love and beauty invites to come into a deeply nurturing and comforting relationship with ourselves, with our inner child, our past, and our emotions.

The Lunar Nodes, made up of the North Node and the South Node, speak to growth, becoming, and evolution. Since 2023 the Lunar Nodes in Aries and Libra have been inviting us into take up more of our own space, healing our confidence, selfhood, and relationship dynamics.

A square aspect is tension. It says, ‘please look at me’.

Inner tension can be just that – inner tension. Or it can be a doorway, a surrender, an opportunity. Venus square the Nodes is a doorway into our depths. An opportunity to hear the inner child within us all sharing their fears and hurts around love, being loved, loving another.

When the past is present – in our bodies, in our psyche – it colours and shapes that very present. It puts a wall between us and the opportune rich moment-to-moment dance that is life and all those who come into our lives.

This square is an favourable opportunity to be with that past that is blending into the present. To hold it in our arms with safety and love. To give it the space to heal and evolve so that we may arrive deeper into the now moment of our lives and the now relationships of our lives.

Mercury in Cancer square Chiron in Aries: June 28

Another square in our skies this week, another opportunity for deep healing and unravelling. June 28 2024 brings a square between Mercury in Cancer and Chiron in Aries.

Mercury is our awareness. It is our mind, our thoughts, our narratives and perspectives. Chiron is the alchemy of hurt into medicine, wound into wisdom. Having been in Aries since 2018, Chiron has been the alchemising force inviting healing to our sense of self, individuality, confidence and courage.

As these two planetary bodies connect this week, our conscious awareness that is Mercury comes into the alchemy of Chiron. Narratives, stories, perspectives in our mind both conscious and unconscious come into awareness as revelations so that we may begin to re-write them.

Our dialogue both inner and outer asks for our discernment. Dialogue can heal us, and it can hurt us. How are we using our mind, how are we using our voice?

This square invites us to tend to our emotional landscape that lives beneath the surface, shining our light of awareness on the vulnerabilities and insecurities around our courage, self-assertion, and confidence to speak our truths.

And, shining a light on the healing capacity that are our words, thoughts, and voice.

Saturn Retrograde in Pisces: June 29 – November 15

June 29 2024 brings the beginning of our annual Saturn Retrograde lasting until November 15, 2024.

Saturn in Astrology is sacred responsibility, discipline, definition and realism. Saturn is boundaries, mastery, time and devotion to our path.

Swimming through Pisces since 2023, Saturn has been inviting those boundaries, that devotion, discipline, and responsibility towards our spiritual connection, towards the unseen and energetic realm, and towards our dreams and creative endeavours.

Retrogrades are the opportunity to integrate the path we have just walked. To look back, observe, and begin to digest the wisdom of our experiences. It is an opportunity to see things from a new lens – for we have changed since we were last on this path – to see what we’ve missed, to observe from a new perspective.

As Saturn begins its five-month long retrograde, its forecast invites us to reflect on our relationship to boundaries – both physical, emotional, and energetic. It asks us how we have been interacting with structure, discipline, and commitment to our desires and to our wellbeing. It creates the space to return us to spiritual practices and structures that support us, that have more wisdom and medicine for us since our last engagement with them. And it invites us to explore our devotion to our creativity, our inspiration, our dreams, visions, and trust in the unfolding of our direction through clarified commitment.

Read more about Saturn Retrograde here.

Weekly Astrology: Bringing it Together

As Cancer Season holds this week’s astrological movements in its healing waters, this week of June is a time of surrender, allowing, feeling and presence. It is the merging of the conscious and unconscious, of the emotional and mental body, and of the past and present.

It asks that we hold the space for both our inner child and our inner parent – becoming both and tending to our relationship to love and safety, confidence and selfhood, boundaries and commitment.

Other planets in transit this week:

  • June 23 2024: Moon in Capricorn Sextile Neptune in Pisces
  • June 24 2024: Moon in Aquarius Trine Jupiter in Gemini
  • June 25 2024: Moon in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus
  • June 26 2024: Mercury in Cancer Trine Saturn in Pisces
  • June 27 2024: Moon in Pisces Conjunct Saturn in Pisces
  • June 28 2024: Moon in Aries Sextile Jupiter in Gemini
  • June 29 2024: Venus in Cancer Sextile Mars in Taurus

Weekly Horoscopes for your Zodiac Sign June 23-29 2024

As the planets shift in our cosmos, they simultaneously shift through our astrology chart, highlighting different areas (houses) of our human experience. By looking to your zodiac sign – in particular your rising sign, we can begin to discern those shifts and invitations.

Read on for your horoscope forecast for June 23–29, 2024. For a greater in depth reading based on your astrology chart, explore our Transits Astrology Reading.

Aries Rising: Aries Weekly Horoscope

This week invites you to become a loving boundary of safety, presence, and nurturing for yourself, Aries Rising. There is deep healing at the core of who you are moving beneath the surface of the week – how can you hold yourself throughout this? How can you be your own medicine?

Taurus Rising: Taurus Weekly Horoscope

This week invites an element of surrender and trust, Taurus Rising, as you are invited into the unseen of energetics, the unconscious, and the sacred that lives within you. Create spaces and structures where the unconscious and conscious can begin to speak, and where old narratives and stories in the mind can begin to unravel.

Gemini Rising: Gemini Weekly Horoscope

This week invites you to root into the Earth, Gemini Rising. To land yourself deeper into this physical world and your existence in it. It holds the space for healing around your self-expression, sense of belonging, inner-worthiness and the building of your long-term goals. It reminds you of just how held you are by both vaster energies, and the wisdom and love of the earth.

Cancer Rising: Cancer Weekly Horoscope

It’s a week that invites you to tend to the roots of yourself, Cancer Rising. To observe how those roots influence and shape the health of both your inner and outer world. How they shape your selfhood, trust in life, and ownership of and devotion to your path and your dreams. By simply creating space, what is ready for your presence will arise. 

Leo Rising: Leo Weekly Horoscope

You are here to feel what is yours to feel, Leo Rising. To process, offer love to, heal, what is yours, and no more. It’s a week that invites energetic and emotional boundaries, and the awareness that your body and your mind cannot process what is not yours. Your heart cannot heal what is not yours. There is an invitation to lovingly release all that you are holding onto that is not yours. 

Virgo Rising: Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Our sense of safety and trust in life feeds deeply into our sense of belonging, Virgo Rising, and how we then show up in the world and for our dreams. Do you feel safe in yourself? Do you trust in your own capacity to be present with all that life presents? Root down into your body, tending to what lives within it waiting for the touch of safety and love.

Libra Rising: Libra Weekly Horoscope

What are your big dreams, Libra Rising? And who are those dreams asking you to become? You deserve the visions that call your name, and this week is an invitation to bring healing and love to your self-confidence, your inner fears, and inner dynamics that show up in partnership so that you may step into those visions.

Scorpio Rising: Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Many mystics believe that humans are where heaven and earth meet – right here within each of us. A role that would require we are both rooted in grounded and practical living and open to vaster and wider wisdom. This week invites you to observe how the sacred moves through you each day and how wisdom speaks uniquely to you.

Sagittarius Rising: Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

What would it mean to create structure and discipline for yourself born purely of self-love, Sagittarius Rising? This week invites deep inner healing beneath the surface, and your doorway into this healing can be found in remembering that you are art, and expressing yourself in such a way. This week, creativity is your medicine, structure is your safety.

Capricorn Rising: Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Come home to yourself this week, Capricorn Rising. Be your own safe space, allow others to hold you, too. Healing at the foundation of who we are ripples out into all areas of our lives – our relationships, our dreams, our expression. This week invites that kind of foundational healing down in the roots of ourselves.

Aquarius Rising: Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Your voice and your thoughts can be medicine, or they can create harm. This week invites you to begin pouring love into yourself, Aquarius Rising, using your voice and directing your thoughts with the purpose of healing. What lives within you that is asking for your medicine? Speak to those spaces. Let them transform with your words.

Pisces Rising: Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Let boundaries and structure be your medicine this week and beyond, Pisces Rising. Feel how they can support you, hold you, offer stability and safety as you dance in the spaces of your intuition and creativity. Feel how safety allows what is old to unravel, be felt, and transform. Offer yourself the structures that feel like safety.

Article originally written for Yoga Journal.

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