Saturn in Pisces March 2023: Spiritual Boundaries and Building Faith

Saturn in Pisces March 2023 Girl and Her Moon

We are coming to the end of our nearly three year journey with Saturn in Aquarius. It entered in March of 2020 and has been one of the foundational energies of the decade so far.

Saturn relates to our structures and builds the shape of our lives. From the basic building blocks of the Universe, time and space, to our inner emotional structures, the mental, psychic, or physical boundaries we cultivate for protection and even our housing, it’s all Saturn. Saturn also holds the Law of Cause and Effect, or karma, where we reap what we sow. Our integrity and effort is tested through Saturn’s transit. You can look to see what houses Aquarius and Pisces Rule in your birth chart to see what area of life Saturn is offering you tests, personally.

During our builder’s time in Aquarius we have been deconstructing what we have built for society since 1996 when Saturn began it’s last 29 year cycle in Aries. A Saturn cycle offers us the ability to mature our perspective and grow in integrity.

When we arrived in this last turn of Saturn through Aquarius we became acutely aware that what we have built is out of balance filled with social inequalities that have created collective harm for certain populations even more than others. We have explicitly laid out the problems in front of us and what must change to actually build a new society on the Aquarian principals of equanimity, social justice, and inclusivity.

As Saturn enters into the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces, on March 7th, we will collectively move into the next phase of the narrative. 🪐


Saturn in Pisces March 7 2023

Pisces says in order to let go of this story, to allow it to be in the past and not continue it into our future creation, we must forgive. Forgiveness, flexibility, and grace must be added in so we can move beyond punishment and into the healing that has the capacity to offer the reparations deserved through ownership of the past wrongs. Our magnetic field of our heart is expanding and strengthening beyond our mental field as we approach the Saturn, Neptune conjunction of February 2026.

As we build toward this time, we are being tested in our faith and must address our fears so they can be alchemized with presence and understanding. Pisces delivers the messages of unconditional love that dissolves the pain of separation.

We will be asked to unlearn and relearn what faith is and how to incorporate healthy spiritual boundaries in our relationships.

Meditation, prayer, and spacious, undistracted time alone allows us the secret weapon of the pause. In this silence, we can be washed over in revelation as we discover our ‘yes’ and our ‘no.’ Make sure to offer yourself the safety of solitude to unveil these gifts. Learn the right balance for yourself that includes time in contemplation and time for connection with others. Listening generously to the parts within us who ache and are wounded is self-love, self-compassion, and courageous love in action. Nothing dissolves the barriers of fear like understanding.

When Jupiter moves into Taurus in May of this year, we will begin to see that our faith can sustain us. Working with embodiment practices we can tap into the energy of faith to master our intuition. Trusting our bodies to be our guides to what’s beyond the surface and opening up a new perspective of inner illumination through regular practice.

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The Virgo-Pisces Axis

The Earth sign Virgo, the opposite sign of Pisces, also holds medicine echoing this truth and reminding us to work in rhythm and repetition in order to manifest our dreams. As you attempt to live the dream, know that your fears can lure you to escape the present moment with different coping mechanisms and addictions. This can show up as over sleeping, endless daydreaming, alcohol and drug abuse, mental confusion, and isolation.

Let us not forget that the Pisces Virgo Axis is a phase of initiation!

Life built upon the principles of unconditional love and learning to live your dreams may be the highest octave of this transit, but know that mastering that skill will be met with trials.

How can we build faith in life and ourselves if everything is delivered the moment we desire it?

Saturn will be testing our faith in ourselves through our relationship with divine timing. Faith must include trust.

Do we trust that we can courageously live honoring our holistic needs so that you can rise up to the next level of our own story?

Do we trust that we have learned our lessons and can do things differently so we don’t repeat our past?

We will see the cracks in the old structures of the world continuing to crumble and fall apart. And personally, the parts of our lives that are not worthy of our time and space will also dissolve.

If it falls away, trust that this is grace coming in to support your highest Self to emerge. As we continue to approach 2026, we will see a dissolution of power from those we are used to seeing have it and a rising in power of those who have been steadily building their missions humbly. Stay true to your virtues and allow them to guide you through the dark, murky waters of Pisces. A brand new story will begin to be told in just 3 years time. If we want it to actually be a NEW story, may we not overlook the value of healing our past wounds through the eyes of forgiveness and understanding. Then we can truly let the old stories loose their power in our personal and thus, collective, reality’s.



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