Your Moon Sign Compatibility: Love and Relationships

While many are familiar with their Sun Signs which is the most popular sign in astrology (generally-speaking) not as much emphasis is placed on the Moon Sign.

All aspects of a birth chart are important. Each one shows us information about ourselves. However, it is important to note that a natal chart does not mean things are set in stone. It is merely a guidance system but we all have free will to decide who we want to be and the type of person we wish to become in the world.

Take your Venus sign. Venus is the planet that rules love, relationships, the arts and money. Your Venus sign will have a big influence over you in these areas. Let’s say your Venus is in Scorpio. In relationships, you have the capacity to be intense, passionate and dig deep into your partner’s very soul.

Scorpio in itself is a sign of transformation, where the negative can always be transformed into positive. So a person with this Venus sign may fall into jealousy or possessiveness but awareness of their character can help them understand these qualities and ultimately transform them into something else.

The same goes for all planets and all signs. Nothing is set in stone. Each aspect of our natal chart brings us the potential to  understand ourselves at a deeper level and to become the very best version of who we are.

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Understanding Your Relationships Based on Your Moon Sign

Speaking of relationships, we come to the Moon sign which plays an integral part in our emotions and how we feel about things and our reactions to situations.

The Moon sign represents the subconscious, all the things that go on beneath the surface that we may not even be aware of. Intuition and empathy are powerful elements of your Moon sign.

It is the clearest indicator and guidance system for our inner world. It deals with all of the emotions we have inside us, including the repressed ones. While the Sun represents what is external, the Moon represents what is internal.

Understanding your Moon sign can help you better understand why we may react to people or situations in certain ways. Relationships are a crucial part of our life experience. The more self-awareness we have, the more we can navigate the path of life in a way that helps us stay balanced within.

What Your Moon Sign Says About You in Love

Below are the twelve different Moon signs through the zodiac, and their meanings.

If you don’t already know, you can find your Moon sign based on your birth details here.

As always, we cannot unpack your individual experience based on your Moon sign alone. Rather it is the whole chart that needs to be taken into consideration. To explore your Astrology Chart in greater depth, explore our Astrology Readings or Courses here.

Moon in Aries

Moon in Aries is adventurous, exciting and keen. In relationships, this Moon sign is eager to express how they feel. They don’t hold back as they want the object of their affections to know how they feel – the good and the bad! This sign can also be reckless or impulsive when it comes to their feelings. A tendency to slam the phone down in a fit of rage which lasts about five minutes before returning to normal is not uncommon with this sign. This sign can act on a whim and recognising their impulsive nature is a good way to balance them out.

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Moon in Taurus

Moon in Taurus enjoys comfort and luxury. The Moon is exalted here which means this is a very favourable position for it to be in. Nothing makes them feel better than being in delightful surroundings with their favourite things around them. They are creatures of comfort and nothing is more infuriating for them than when someone tries to pull them out of their comfort zone. This sign can be very stubborn and they will dig their hooves in cantankerously should anyone dare try and take away their comforts. Stability means a lot to this sign, and where there is instability in relationships or at an emotional level, this throws them off-balance. They can benefit from grounding into safety within their own being, allowing for greater flexibility towards love.

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Moon in Gemini

Moon in Gemini expresses their emotions through words. It can take some time for this sign to make a decision because they process both their head and their heart, weighing up all options. They are chatty and inquisitive and value relationships with lots of mental stimulation. Sometimes, this sign can let the words spill from their mouth without thinking of the consequences so a greater awareness of others’ feelings can be a great way for them to build tact.

Learn more about Gemini, or explore an in depth astrology reading.

Moon in Cancer

Moon in Cancer is an extremely sensitive sign. The Moon rules Cancer and this makes the individual especially sensitive and perceptive to other people’s emotions. There are strong abilities for empathy with this sign, especially when they feel safe in a romantic relationship. Moon in Cancer is deeply caring and loves to nurture their partner but they can become upset when they feel their partner is not giving them enough attention. Someone who understands their innate sensitivity is important for this water sign because if they feel their feelings are being dismissed, it can leave them feeling neglected, resentful and unhappy. It is important for this sign to work on self-care and to remember that they should direct as much care towards themselves and their emotional needs as they do to others.

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Moon in Leo

Moon in Leo is a big-hearted sign which finds light even in the darkest moments. This sign has an innate regal quality and others feel it in their presence. This sign does not like to follow other people’s orders. They like to take charge in a relationship. If they feel they are being challenged in some way, the response is rarely a good one. This sign can benefit from recognising where they may feel a tendency to dominate in relationships and to find a compromise when necessary.

Learn more about Leo, or explore an in depth astrology reading.

Moon in Virgo

Moon in Virgo is an analytical and thoughtful sign that does not typically get swept up in their emotions. This can cause them to come across as cold in their relationships at times which can be frustrating for others. But this sign does not intend to come across this way. It is just the way they process their emotions. Moon in Virgo views emotions from a more logical perspective. They are usually excellent in a crisis. This sign can find compromise by accepting that things cannot be perfect and that flaws and mistakes are a natural part of human existence.

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Moon in Libra

Moon in Libra is a natural peacemaker and has excellent negotiation skills. This makes them adept in relationships as they are able to see things from all sides. An instinctive ability to get along with others makes them friendly, charming and gracious. Libra is a zodiac sign that can sometimes struggle with putting their needs before others. They are very keen for harmony and equilibrium and at times they may neglect their own needs to do so. This sign can benefit from a healthy regime of self-care and acknowledging that their needs are just as important as the needs of others.

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Moon in Scorpio

This is an intense Moon sign. Moon in Scorpio has deep churning emotions but they will very rarely reveal them. They have an ability to get to the heart of the matter. A Moon in Scorpio may seem unaffected or easygoing on the surface but if their feelings are wounded, it affects them very deeply. Again, they are unlikely to reveal the degree of it. But the wound often runs deep and it can be hard for them to move on from it. When their feelings are hurt, they can lash out with that famous scorpion sting and the other party may be left shocked as they would not have even known the Moon in Scorpio’s feelings had been hurt in the first place. This sign can benefit from learning to open up more with their emotions and acknowledging that it is OK to trust in others. A Scorpio Moon sign is here for a deep emotional connection.

Learn more about Scorpio, or explore an in depth astrology reading.

Moon in Sagittarius

Sagittarius Moon is adventurous. It is a truth-seeker who cares about the truth more than anything. This Moon sign can be wary about opening up if they have been wounded in the past. They value straightforward and honest behaviour and their walls will go up if they catch any sign of dishonesty. This is a reliable and trustworthy sign and they value their freedom a great deal. It can be hard to tie a Sagittarius Moon down with their love of adventure, but when they do fall in love and decide to settle, they are honest and true. This fire sign sometimes tries to dominate others in relationships and can have a knack for acting smarter than others which they should be aware of. Being open and transparent about their commitment in relationships is also something they can benefit by working on.

Learn more about Sagittarius, or explore an in depth astrology reading.

Moon in Capricorn

Moon in Capricorn feels most fulfilled when they experience success and achievements. Their emotions are deeply tied to their personal success. This sign takes their responsibilities seriously and can be quite traditional so when they do develop feelings for someone, they prefer committed long-term and lasting relationships. However, Moon in Capricorn can surprise everybody by being the life and soul of the party so it’s not all work and all play for this sign. In love life and relationships this sign can struggle with opening up their emotions and this can be frustrating for their partner, so this is something they can benefit from by working on it.

Learn more about Capricorn, or explore an in depth astrology reading.

Moon in Aquarius

Moon in Aquarius experience emotions as a member of the collective which means their feelings are often based on their values, rather than the individual emotion they themselves are feeling. This can mean this sign experiences challenges in their relationships and it can cause them to come across as distant or aloof. They have a powerful innate need for independence, and to do the right thing in line with their humanitarian nature, causing them to sometimes put their relationships to the backseat while they focus on the greater good. This air sign can benefit from focusing more on individual relationships and working on their ability to connect with their emotions at a deeper level.

Learn more about Aquarius, or explore an in depth astrology reading.

Moon in Pisces

Moon in Pisces is imaginative. It is a sign with great empathy, sensitivity and romanticism. This is possibly the most romantic Moon sign of all. They can become deeply absorbed in their feelings. Daydreaming, fantasising and indulging in romance is what makes their inner world so rich and magical. Moon in Pisces loves to love and they love to express their feelings with romantic gestures, poetry, serenading, sending gifts and whispering sweet nothings. In relationships, Moon in Pisces displays affection and understanding. This sign can sometimes become so swept up in their daydreams and emotions that the practical side of life takes a backseat or can be forgotten entirely. They can benefit from maintaining a balance between their spiritual and physical worlds and taking up hobbies and interests which keep them feeling grounded while they explore the depths of their passions.

Learn more about Pisces, or explore an in depth astrology reading.

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